VIDEO of Warp 11 Rocking MacWorld + LeVar Burton as ‘Steve Jobs’

The annual MacWorld Expo wrapped up yesterday and the celebration of all things Apple Mac included a couple of interesting Trek connections. We have video below of the Star Trek rock performance by the band Warp 11, plus a surprise guest appearance by LeVar Burton who stood in for ‘Steve Jobs’ in a play.


Warp 11

On Friday, the Star Trek rock band Warp 11 performed at MacWorld Live, hosted by Leo Laporte. You can watch it at (and embedded below)


Burton as ‘Steve Jobs’ in Mac-themed play

During the opening event for MacWorld, there was an on-stage reading of "It’s a Wonderful Mac,", a "It’s a Wonderful Life" spoofset in the ‘dark ages’ of Apple back in 1998. The part of Steve Jobs was played by Star Trek The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton. Here is video of the event thanks to AppleTel and bstiteler. (more at YouTube)


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Apple rocks. I just bought an Apple iPhone 3GS, and kudos to Apple for a great product! And this is coming from someone who is basically a PC, not a Mac, person.

The use of Star Trek imagery as wallpapers/screensavers in Apple stores has no doubt contributed to the new movie’s cool factor. Of course, it works both ways, too! :-)

Yeah and the Bridge of the new Enterprise remembers me a lot on an Apple Shop…

i love Apple, using them for some 8 Years now.

How cool. Love LeVar.

Apple’s designs have always been cutting edge. I mean, just look at the Power Mac:

Also, the design of the MacBook Air, etc.


And yes, the alt-Enterprise’s bridge has been called the “Mac bridge,” but that’s really a compliment, if you think about it.

Very cult-like behavior on display here.

warning for trolling

don’t go throwing around words like ‘cult’ to you fellow fans, thats not cool

While I agree with you, Anthony, that there should be a warning against suggesting that people might be in a “cult,” from a managerial perspective we’re taught to focus on the behavior and not the person. Identifying something as “cult-like behavior” is not the same as suggesting that someone is in a cult. I know, there are sensitivities around the use of the term even in such a manner, but while it might be semantics, there is a very important distinction between cult-like behavior and actually being in a cult. ;-)

Me, as one example, exhibit lots of cult-like behaviors when it comes to what holds my interest. Star Trek, being one. I’m happy to identify as such, behavior-wise. But, I don’t believe I am in a cult itself and wouldn’t be happy to be told such. In this case, and I don’t mean to speak for anyone but myself, I don’t see where Kerri or anyone suggested (at this point) that anyone was in a cult. Only the behavior was identified, and.. .technically speaking… I can see the distinction and the reasoning.

Again, I am all for warning against using the word “cult” when used to identify a person’s involvement in something. But I’m not sure the line was crossed here. (It’s your site, of course, and your call. Not trying to be a troll, by the way, and my apologies if it sounds as such….)

More on-topic, Levar Burton has a great sense of humor and is very self-aware. He is a credit to all of us who love Star Trek, the Mac, etc. ;-)

Oh, and Warp 11 rocks, too. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while now, from afar at least. (And I’ve been a fan of Kiki’s ever since she was the model/spokeswoman for the Amiga Video Toaster, which might just date me… er, not that she would date me, but… you folks get my drift, I hope.)

I don’t like Mac computers what so ever. I think they should keep to the mobile devices, which they do great in. I own an iPhone and its the best phone I’ve ever had, but when I get calls into tech support (where I work) and the person says ” I have a Mac” it makes me cringe.

I am in love with my iPhone.

I wish all companies could be as innovative as Apple.

Again, I’m a PC, not a Mac, and it sort of makes me crazy to say it, but I’m glad that Apple exists.

Mind you, their non-iPhone products are probably overpriced, and I haven’t yet purchased a Mac computer — not a one! (although I’m very close to doing so) — but, look at it this way: If the design appeals to you, and if it’s something that works well, then why not go the extra mile and pay for what you love, if you can afford it?

Heck, if I could afford a Lamborghini, do you think I’d drive a Firebird? (Maybe if the Firebird had gull wings….)

Hey, that Warp 11 video looks familiar. ;)

Oh, the Warp 11 embedded video is not centered and cuts out much too much of the picture (at least, on Google Chrome, that is).. It’s better to watch the full screen at

The first segment of the above video has now been posted to Youtube. Go to

Yeah, that’s not warning worthy just saying “cult-like…” I disapprove.

Sure, Macs are good for some people, but for others they’re highly overpriced machines overloaded with useless software that a person buying the same type of machine in PC form would be able to get at roughly half the price.

And I find it interesting that so many consider the Ipod to be the leader of technology when it wasnt until their last version to include an fm radio built in while other cell phone/mp3 players or basic mp3 players or even microsoft’s player have had that feature for at least three years now.

Not trying to knock apple, just trying to provide some perspective.

The second Youtube segment is on-line. Go to

The final Youtube segment is now up at

The video mentioned above ( ) has been replaced by one with less compression (but a bigger file size); in other words, now it looks better.

The video mentioned above ( ) has been replaced by one with less compression (but a bigger file size); in other words, now it looks better.