STO Update: New Quinto Interview + Cryptic Says STO Doesn’t Need To Take On WoW + more

The release week for Star Trek Online continues to be exciting. Today there is a new interview with Zachary Quinto talking about the game and more, plus Cryptic says that they don’t need to take on World of Warcraft to succeed with STO. All that and more in our latest STO update.


Quinto talks "unification" of gaming and Star Trek

Syfy has a new interview with Star Trek’s new Spock Zachary Quinto, where he talks about his role in Star Trek Online. Regarding the vocal work he did for the game tutorial EMH, Quinto said it was similar to Spock, but with an "undertone of borderline sarcasm slash passive aggressive".

Cryptic: We Don’t Need WoW players

Of course the universe of massive multiplayer games is dominated by World of Warcraft which has well over 50% of the market share. However, in a new interview with CVG, Star Trek Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich says he doesn’t think Trek needs to take on WoW to succeed:

We’re not trying to directly compete with WoW and if our game grows to that success then that would be awesome but for now we’re just worried about getting a good game out there that people will enjoy.

STO Europe Launch tomorrow – London Record attempt reminder

Although players in North America have been having fun in the 25th Century for a few days now, the Europeans had to wait until tomorrow. More info at

And if you are in London, don’t forget that Namco is trying to get a world record for Star Trek fans in costume in one place on February 14th. More details at

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Get your copy of Star Trek Online today, available at Amazon and other retailers.

(NOTE: first month is free with purchase)
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I can’t wait to purchase this game-

I am alot like Zach, (and probably most of us adults) in that I have plenty more to do than play games, but it will be something fun to do when I don’t have alot of real life things to do.

They’d be nuts to try and compete with WoW. In the world of MMOs if you can hold a million subscriptions then you’re in some really good shape.

“Get your copy of Star Trek Online today, available at Amazon and other retailers.

(NOTE: first month is free with purchase)”

Be aware, though: you do need to set up a subscription or add a time card to your account before you can play. You will not be billed until the first month ends, though. You _may_ see a small charge of a dollar or so as an authorization, but that will go away in a few days.

Covering the bases. Lots of complaining on the boards (/em shock!) that these two points were “hidden” from people.

I got my Gamespot STO package and can’t wait to start. I definitely need to get me a external hard drive so I can play. From the scenes and stories it looks to be fun escape. 15.00 a month isn’t to shabby either. I spend 60.00 bucks a week going drag racing.

I really wanted to play this, but am also a busy father. That being said, my son is playing it and I have really enjoyed sharing the experience with him. If you can’t do it yourself, get the kids onbard – it’s a blast!

Oh and thanks to the Cryptic team – You are bringing my family closer together!

the point of letting people know about the free month is that many thought that you had to pay for the game and for the first month. I am surprised that people are surprised that they have to set up an account to play the game.

That being said, even if you do, you can still treat STO like buying a regular game. You pay $45, play for a month and put it away and you are done, or even $60 for two months. You will not run out of content, and it costs about the same as traditional game like Legacy or even Mass Effect or Bioshock.

The difference is STO doesnt have an ‘end’, you cant ‘win’ especially as you can create multiple characters and have different paths

“We’re not trying to directly compete with WoW and if our game grows to that success then that would be awesome but for now we’re just worried about getting a good game out there that people will enjoy.”

So far the public review of this game is a solid 7.3, I will wait for publications review before I invest any time into this game. I wonder why no gaming publication has given their score yet.

I was hoping for the score to be at least a 9, so I hope they continue to work on getting the game to be good.

They should have made it so your friends can serve with you on your own little guild(starship) and come together every day at a certain time to explore and do quests or pvp.;all;5

*Where the guild leader would be the captain of the starship and recruit players to join your guild(starship) to serve under you. Ie. Medical officers(healers), tactical officers(dps) etc.

This game is awesome. I just met the Guardian of Forever.

haha I mean, my character in the game met the Guardian of Forever.

Yea I played it for about 2 hours today and its boring. Im returning it tomorow. I guess Im just not into pc games…

Ant: The Japanese know their way around RPG design better than we Americans.

I already got it but I don’t have a laptop but I will play it soon once i get a laptop

Well, I gave it a try and found it uninspiring and frankly, dull. The starship control interface is so counterintuitive it quickly frustrates. I’m glad they made the game and I hope a ton of people buy it and play, but it sure isn’t for me. Why can’t someone create a Star Trek game with the quality of the Mass Effect series?


Exactly why couldn’t they incorporate some of the final fantasy/chrono trigger/zelda elements into this? Every clip I have scene or heard people talk about is shooting out phasers/torpedoes and every faction is at war with one another, was the story written by a actual writer or just a fan of DS9 war stories? Where is the progression and earning powers and items?


is mass effect an online multiplayer game that has to be playable on a wide range of computer systems from across the world?

Do Qunito and Nimoy get free lifetime subscriptions for promoting the game?

The game is ok, but its getting repetitive and the music sucks really bad.
ghost house harpsichords reminiscent of Karazan in WOW.
narly male opera singers singing the same bloody word over and over again “oooOOOOooooOooo” i kid you not!

Wheres the TOS, movies, TNG, DS9 etc etc etc music?

I was so close to buying the lifetime account, now, I glad I didn’t
I’ll play it for the rest of the month, but it had better start to get better soon or I’m gone.

I love it tbh! Even have my own fleet (Andorian Imperial Guard)

is the thing in London on Valentines day for a reason? :P

Saying they don’t have to “compete with WOW” is rubbish. World of Warcraft and similar games take up huge swaths of time amongst its loyal players, and because it is so good, it cornered 60% of the MMORPG market, and there is sits (11.5m players or so). Other MMORPG manufacturers have commented that once a player has his/her game, that’s it. WOW has cornered the market.

It sounds as if Atari is spouting to its shareholders now, with “one million accounts” open. Units shipped, and subcriptions made and held will be key indicators. I play WOW, and if I decide to dedicate my limited game time to STO, I’ll have to look at giving WOW up. But not until I have a look at their new expansion.

This game is really good. I quickly and easily learned how to maneuver my starship, lead my away team, and earn points to progress my character. Also, the developers wove many many threads of Star Trek into the stories. My character has so far encountered Miral Paris, Naomi Wildman, a descendant of Hikaru Sulu, the Guardian of Forever (yes I time travelled), and Spock Prime (see: the Guardian of Forever).

I defeated a crazy scientist that was trying to bring back the Augments, I have rescued stranded colonists, investigated ancient alien artifacts, and blasted countless Gorn Cruisers, Nausicaan Frigates, Orion Pirates and Klingon Battleships out of the stars. I’ve also visited Vulcan, DS9, P’Jem, and K-7.

I’m hooked.

Can anyone confirm if Cryptic added famous episodes other than the Guardian into STO? Example can your starship with your friends online serving on your starship find a quest involving say a famous ship called the Botany Bay? Too bad Blizzard did not make STO, they are the king of online games. They would have got the leveling, progressions, story/quests, items/rewards correct.

thanks for the link to the review
quoting “There is some insultingly basic mission content”

I totally agree, that starter one where you have to go and listen to the miners bitching and then tell their manager about it !
thats is a F***ing disgrace and not a good introduction for players that want to try something different from WOW or EVE.

On that mission a lot of MMO players will jack the game in and go back to whatever and Laugh their asses off with their guilds about that particular mission and how bad a game STO is.

I canceled my sub to WOW to come and play STO but I’m glad that Blizzard do not delete accounts. My resto shaman may feel the sun on her face once I complete this introduction month.

That looks like a awesome game

I’m almost afraid to purchase this game.

My mental life is already too consumed by Star Trek. STO appears to be almost the 21st Century version of a holodeck game (as, for that matter, do all multiplayer games to me, these days).

I’m simply afraid that if I “get into” this game, I won’t have any time left for anything else. Sort of like that WOW episode of “South Park,” where the guys turn into what are essentially human blobs addicted to playing the online versions of themselves.

You want to talk about avatars? I’ll tell you about avatars — and my fear of addiction to them in MMORPG’s. ;-)