Quinto Curious About Star Trek Sequel Story – Doesn’t Expect To See Script Until End of 2010

Zachary Quinto may be taking some time off Trek (perhaps to play Gershwin) but he appears to be looking forward to getting back into it. The new Spock talked briefly to Entertainment Weekly about the Trek sequel and how he is as anxious as we all are to find out what writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof are up to.


Zach wants to be a Vulcan on the wall

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly has a very brief ‘Spock Talks Trek’ article, with some stuff about the new Star Trek Online game (with nothing new) and also a bit about Star Trek sequel. Here is what Quinto had to say.

How did you get involved with this?
It was a good way to show my continued support for the Star Trek universe, because I’m going to leave it for a while until we start the second movie. I played [Star Trek Online] for about a half hour. I’m not really good at that stuff. I had an Atari when I was a kid, when it was still the gaming console. Pitfall! is my favorite.

How’s the movie sequel coming?
[The writing team is] probably sequestered in a room somewhere. I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see what they’re coming up with. The next stage will be actually drafting the script. It’s a long process so I don’t expect to have anything to read until the end of the year.

Read the rest in the latest issue of EW, on newsstands now.

Quinto at the Star Trek DVD Release party in November

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I’m curious too! first!?

Whatever the story is, you can be sure I will be there to see it in the theaters, for one, two, or fifteen times. :-)

I would say it is save to assume that Damon Lindelof has his hands full for a few more months until Lost is at least written, let alone shot and produced.

(waiting for Lost at 4 in the morning)

I can’t wait for the story to be leaked or the teaser trailer to appear online/theatres.

Paramount Logo
Hela Bar Talk music fadding to James Horner UC music.
Star Trek Logo decloaks
New Klingon War Bird never seen before quickly passes by and destroys the Logo….KLINGONS ARE COMING STARDATE: JUNE 29 2012.

Is Lindelof going to co-write the script or is he just going to be involved in the story production and the script credit will be Orci/Kurztman? Anyway, as for Lost eating up time, I think there’s about 4 more episodes to write or so. (they’re over halfway done the season, though, I’m almost sure of that)

Please let us see in the sequel either The Gorn, The Tholians, or Abraham Lincoln.

James Horner didnt do the music to UC…

But yeah, time to look forward to that next trailer, which, of course, proably wont be out for another year and a half.


*Cliff Eidelman.

Thank god for quinto. Class act all around

10 bucks he won’t be able to completely stay away.

@4: If the teaser is half that awesome, I will be one happy geek! I really hope you work for Paramount… ;)

Really, New Trek couldn’t ask for a better emissary than Zachary Quinto.
How’s Chris Pine and the rest of the gang doing, by the way (splendid fellows, all of them :D )?

Dug this up;


Cool MTV special about TOS, part 2 was pretty cool, Klingons!

God he’s gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall next to him ahaha

#6 – Or The Gorgan, Vaal, or the High Advisor.

God, I can’t wait for ANYTHING on the sequel. I really wish this year would go fast…same with the next! lol.

I wonder how the other cast members are getting on

I wish they could get on with writing a script but why does it take time making a movie

As eager as I am to see what the next Trek movie will entail I don’t want to wish a few years away as I want to thinking about pushing 30 lol

Hopefully they will not put Khan in the movie but given the mainstream appeal that will bring it is inevitable they will do Khan. But I would love these guys to do something new yet completely unique to Star Trek.

Does this make sense?

18. It takes time to make a movie because that’s how you get quality. I don’t mind waiting if the end product is a jaw-dropping movie. When you think about how Voyager is generally regarded as one of ‘Trek’s less-liked episodes of the franchise among fans (I say “generally” -please don’t jump down my throat if you feel different, or use it as an excuse to launch another debate as to what’s best), you could put that down to the fact that they were working on the last few seasons of DS9, various TNG movies, and the pre-production elements of Enterprise. The creative force behind trek were too concentrated on quantity over quality, and we got a sub-par (generally speaking) series as a result.

I’m happy to wait for this movie. More than Trek 2009, I feel, this is an important film. It equates to that “difficult second album”, and assuming it takes place some few years after ‘Trek ’09, then you’re going to have to do a lot of unseen character development.

As for people putting forward suggestions as to who the adversary should be – let’s not revisit the series. And let’s not assume that a lot of what gets said here influences the writers on such big elements of the story! If they want to make another “everyman” (and woman and child) Star Trek movie, then I feel it would be a mistake to listen to some of the more obscure suggestions being put forward by the rabid ‘Trek fans

A new direction is preferred.

But I do feel the next movie will be the real test, a story that will keep the mainstream interested to get the big bucks and also to make sure it stays in the right direction so as to make sure you don’t lose anymore Trekkies.

Khan I believe will be the choice that will cause a strong split. It will work for the mainstream but I am concerned it will only serve to make more Trekkies walk away.

I hope this is not the case but it seems that more people don’t want Khan then those who do but then again it will be up to the mainstream unfortunately.

#4 id prefer this:

-ominous Horner-esque music
-Paramount Logo
-Bad Robot Logo
-Fade to Space field
-‘From director JJ Abrams’
-camera pans around unless it focuses on a small derelict ship…we can see the name etched on in faded red lettering ‘BOTANY BAY’
-dramatic beat/fade to black
-Starfleet Logo
-‘Vengence is coming’ Tagline
-STARDATE: JUNE 29 2012.

can I ask how many people would be in favour of Khan?

One vote for Khan here 23. but I wouldnt flip out if he wasnt in it on the other hand. And not that it matters, or that I cant do a few things between now and 2012 like (work, pay bills, hang with my g/f, ponder life, take care of my elderly mom, try to become rich ect ect) but I still say there is no reason this movie could not be made for a 2011 release.

how likely do you think its going to be that they are going to redo Khan?

I am not for this decision but it seems likely they will go in this direction.

I just think there is more to Trek than Khan and the Borg.

25. “I am not for this decision but it seems likely they will go in this direction.

“I just think there is more to Trek than Khan and the Borg.”

I completely agree. I’d like to see a new bad guy from an old species or something completely new.

my buest guess, and its only a guess, 60-40 to do Khan.

ok Im fine wirth khan, if thats not good enough I would suggest to them the ST Story titlled “Star Trek: The Planet of Titins.” You know TPOT was one of the first stories written in the mid seventies (before ST:TMP) That the studeo greenlighted for a ST motion picture, then later backed out in favore of a series, then a movie, back and forth finally going with the motion picture.

Khan is a dish best served for the threequel.

Encounter the Botany Bay at the end of ST XII, and then butts will be eagerly in the seats for ST XIII in what… 2014 or 2015?

Klingons for STXII is perfect. They’re pissed from Nero blasting out of Rura Penthe, they’re pissed from having the Narada destroy those ships, and they’re out for some vengeance. And Victor Garber’s already passed his screen test as a Klingon with flying colors. Koloth, Kor, Kang all await! And if they must use Khan, let the KLINGONS find him first this time. Just the thought of the Klingons realizing the DNA that caused their race’s mutation is the same DNA in Khan…. delicious. Really would “augment” the story. :p

im always abit surprised by the seeming negativity towards Khan being in Trek XII…its not as if itd be a remake of TWOK or even Space Seed due to the new universe…another federation ship could find the BB, gets taken over and khan goes on the rampage, or the klingons could find it, khan defeats them and causes loads of trouble between the federation and the klingon empire etc etc

Surely it makes most sense business/Box office wise to capitalise on Trek 09s success with the most recognisable/popular villain for the sequel…like TDK did after ‘Begins’

29 – exactly, Klingons for Trek XII leading to Khan for Trek XIII would surfice just as well (then the borg for Trek XIIII :-)

besides Khan referenced the klingons in TWOK – itd kind of tie in with that…

loving the augments connection…(although i wonder if the changing klingons apperance will even be acknowledged in the new film series)

#14 – Ditto! He is Fine!!


No khan for me, thank you.
I hope they don’t go “comic book” on us, ya know, like batman & joker rematches.


Khan had appeared in one episode and one movie, where as Joker had numerous encounters with batman over the years.

I would not say that Khan is Kirk’s Joker when Kirk had many other nemesis to deal with.

just seems to me that in the eyes of the mainstream Trek is just the Borg and Khan. Don’t people not realise that there is a lot more to Star Trek?

Why would Khan appeal to “the mainstream”? He’s a character from one movie nearly 30 years ago. Is there a great groundswell of fondness among non-Trekkies for Khan? No, there isn’t.

Please, NO KHAN.

Also, I’d like to ask for no threat to Earth and no fistfight/duel between Teh Captain and Teh Villain. Khan and Kirk didn’t have a fistfight. Khan and Chang didn’t have a fistfight. They’re the two most popular TOS movies. The TNG movies all end up with a fight between Captain and Villain, and that’s one reason they suck. Trek movies need to be different to that. None of the best series episodes (from TOS, think City On The Edge, The Doomsday Machine, Balance Of Terror, etc) end with fistights either.

One thing we see from TWOK and TUC is that they both end up with starships in conflict. The Enterprise is a major character in Trek, not just a conveyance that gets the captain from fistfight to fistfight. Give the Enterprise something to do, and something that is far from an Earth which is not in peril at all. Let’s get out on the final frontier again, where Trek belongs.

er, I meant Kirk and Chang not Khan and Chang :)

Ian B

I happen to be a big fan of First Contact, its up there with Wrath of khan and Undiscovered Country.

I liked the TNG movies.


I enjoyed FC and it’s the best of the TNG movies, but as with all of them it doesn’t make much sense, especially the “let’s all abandon ship, oh, I’ve changed my mind, I’m going off to engineering all by myself” ending which is apparently purely there so that Picard can have it out mano a borgo with the Borg Queen. It set the precedent for “I have to fight Ruafo by myself” and “I have to fight Shinzon by myself”. Why on Earth the writers thought they had to turn the intellectual captain of the series into Bruce Willis’s grandpa I do not know.

Bring back Khan! I love paying big bucks to see pointless remakes will people who somewhat resemble the original actor!

I’ve been watching re-runs for years, give me something new.

I wonder if the constant badgering of questions about him playing Spock will put him off of reprising the role at some point.

That would be a shame. I would like to think there could be so many years ahead with this crew and it would be sad to either see that end because the actors eventually did not want any more to do with it or to see the roles constantly being recast.

So many interviews they are asked the same questions and give exactly the same answers, with grace i’ll add but it must get like a dripping tap at times.

Are there not questions that can be asked that provide opportunity for fresh responses?


The action front worked for Picard in First Contact, it made sense given his past with the Borg.

Oh Picard decided to stay behind to rescue Data, so Data so get off before the ship is destroyed. Remember it is Data who deactivates the auto destruct. Notice Picard’s face when he does so.

Anyway First Contact is much better film to me than the new movie, and I do like the new movie just feel that First Contact works better. Borg Queen was a better villain than Nero.


Oh Picard decided to stay behind to rescue Data, so Data so get off before the ship is destroyed.

By himself. He didn’t want to take Worf and an assault team with him? It didn’t make sense to mob engineering with every hand available? One elderly captain can save Data, but nobody else can? Is he a magic captain?

don’t forget that it was a personal score for Picard due to his Borg ordeal and why risk his crew when he believe he was sacrificing himself for Data.

Dear Mr. Quinto,

I see you’re having a lot of success in keeping away fm Trek for a while. As if Leonard Nimoy didn’t warn you. Zach, you are Spock and that follows you forever. Enjoy! You can leave Trek, but it doesn’t leave Spock. Lucky you. And us.


but I just love First Contact, it is an excellent movie, the story is stronger for me than the new one

I guess to me Nimoy will always be Spock

what if they have Gary Finnegan and other TOS characters other than the main crew or will they still focus on the main characters in the sequel just wondering

Gary Finnegan?

Don’t you mean Gary Mitchell?


would be cool to have other characters there though

I want to be a fly on Bob Orci’s shoulder thats where the real story is.