STO Update: Gameplay Video of Guardian of Forever & Doomsday Machine + STO Galaxy Map + more

Today wraps up the first week of Star Trek Online (since the head start began last Friday). Today we have a fan video showing off some cool TOS elements in STO. We also have a map of the galaxy, so you see where you can go in STO. All that and the latest links.


Gamplay Video of Guardian and Doomsday Machine

Star Trek Online lets you visit and interact with famous people, places and things within the world of Star Trek. And even though the game is set in the post-TNG 25th century, there are parts of the game that call back to the original Star Trek. This gameplay video from CaptainTrekkie shows off two of those TOS elements.

STO Map of the Galaxy

There is a lot of real estate in Star Trek Online. The Galaxy is broken into sector blocks, with a number of sectors within each of those, and individual systems within those. Here is the map of the entire Galaxy of STO (courtesy vgrevolution). NOTE:the map only shows highlights of a few of the systems in each sector.

Click to enlarge

More STO Links

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Thanks to Ulrich

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Wonder how much Ellison demanded for that?

So much how of the game is story and how much is action? This looks very action heavy.

At the beginning of the video i hear the music from Star Trek 6. Is that native to the game or something the creator of the video added?

#3 And speaking of Star Trek 6…

Proof again that the Federation is a “Homo sapiens Only Club.” They put Earth right at the center of the galaxy!

Copernicus, where are you when we really need you?! (He was Klingon, by the way.)


I can’t wait to play this damn game!

#3 I’m pretty sure the creator of the video put all that music in, the real music in the game sounds a lot more generic.

look at 1:45
the Guardian’s portal shows the Terran Empire flag with a guy in a space suit

@ 4. Kirk’s Revenge – If you look at the map, it is only the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Gamma and Delta are missing, so Earth is NOT at the center of the galaxy!!

P.S. Thanks for the map…

#5: thanks for the reply. I’m sorry to hear that the incidental music in the game isn’t the same as the video. Every trek game i’ve played has had pretty generic music (worst of which for me was BotF because i played that game endlessly).

Coincidence that this video shows elements from objectively the 2 best episodes of TOS?

Please make this game for Mac!

this game is a dissapointment…such a wasted opportunity…

#4: The Earth’s just at the center of the map, which isn’t a map of the galaxy.

Ugh, a developer’s voice for the Guardian…

You can get great voiceover talent for cheap. I wonder why the Guardian sounds this dorky. Also, if they really want to capture the spirit of Trek, players should be able to step through the Guardian and end up in Roman times or in some similar Paramount 1960s backlot genre.

I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far, but I gotta say if you haven’t picked it up yet, you may want to wait. The servers have crashed at least 5 or 6 times today alone… I don’t think Cryptic had this thing ready for prime time when they released it. I do understand that launch-time MMO’s often are unstable, but I feel like a beta tester with this one.

This map seems to match up well with the Star Trek Atlas book that came about about 6 years ago… I wonder if the game designers got permission to use it…

. . . Harlan calling his attorney in 5, 4, 3, 2 . . . . 1!! Hey you kids get off my lawn!!!!!

@ #16 I have that book… and I pay the game. It only sort of matches up. Federation and Klingon space is a lot smaller in this game. Cardasian space seems to be larger then it should. Also the Borg are on the wrong end of the map. And most of that blue area in the Alpha Quadrant is supposed to be Federation space. The game treats that as “unexplored” even though it’s practically touching Earth.

#14 – Well… not *CHEAP*. ;) I’m a professional v/o artist. Sure, you can get cheap voices online, but more often than not, you get what you pay for. :)

That said… the v/o for the Guardian is HORRIBLE. I mean… this is the GUARDIAN… should be deep and mysterious. It’s…. gah…

Game looks fun. Now if they’d just make a Mac version…

Wow, the voice acting for the Guarding of forever is HORRIBLE. Mispronunciations all over the place, and it’s just too bombastic and overdone.

The STO map is not a bad map. In all my attempts to make 2D maps of the 3D Galaxy (at least, the Star Trek explored portions) I try to do the same thing – color code the “territories”. But these guys did a nicer job than me, and I particularly like the sector break-ups.

Would like to see each area in more detail, and more distant regions.

#7 & #12

Damn, I should really stop listening to Klingon talk radio!
Nothing but propaganda.

Seriously though, I really like the map, especially the inclusion of all those obscure planets and sectors (Devron, Minos Korva, Iconia, etc.) from TNG.

You should put a Spoiler sign on that, Anthony. It is a game, but this things are great surprises when you finally get there.

So whats the story here- did Cryptic ask Harlan to use the GOF or not?

The video is not a true reflection of the game because the music in that video is a lot better than the trash monotonous , uninspiring ear-rape that cryptic has labeled music.


do you think that players put spoiler tags in “General chat”?
don’t try to be clever, your only revealing your own ignorance of MMO

I’m sorry, but that Doomsday Machine looks like a turd…



The spoiler alert would only be for the people who don’t own the game.

Revealing huh?

#4 Kirk’s Revenge…

I don’t think you can say they put Earth at the center of the galaxy. The map only starts from the home of the Federation of Planets and branches outward, starting from the Alpha Quadrant. This shouldn’t be understood to necessarily represent the center of the galaxy.

I’m not sure how this would work, but I would love to see a new form of the Doomsday Machine in the next Trek…not heading towards Earth or any of the ‘save the planet’ crap that we’ve seen so many times now, but a different twist.

I realize it’s easy to criticize but the Doomsday Machine looks like a giant acorn and the Guardian of Forever’s voice is so bad I cannot find the words.

One question. Isn’t space black anymore? (LOL)
Every single movie or video game of space I see now is hip deep in nebula. Just the latest trend I guess. I love how it looks, but a black void now and then would maintain the feeling of the mystery of outer space.

: )

Isn’t it stupid to have the Guardian in their because then a Starfleet officer could just go back into time and make it so the War never happens. I am not sure if the Guardian should have ever been in Trek if the Federations enemy’s ever got a hold if it they could change everything.

Pity the Doomsday mission is currently bugged and cannot be completed by a large chunk of players on STO (I’m one of them)… Oh well. At least the Guardian looks nice ;)

33.: I just completed it yesterday. It’s not bugged. =)

Seems like a game of this magnitude could have recruited better voice talent for the Guardian. Barton Larue didn’t sound like a southern minister to me who dropped his ‘R’s’ through his nose. And Larue was the original voice – even if he did die in Sweetwater, Tx 30 minutes from where I grew up. but that’s pretty blaring there. I mean, they’ve got Nimoy’s voice on there and we couldn’t cast up for an entity that controls all time?

Nice map, if a tad 2-dimensional.

Tell Harlen to suck it up. Its sad that someone who wrote stories that are great could misbehave so much. That map is great better then geography of other star maps. Siutable for framing in a trekkies home

Since I am unfamiliar with MMO’s can someone tell me if it’s customary to put those types of games on different game platforms like X-Box, PS3, Mac, etc…

And has anyone heard they are already planning on doing just that? Reason I ask is I don’t want to have to go out and by a new PC to play if it’s coming out on X-Box.

The animated series Guardian voice was also horrible. It sounded like someone doing a bad ghost voice. ” I am the Guardian of Forever… booooooooooo!” Nobody could redo the original.

All looks good to me EXCEPT that cheap-ass voice for The Guardian, that turns me off to it completely, I would be embarrassed to put that out to the public. Is the original voice guy for it not available anymore?

Abrams should have the Guardian of Forever in the next flick.

The original voice was James Doohan I believe, so………….no.

: )

@38 It’s only on PC atm

The music is Star Trek 2, not 6, if I’m not mistaken. (Unless maybe there’s some ST6 music in there somewhere that I just missed?)

Gotta echo the comments on the voice acting. The Guardian is esp bad but all of the voiceovers were pretty terrible imho. They had better actors playing redshirts on the TV show. :)

The visuals on the other hand look fantastic.

Too bad the storylines all seem to be about boldly blowing stuff up where no (or lots of?) stuff has been blown up before.

I love that both the Guardian and Doomsday machine are in there though. Those are my favorite two TOS episodes!

The Guardian sounds like it’s been sipping McCoy’s Saurian Brandy….you know…from the secret Sickbay stash…that really screws you up….

We’re the Laurentian system on the space map? I wanna know where the hell the rest of the fleet was in “Star Trek”. I’m assuming Klingon space-ish.

Ellison got plenty.

I finally got to play! And I must say that I really like this game! Sure, there are a couple things that aren’t perfect, but the things to explore are a lot of fun! There is a lot to do, and a lot of things to learn!

Yeah about that voice acting…

“Did somebody order a LARGE HAM?!”

Still gonna pick this game up when I get back to work though. :)

@41: I just had a brilliant idea — Brian Blessed as Guardian of Forever.

Whoops, I meant to say BRIAN BLESSED!!