Watch Spock’s Car Get Repossessed [VIDEO]

Last night’s episode of Operation Repo on TruTV had the repossession team on the final frontier. The show portrayed the repossession of a car that was owned by “Spock”, and his girlfriend “Uhura” wasn’t too happy about it. Watch the clip below.   



Spock loses his ride (via CopsClips)

Operation Repo appears at first to be a reality show following a team of repo men in the San Fernando Valley, however the show is actually made up of scripted re-enactments. TruTV says that the events seen on the show are "real-life stories told from an exciting and dramatic first-person perspective." Although it is possible that a couple of Star Trek cosplayers got their car repossessed, it is a little hard to imagine that it went down just as depicted by Operation Repo And really, would Spock drive a Ford Focus?


Thanks to Darryl for the tip

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As McCoy say’s, “San Fernando is dark and dangerous… your’e eyes would pop out, your blood would boil…”

That was absolutely crazy!

I think Spock needed to meditate more.

Yeah this wasn’t set up…. Oh the joys of reality television, so insane, it must be scripted. All this does is give Trekkers a bad name and try to capitalize off of Star Trek’s current popularity for the purposes of making a ridiculous show that much more inane.

If not a Ford… what would Spock drive?

Why a Oldsmobile Silhouette of course.

Was it a Ford Galaxie?

Fuel efficient, hands-free sync system to keep eyes up and hands on the wheel, built domestically and benefitting the national economy, and highly rated by Consumer Reports- all highly logical reasons why Captain Otter drives a Ford Focus.

Does the repo team eat the cars? Seriously, TruTV musta spent weeks auditioning for the most repellent duo they could find.

As for Spock, um… it’s a tunic, dude. Don’t tuck it into your high-waters.

Well. That was illogically fascinating.


Nice thong on Uhura. Is that standard Starfleet issue, nowadays?

Oh, and the real Spock would never have let his ride get repo-ed! He would have taken a cue from Kirk and set the G-ride on auto-destruct and then jacked the repo-mans ride all the way back to Vulcan.


Actually, Leonard drove a Buick!

(The signal lights are as big as his head!)


They should give thong-wearing Uhura her own reality show. Just sayin’.

That Spock guy is an actor from the movie “Be Mine”, Dan Selon. These shows are so fake.

I thought he drove the Aero minivan?

Tru TV uses Central Casting to find actors. It is low budget so they are likely working non union.

I don’t even have to watch the video to present the following information:

If you cant trust him, whom can you trust?


#4 & 5 – Wouldn’t Spoke merely rent from Enterprise?

uh, I meant Spock. Kinda negates the joke. Dang it!

I hate this fake crap.

Why didn’t Spock just nerve pinch their asses?

Why didn’t Spock just do the logical thing and call the police and tell them a blond space whale is stealing his car.

why the new movie uniforms and not the TOS uniforms?

Ok fess up, which person on this board got their Focus repo-ed? :)

No! No! Spock drove a rented car from ENTERPRISE!

I work in the repo business, not actually hooking cars, but in an office using a computer to find people and then send the wrecker companies the information of where to go. That show gives the entire industry a bad name. No one likes to get a vehicle repossessed but what kind of quality can you expect from a company that makes a movie about itself and has Joey Buttafuco star in it? Check it out, its on IMDB.

Fun fact:

I used to be a repo man. Hook ’em and took ’em. We did most of our work in the middle of the night. That way you avoid most of the people who were understandably upset that you were “stealing” their car. It was not uncommon though to be accosted by the “owner’s” of the cars. Chased with bats, guns pulled on me, punched, and accused of being the equivalent of a rapist. Really great job. I took that for about six months.

If i had come across a dude and his girlfriend dressed as Spock and whoever she was supposed to be I would have told them to hide the car in the garage and call the bank to see if they could work things out. I would have been out some pay but I would have tried to help a geek out. Especially one that builds models and dioramas.

so according to your law, since the car is yours, whatever is in the care, including medecin or what is personal belonging is yours? wow, I am lucky in my coutry those who take back cars or rented stuff are not criminals they let you get your personal belongign since if they take it, they become criminals.

I am so happy I am not living in your country where when you rent from someone they can take anything they want when tehy take back the rented object. Wow.

And the pepper sprAY WTF MAN! You had bigger arms then the both of them and you had to use a chick’s weapon as if you were being raped? how low, and looser. Whant me to hold your hand next time you corss the road?

I never had anything taken back, but if I had. I would be so happy it was not from your country, as here they would not take my personal belonging, they are not thief. They are honest working citizens here.

(ps flamme me all you want, I know for sure, here we respect every human beings, even the retards one, we do not stoop low and steal their personal belongings like street criminals)

That Uhura was too darned cute to be with a deadbeat dweeb like that!


News Flash for you: That video is not a real depiction of anything. It is staged. A fiction. An event of the imagination. Untrue. A bit of theater, as it were.

Again, going back to my own experience, of course you can get your belongings out of the car. If you happen to be present. But repo people aren’t taking someone else’s property. These are vehicles that still belong to the bank or loan institution that the so-called owners have failed to make payments on. They are being taken back by the rightful owners. If you can’t make the payments you need to make different arrangements and not just dodge your responsibility.

And I’ll bet that whatever country you are from the reposession laws aren’t too dissimiliar to here. But of course you didn’t let anyone know where you are from so nobody can debate you properly and instead it is you who have flamed the converstion without the proper knowledge to back up your point.

Jakyna – no offense to your country, but the car did not belong to the two Star Trek fans. They could have gotten and were offered their personal belongings, but they didn’t take them because there were too concerned about keeping a car that did not belong to them. Eventually, they would have gotten those items back anyway. In our country, people are required to pay for those things that they wish to own.

I’m not trying to flame you, but I think you should be able to recognize that those two people had no right to keep that car and that they could have politely turned the car over instead of resorting to physical force to try and keep it. If they were in a position to make up their tardy payments, they would have been offered the opportunity to get the car back as well.

Spock and Uhura do NOT belong together. These two could have kept their car if they hadn’t bought into Orci’s twisted vision of the universe. It’s karma.

I figured out this show was a fake with bad actors long ago, way before I saw any disclaimer at the start. The setups and “actors” were so phony it wasn’t even funny. and now this.. they’re going to make Trekkies look silly!

Oh, wait…

Fake fake fake… and like that dude could get a semi hot chick like that.