TrekInk: Exclusive Preview of DS9: Fools Gold #3 + New Star Trek Comics Announced

Next week IDW continues the return of Deep Space Nine comics with the third issue of their series "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Fool’s Gold". And today TrekMovie has an exclusive five page preview. We also have news on four new Star Trek comics series coming from IDW


PREVIEW: Deep Space Nine: Fool’s Gold #3
Written by Scott and David Tipton, art by Fabio Mantovani.


As the temperature rises aboard Deep Space Nine, Captain Sisko, Kira and Odo come closer to getting to the bottom of the mystery. Can Sisko calm the volatile situation and restore order before another riot breaks out? And what does Garak have to do with all that has transpired?

Fool’s Gold Issue 3 covers

Fool’s Gold Issue 3 five page preview


(click to enlarge)

"DS9: Fool’s Gold" #3 retails for $3.99 and arrives in comic shops Wednesday February  17th. It is the second of four issues. You can pre-order it at a discount from TFAW. You can also pick up the first issue and the next two issues as well, all at the TFAW discounts.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Fool’s Gold









A trade paperback combining the full DS9 Fool’s Gold series comes out in July, you can pre-order that now from Amazon


So IDW has made official announcements on three new Star Trek comic series for 2010: The ‘Captains Log’ (kicked off in January),  Star Trek 2009 adaptation (starts later this month), and McCoy Frontier Doctor (starting in April). Now in the last week we have got the first clues as to what is coming next from IDW.

First up IDW Publisher and Editor Chris Ryall announced (on his blog) that there is a new TOS era series called "Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge" coming from writer Scott Tipton. He also put up a preview image from artist Michael Stribling (below). TrekWeb also has a couple of interior page sketch previews.

Preview of upcoming TOS series

And John Byrne announced on his forum that he has three new comics coming, all set before the original Star Trek era. One of the three will be a follow-up to Byrne’s 2009 series "Assignment: Earth". Timing on these isn’t clear and so it isn’t known if all three will begin this year, but Byrne did say that the Assignment Earth 2 series will be the last of the new three. Byrne’s "McCoy Frontier Doctor" series starts in April. Regarding that series, Byrne has posted a page (below) from issue three and also revealed "the third and fourth issues of FRONTIER DOCTOR we will be visiting a pre-refit Constitution class starpship that will show some of the modifications made to those old warhorses prior to their getting chopped and
channeled. So the Bridge, for instance, will be familiar, and yet different — much in the same way Pike’s Bridge is like Kirk’s, and yet not."

Preview image from Byrne’s Frontier Doctor #3
– Byrne has 3 more Star Trek comics to follow




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Do the DS9 comics take place after the series finale? It sounds like its even before the dominon war!

looks like season four

“Fool’s Gold” (The DS9 comic) is supposed to take place during the fourth season. “Star Trek: Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor” is the one I’m looking forward to. Always in the mood to read a good McCoy story.

Yay! Animated series aliens!

Fool’s Gold takes place after the end of Season 3, but before Worf arrives at the start of Season 4. Just FYI.

Arex? Or a cousin?
The artwork looks good.

i’ll beat everyone to the punch: they screwed up O’Brien’s uniform on the alternate cover.

Not only his uniform, but his face… that’s one weird-ass lookin Colm Meaney.

“Star Trek: Burden of Knowledge of the artistic Photoshop filters on stock photos” to give it it’s full title…

Anyone else think Odo looks a bit to much like the “Dramtic Squirrel?” DA DA DUUUUUUUUM!

The interor page sketches look great, though the bridge crew seems to be in a reeeealy good mood for some reason; must be free ice cream day at the mess hall!

That Frontier Doctor sketch looks confusing, maybe my eyes can make sense of it when it’s colored.

@10: Can’t unsee! :D

Didn’t anyone notice the “cut and paste” at the end of the article, Issue #3 is the second of four issues in the series.

Still going to buy it though, thanks for the preview.

Hats off to the Sharp Brothers! They KNOW how to draw Star Trek covers! Can’t wait to see more work from them!

It’s great that Trek (particularly DS9) is back in comic book form. I agree with others here that the artwork is a bit odd looking at times although the covers are spectacular. Great job IDW – keep ’em coming!

Excellent Stribling image!

Looking forward to Scott Tipton’s TOS series.

Pretty bad O’Brien image. The other cover wins by default.

#10 – Yep. LOL…though in fairness to the artists Odo did have that expression quite often during the run of the series. I also appreciate how well they drew Quark & Rom. There’s a tendency in the comics to make all Ferengi look alike. Darn racist humans as Quark would say!

#17 He did, in fact from the right camera angles he and worf looked darn near crosseyed some times.

Quark and Rom are spot on!

How could it be Fourth Season and Before the Dominon war when Sisko only became Captain after the Start of the dominon war?

#19 He becomes captain before the war broke out actively.

He receives the promotion in the episode “The Adversary” which is the last episode of season three.

The war started in “Call to Arms” at the end of season 5.

Nice seeing DS9 get some play in the comics and in print!

I never understood the bastard stepchild attitude until I heard some friends disparaging DS9, which I consider up with the best of what TREK had to offer… esppecially in its ensemble cast, which I though was top-notch.

I loved DS9 from episode one!

Kind of cool seeing an Edoan in the comics!

As to the likenesses of the drawn characters, I love people who complain about whether the artists can draw or not. Having drawn (and written) a Star Trek comic book when I was in high school… I can telly you, it’s hard!!!

And as far as I can tell the likenesses are close enough that you can tell who they are portraying… so unless you can do better, quit your bellyachin (respectfully)!’


Looking forward to the Assignment: Earth second series of stories.

#22 :: Amen! As an artist, though not necessarily a comicker, I can tell you that once an artist has developed their style, it is way hard to get out of it. Style is usually why many familiar characters may look strange in print.

Drawing is not easy, especially when it comes to the stranger looking aliens (I can say from experience that Odo is impossible to the tenth power to draw). It’s even harder drawing them over and over, in different angles, perspectives, expressions, and a million other things!

#22/24 – Whatever the style, that is a terrible O’Brien on that cover. I can go with “style” for the Kira cover of #2, and the same artists did Sisko dead-on for #1.

He looks more like John C. Reilly than Colm Meaney.

The DS9 artwork is ugly and don’t think any of the main characters are particularly good likenesses.

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