Weekend Trek Events: Warp 11 in SF, Trek Improv in Chicago, Farpoint Con in MD, Cosplay Record in London, Trek Murder Mystery in NH

This weekend there are some fun events for Star Trek fans all over the globe, from a Trek band playing in San Francisco, to the Farpoint Con in MD, to Trek improv comedy in Chicago to a huge Trek cosplay record attempt in London. And next weekend a Trek Murder Mystery kicks off in New Hampshire. See below for all the details.   


FRIDAY – Feb 12th

San Francisco, CA — Warp 11 at Mac World

The Star Trek tribute band Warp 11 is performing a special show at 2:00 pm during MacWorld, inside the Moscone Center. The performance is part of Leo Laporte’s MacWorld Live event. You do need to be an attendee to see the show live, but it should also be broadcast live on twit.tv. More info at the Warp 11 site and Twit.TV.

Warp 11

FRIDAY – SUNDAY – Feb 12th – 14th

Timonium, MD — Farpoint Convention

The annual fan friendly Farpoint convention runs this weekend. Although there are no Star Trek actor celebrities attending, there are a number of fan activities and Star Trek authors who will be on hand doing panels and Q&As, including Peter David, Keith RA DeCandido, David Mack, Marc Okrand. Also the gang from Starship Farragut will be there. More details at farpointcon.com 

Farpoint con this weekend

SATURDAYS – Starting February 13th

Chicago, IL — Improvised Star Trek

Every Saturday at midnight at the Del Close theater in Chicago, iO Chicago perform "Improvised Star Trek" which starts with an original title suggested by the audience, and the cast (which includes some former cast members of Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas) create a fully improvised “episode” detailing the adventures of a lesser-known crew on a less “enterprising” starship (set in the TNG era). Tickets are $5 (or free if you come in Star Trek costume. More info at ioimprov.com. Also check out the Improvised Star Trek YouTube Chanel for some character videos. Here are their ‘opening titles’.

Improvised Star Trek in Chicago

SUNDAY – February 14th

London, UK — Star Trek Costume Gathering Record Attempt

As part of the promotion of Star Trek Online, Atari and their European distributor Namco Bandai are trying to set a Guinness world record for the ‘largest gathering of people dressed as Star Trek characters’ on February 14th at 1.00pm on London’s Millennium Bridge. The best dressed fans will win prizes including lifetime subscriptions to STO and more Trek collectibles. More info at startrekonline.com

Costumed fans at last year’s SF Giants "Star Trek Day" — going to need a lot more to set the record in London

FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS – Starting February 19th (and beyond)

Rochester, NH — Star Trek Murder Mystery Dinner

The Governor’s Inn in Rochester, New Hampshire is hosting a musical murder mystery dinner called  "Mystery of the Murder on the Fatal Frontier: The Wrath of Flan". The show features a cast of 12 actors who sing, dance, and "occasionally kill." They are accompanied by live musicians, a big stage, five set locations, a house tour, and a five-course dinner. Tickets cost $59. The show will run Fridays and Saturdays from February 19th to March 13th. More information at governorsinn.com

Some of the Governor’s Inn Trek Murder Mystery Cast


San Jose, CA — Star Trek: The Exhibition

Star Trek: The Exhibition, the traveling museum exhibit with original Star Trek props and costumes as well as replicas and motion simulator rides is at the The Tech Museum in San Jose, CA. The Tech is also still showing Star Trek (2009) in IMAX. More info at thetech.org/StarTrek

Star Trek at the Tech




Help TrekMovie out, if you know of any other February Trek-related events, please email info and/or a link into the tipline at: tips[at]trekmovie[dot]com.


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the exhibition looks amazing

Wish I could be at all these events. Would love to hang with Karl, Kiki and the guys from Warp 11, and Irene and Griffin from Improvised Trek. Let’s start a campaign to get them all at the Las Vegas Convention in August.

help me out with what makes a convention “fan friendly.” Shouldnt they all be? Ive never been to even one convention…so i am out of the loop. What makes a convention fan friendly and what makes a convention un-fan friendly?

Duuuuuuuuuuuude. I want to go to all of these events, LOL. I’m so upset I’ll be missing the con in MD! I’m crazy about Star Trek books and have a whole bookshelf of them from a variety of authors… including, whaddayaknow, David Mack, Peter David, and Keith DeCandido.

(DeCandido wrote “Worlds of DS9: The Dominion (Olympus Descending)”, my fave book of pretty much all of ‘Trek…)

Have fun, everyone who’s going!

Usualy fan friendly is aLl attitude the dealers,celebrities,ect. I’ve help organize cons many conns. Years ago. One thing that was stressed is being helpfu,knowledgeabl. Good ole Dr Mcoy southern hospitality. Making every fan feel special. Just having a lot of fun. That’s what’s it all about.

Quarksbartender… You do bring up a good idea… a Muder/Mystery event w/ former cast members followed by the new ST “Rat Pack” would be a great event to attend. I’m sure a number of fans would dress up for background “extras” for something like this. The crew of ST Experience are worshiped by us!
I know April visits and post’s here. Would she be willing?

Why hasn’t The Exihibit hit the midwest yet?? It started in California and now it’s back there!

I’m up for anything! I plan on having fun during the convention; if we can somehow get our costumes from the Propwerx auction, maybe we can even convince some of our alien friends from the old Timestation to make an appearance ;) I know that some really awesome events are in the planning stages for a few of the evenings that week, but I don’t yet have any details. Don’t know if anybody has the time/energy/money to put together a Trek murder mystery, but we could do one entitled “Who Killed Star Trek:the Experience?” (oh, wait—that’s not a mystery…)

lol, whatever happened to Leo Laporte !

Looking forward to Farpoint. We’re doing a presentation on our film Polaris at 11:00 AM Sunday, in the Dulaney 1 Room.

#2 Hey darren If we could get all that stuff especially The tour I would come back from Atlanta. Jeff here and Big Brian says Hello too!

I smell another edition of the “Trekkies” movie brewing here….

“Warp 11” is a great band. Great pop-punk, and ALL songs about Trek. Also, quite ‘fan-friendly.’

Leo LaPorte, after TechTV was sold, has established his own internet tech mini-empire, which has grown from a hobby to a full-time business, with multiple netcasts covering all sorts of tech-related topics. He’s also got a lot of the old TechTV crew as well. Check it out at:


Some good stuff there, his podcasts do very well in iTunes.

I’m guessing the chick on the left of the London pic is playing the character: “The Editor Isn’t a Trek Fan and Reversed the Film… AGAIN.”

Trek Murder Mystery looks fun!

One of the Exhibitions was originally supposed to be in Minneapolis last spring or summer, but then it was rescheduled or canceled… :-(

So many reasons fans should not wear the costume… they never look right. Crikey!

Nice commercial for the exhibition. Like that last piece of footage from TOS Remastered at the end of Turnabout Intruder.

Hey everyone Warp 11 is going to be live at Live.twit.tv around 2:45 PM I just tuned in its Adam Savage right now but they should be up next

#17 Exactly!

#7 :: AMEN!!! Let’s get some action in the Midwest — and I’m talking BEYOND Chicago and KC!

All hail Warp 11!

… and Kiki couldn’t be more adorable :)


Trek Murder Mystery?

The Space Butler did it. ;)

Video of the Warp 11 gig at the Macworld Expo at


Warp 11 = Awesomesauce!

Improvised Star Trek would LOVE to do the convention in August. And April, you know I’ve got those murder mystery chops. Let’s write something together!