World Record Set For Trekkies In Costume In London – Report & Photos

Today in London, Namco Bandai organized a world record attempt at the largest gathering of people in Star Trek costumes. The stunt was done to promote Star Trek Online in Europe and according to the people at Guinness, they set the record. TrekMovie has a full set of pictures from the event below.


London gathering sets fan costume record

Report and photos from Daniel Lewis

The costume gathering stunt was conducted at 1PM on Sunday at the Millennium Bridge in London.

Trek fans in costume at the Millennium Bridge

This is the first time Guinness World Records have ever been called upon to adjudicate such an event and judges were ably assisted by Giles Aston, a Star Trek aficionado and professional ‘Captain Jean-Luc Picard’ impersonator in determining the authenticity of the participants’ cosplay attempts.


Giles Aston with some of the Trek fans at the record attempt

The Guinness people were on hand, and they counted a total of 99 fans (probably less than Namco was hoping for). But the adjudicators from Guinness determined it was the new world record and awarded it on the spot.

Trek costumers holding the Guinness certification

As it was Valentine’s Day, the event also drew some couples who were showing off their Trek love.

 Joe Holyome and his girlfriend Aurora Schmidt (from the USA) show some original series Trek love

A couple dressed in the wedding outfits of Worf and Jadzia from "Deep Space Nine"

And if you were a Trek boy looking for love, there were all sorts of Trek girls on hand, including of course, an Orion.

Some of the ladies of the Trek costume record attempt

Charlotte Mason shows it is easy to be green

A couple more ladies at the Trek event

More photos

And here are even more photos from the event today.


All photos by Daniel Lewis. Visit Daniel at or follow him on twitter at


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Awesome! This needs to become a worldwide event!!

Wow, that Cardassian guy’s makeup looks really good! And Giles Aston really does look quite a bit like Picard.

Pretty cool.

Actually, looking at the large size pic, the Cardie “makeup” is just a mask with slits cut in the eyes. Not so impressive after all. Oh well, it looks good from a distance.

may i say…i think star trek has the most attractive female fans

I like this a lot.

Do shuttlecraft have a weight limit?

Yeah. I went there.

Anthony which one are you? :)

That guy looks like Picard!

Anthony is the guy thousands of miles away in Los Angeles! This article was submitted by Daniel Lewis (as noted in the article)

Do we know how many people there actually were? I don’t see it in the article.

So how many did they actually end up with?

lol @ the one guy wearing an Enterprise era uniform. Glad that show got some representation there too!

the answer to how many people is actually in the article, read it dont just look at the pictures maybe?

Entirely awesome, and Galileo Girl even moreso :)

Oh. I did read the first part (which is where I thought the info would be) and thought the rest were captions.

The emotion I feel reading about this is a new one. It’s a mixture of shame and amusement. I hereby coin the term “Shameusement.”

And for the record, it’s pretty much the same thing I feel when I’m around the 501st.

(And this is all said tongue-in-cheek and with love for all of you who read the first two sentences and feel that righteous anger that someone attacked your sacred cow. Just to clarify.)


I thought the entire was there hehe I bet that cardassian was boborci

Awesome job by the Brits going for this, but I have to say, there are definitely more than 100 Trekkies in costume in the main hall at the Las Vegas convention every year. Not even a question.

I wouldn’t bet a single quatloo on the legitimacy of this record.

Ah, I fondly remember that orange hi-viz jacket and white hard hat making a short-lived appearance in Trek. It’s a shame TPTB went and changed it all.

Gabriel Bell, Guiness World Records has never been invited to judge any world record attempt in Vegas.

I love my city! This is a great idea and next time maybe it could be done for charity….?

Where are all the cute Trekkie girls in Canada???????


Wish I could have gone to this, but the timing wasn’t exactly ideal.

Giles is a pretty cool guy, and does look a lot like Patrick Stewart. Only younger and taller. :)

Wow, I look a bit out of it in my solo shot.

It was a great little event, and a good chance to chat to some other Trekkies in person, but summer next time, PLEASE!

Vere cool, becouse in one place have many trekkies .

Awesome beyond words !!!

So I’m thinking. . . do an American one to beat it in say . . . Riverside, Iowa?


Wow, only 99. Seems kind of small to me.
@ 25, America should so do that!

Side note, Shuttlecraft girl is pretty cute.

If Giles Aston had been cast as Shinzon in “Nemesis”, I might have bought the cloning story.

And why is that so many “Klingons” at events like this end up looking more like a Mog from “Space Balls”?

They won an award for the most people in Trek costumes with 99 people? Seriously? We could kick that record’s ASS any day at the STLV convention this year!!!!! Who’s with me?

The girl in the red pointing the phaser and the vulcan girl are just adorable! Good on them for embracing the geekdom and looking great doing it!

I was there. Vulcan 9th photo down.

Why were there so few Vulcans? Vulcans are obviously the coolest.

@ Capt Roykirk, I know Shuttlecraft girl ;) She won a best costume prize.

@ T’Panga. Really? cool. You got her number too? ;)

Yes, So does her boyfriend, The USS Enterprise.

Wow! That guy’s Cardassian makeup was very well done I thought. That looks like a lot of fun. :)

April (and others)

i am already thinking we should try and beat the record in vegas this year. I have already contacted Creation to see if they want to be involved

stay tuned

Kudos for making this happen, but I doubt it’ll last as the official record once someone at a con (or at least somewhere warm ;)) organises an attempt to break it.

That’s 99 people who braved hailstorms, TFL engineering works, rail replacement buses and ruddy London weather early on a Sunday in the middle of February. I think it’s a bloody miracle that there were so many people!

Very cool! Looks like they had a good time!

I wonder if a Trek convention, Comic Con, or Dragon*Con have had more Star Trek costumers?

(Very impressed with “Dr. Crusher” up there. ^_^ )

@ Chronos. Agreed on Dr Crusher. :)

@30, I couldn’t agree more about the redhead pointing the phaser. She looks like perfection itself.

Those are some great costumes! Now, if someone was able to dress up as a Gorn or a Tholian, then it’l take the whole thing to a new level.
The Borg Queen would be nice too.

The Orion Girl, Captain Picard, and Dr. Crusher were the best in my opinion.

Some of the people in the photos have contacted us via twitter If you follow
you will see that some of the girls above, including the girl in red with the phaser, ‘shuttle girl’ and the blonde in TOS blue have been identified

by the way, I want to thank Daniel for doing such a good job on the photos above. Really top notch work

Oh my GOD, that one on the right is absolutely amazing.

So how many of those good looking girls are models hired by namco/bandai.

On the actual event, it could have been really cool to lauch STO in europe with something like this but they should have given more notice, maybe done it on not valentines day? and maybe actually had something there to attract people to play, and advertise STO properly.(A marque with play throughs for passing public). Just seem more of the ubder geeks getting dressed up with a few models for pointless record thats going to get broken now :P

I have been contacted by most of the ‘good looking girls’ today via twitter, all seem to be genuine scifi nerds. i have posted some of their twitter ids via

If Bandai were faking this, they would have come up with more than 99 people

@45 I find it amusing that you think those girls are models, as I know a few of them, and know that they just love Trek.
The Vulcan girl a lot of people have commented on, for example, is a good friend of mine (I’m actually the girl standing next to her), and I can assure you she was there because she has a huge crush on Spock, rather than because she was hired.
Oh, and I met some of the other girls at a convention once. They were lining up early for a panel with George Takei. Girls like Trek too. Don’t stereotype.

Looks like it was a lot of fun.

My hottie votes go to Beverly Crusher and Vulcan girl. But that’s narrowing things down a bit.

Seems like they had a lot of fun. A world record for Star Trek and to all us Trekkies!!!