Star Trek’s Most Romantic Moments

It’s Valentine’s Day again. In honor of this day of romance, we are reposting a ‘TrekMovie’ classic from back in 2008, but since the site has so many new readers since the early days, maybe it is new to you. So we present our updated list of Star Trek’s most romantic moments, plus some last minute Valentine’s Day ideas.


So below are our picks for the most romantic moments from each of the series (and the movies).

The Original Series – Kirk and Edith Keeler take a walk
City on the Edge of Forever

Jim Kirk tells Edith about how the words “Let Me Help” were proposed to be more important than “I Love You,” but you know what he is really thinking.

Honorable Mention: Spock wooing the Romulan Commander in “The Enterprise Incident

Next Generation – Picard and Beverly have a campfire

Picard admits he had feelings for Beverly, but had to keep his distance after the death of her husband under his command.

Honorable Mention: Final Casablanca-like scene between Riker and Soren in “Outcast

Deep Space Nine – Odo and Kira have a date

His Way

Odo finally confesses his love to Kira, but thinks he is confessing to a hologram…but that cunning Vic Fontaine has got him telling the real thing.

Honorable Mention: Even though it breaks taboos, Dax cannot help but fall for her ex
in “Rejoined

Voyager – B’Elanna and Tom almost die
Day of Honor

Thinking she is about to die, B’Elanna finally ‘lowers her shields and tells Tom how she really feels (then gets rescued and three seasons later they get married).

Honorable Mention: The Doctor shows the Vidiian Denara Pel that he loves her for who she is on the inside in “Lifesigns

Enterprise – T’Pol gives Trip a peck at her wedding to another man

Shortly before T’Pol goes through with an arranged marriage she gives Trip a peck on the cheek and in that subtle moment you know that there is fire that still burns within.

Honorable Mention: Archer has to say goodbye to Riann in “Civilization

Movies – Uhura comforts Spock "Star Trek 2009"

One of the shocker elements for the new Star Trek movie is romance between Spock and Uhura, including the very emotionally charged scene when Uhura stops Spock in the turbolift to comfort him after the loss of his mother (and home planet).

Honorable Mention: Decker, Ilia and V’Ger get together
Star Trek The Motion Picture


Last Minute Valentine’s day ideas

Need to send a Valentine E-dard? You still have time and you can add a little Trek too. Lemondrop has cool ecard with a Trek flavor (or Lord of the Rings or Avatar). Go to and fill one out.

If you are in a more literary mood, the Times in the UK has a page where you can send a personalized love poem, with a wide selection of famous actors reading them, including Patrick Stewart reading "To His Coy Mistress" by Andrew Marvell. Go to to send yours.




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So what are some of your favorite romantic Trek moments?

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