Watch Last Nights Star Trek Gag on Family Guy + References on American Dad & Smallville

Over the weekend Star Trek references showed up on a few TV shows. The biggest was yet another Trek gag on last night’s Family Guy, but Trek worked its way into American Dad and Smallville as well. Below we have details, screenshots and links to all the clips.


Trek gag on Family Guy

Last night’s Family Guy had yet another extended Star Trek gag, only two episodes since their last Trek gag. This time the butt of the joke was Spock, who just got lucky. (via Hulu, only available in US)

More quick Trek nods on American Dad and Smallville

Seth MacFarlane’s other show American Dad also had a quick Star Trek gag last night. Stan was explaining to his wife that after he died he was going to be frozen and "make a face like Han Solo…in Star Trek". Watch the clip below (via Hulu, only available in USA).

On Friday’s episode of Smallville "Warrior", Clark, Lois and the gang visited a Comic Con like event called "MetCon". The scene had a lot of Star Wars references, including Lois dressed as a storm trooper, but after she did a quick costume change she flashed a Vulcan sign and said "stop gawking and prosper" to the fanboys waiting outside the bathroom. (Click image to see the scene)

CLICK to see at YouTube

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Family Guy was great loved it

Wow. How ’bout that. xD The Family Guy reference was kinda dumb but waaaaay funny. Maybe in how out-of-character it is for Spock..? LOL.

I’m sorry but I didn’t think that Spock/Lottery clip was the least bit funny. Spock tells everyone they can suck it after winning the lottery? That’s funny why? The American Dad and Smallville bits were much better, as was the Ressikan flute gag in a prior Family Guy.

And please don’t tell me I don’t have a sense of humor. I really do have one. :)

@ 3… Dude, “live long and suck it!” was truly hilarious. But people are different.

Suck it!

Yeah, the FG joke was pretty funny, but the best one was the first they ever did, with William Shatner spazzing all over the place with every syllable. I had to pause the episode, I was laughing so hard!

Shame on American Dad though! They had cyber-Stan from the future, and they wasted a perfectly good opportunity to do a Locutus joke!

#3 Michael you are devoid of humor……go back to your church and pray for guidence. OR you can SUCK IT!

#6 trouble is nobody outside of fandom would know who Locutus was. Most TNG references will fall flat in the world outside.

The SUCK IT clip is awesome … especially because the Kirk voice was Shatner-style and Sulu was Takei-style. Pop culture knows which crew is legit, bay-bee. Everyone else can SUCK IT :)

hey smallville, how about actually giving the fans the real wonder woman before the show goes off the air. she gets no respect these days.

Cool Of course, Han Solo is a Lucafilm-owned ‘Star Wars’ character, NOT a CBS-owned ‘Star Trek’ character.

did u all notice the announcer of the#s was Nana Visitor

#11: You don’t have to explain the joke.

@ 12 Hmmm… didn’t notice that. Thanks.

Maybe I’m just getting old but the humor seemed a little childish in that Family Guy clip. Is the show’s humor usually aimed at the teenage demographic?

#15: “Maybe I’m just getting old but the humor seemed a little childish in that Family Guy clip.”

I quoted this just because I want to stare at it some more.

@ boborci

Please have Erica Durance as the next green girl in the trek sequel !

Humor…it is a difficult concept.

“Childish”? Oh yeah… as in aimed at elementary school boys. But some people like that kind of humor. Me, I didn’t find crude sexual humor and fart jokes funny even when I was a child. Give me word play and dry wit – humor with some depth.

But in the end, I guess it won’t hurt me if someone thinks “Suck it!” is clever.

ok…maybe i’m an idiot, but was the joke the part when he said… “like han solo..from star TREK?”….

and the suck it one…was awesome!!

speaking of family guy,
anyone notice the star trek 2 reference with brian and his girlfriend, the genesis cave. That was an extended scene as well.

Okay, I watched the Smallville clip … and I don’t watch the show, so when Zatanna showed up, I was like “oh cool a Zatanna costume …”

Is it wrong when I felt _let down_ a second later, when I realized that it was Zatanna wearing it?

I need help :)

“Live long and SUCK IT!!!”

Hilarious. :)

My mind to your mind… our minds are merging… our minds are one.
You will suck it.

@18: Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Oscar-Wildean quips as much as the next guy, but every so often, a properly-executed fart joke can be a thing of beauty.

Well, Anthony, I think it’s safe to assume that a lot of people are now going to sig their posts in every thread with “Live long and suck it!!!”. At least until it starts getting old.






But it ain’t old yet.

Live long and suck it!!! LOL

“Live long and SUCK IT!”


Live long and suck it? I guess someone over in there writing staff over there is a fan of the Nolstagia Critc’s bumb reviews

#3 – You’re wrong about Spock saying “suck it.” It’s funny. You do have some funny ideas in your photo captions, but don’t be so expository. Go straight for the punchline and let the picture say the rest. “Sed-a-give” is funny and doesn’t need much setup.

#10 –Thank you!

Simpsons Trek references and guest stars were funnier, so where those on that unknown “Duckman” show of the nineties, but Family Guy is beyond overrated and just not funny any longer.

anyone got a link that canadians can watch? i dont think you people should get all the good stuff!

Was that Nana Visitor??

OMG. The Family Guy bit was hilarious

Any significance to the lottery numbers?

I gotta remember that one if I ever win the lottery.



Odd to see that the comment ‘cult-like behavior’ gets a warning in another feedback, but the feeback here is left alone.

I’m thinking specifically of #7 which seems a little harsh for someone simply having a difference of opinion as to what is funny.

But maybe it’s just me? Since when did not finding Family Guy funny become so uncool?

#23 too funny!!

i hope FG can make a Wrath of Khan parady/remake
and put some spock “suck it” lines in it

#35/HH – Thanks for the support. I simply stated I didn’t think this one particular Family Guy bit was very funny. I never said anyone who liked it was a (insert derogatory label/comment).

I like Family Guy as much as the next person but honestly I don’t think their Star Trek bits are as strong as their Star Wars gags (I thought Peter taking the couch from the trash compactor was brilliant in FB: Blue Harvest).

I hope CBS/Paramount loosens up and lets McFarlane & Company have at the Trek franchise the same way George Lucas did SW and it’s a rousing and hilarious success. Just leave “suck it” at home. :)

Suck it Hulu- oh my….

Directly contradicting my stance in post #13, I’ll try to offer a serious response to Michael’s question.

#3: “Spock tells everyone they can suck it after winning the lottery? That’s funny why?”

Here’s what I found funny in the clip:

(1) The brief impersonations of Shatner and Takei.
(2) The underlying joke … the notion that Spock hates his job, and that he’s been in stoic “Vulcan” mode simply because he had no way out, and that if he were _given_ a way out, he’d drop the Vulcan act instantly and crudely tell off the entire bridge. This kind of out-of-character humor (which isn’t just at odds with Spock, but at an almost perfect 180 from Spock) requires a real knowledge of, and appreciation of, the character to write. So that tickles me a lot.
(3) Minor geeking on the irony of money being the turning point for Spock, relevant to Trek’s usual money’s-not-a-big-deal stance. Again, this is the kind of irony that suggests a real affection for the source material.
(4) Crude phrases like “suck it” aren’t funny in everyday life because everyday life (at least, if you’re living well) is already plenty crude. But against the sterile backdrop of the Enterprise bridge, the juxtaposition worked for me. Plus, the phrase itself has a kind of inherent goofiness to it, not unlike the words “dingo” and “yak.” Which is, as of this moment, the name of my next pitch for a buddy detective TV show: Dingo and Yak.
(5) The actual Family Guy characters were removed from the screen for the duration of the Star Trek sequence. Removing the Family Guy characters from the screen automatically increases the humor of anything by 4.1%.

Those are the things I found funny. What others find funny (or unfunny) will vary.

Make videos available to other countries GOD DAMNIT!!!!!

I thought it was pretty funny! I also loved the Flute reference in a few episodes previous…

…in other news, Simpsons simply isn’t funny any more. It is trying to be as random as Family Guy is, but it isn’t working. Simpsons is now relatively rubbish compared to the awesome-sauce-ness of Family Guy.


Live Long and Suck It!!

“Removing the Family Guy characters from the screen automatically increases the humor of anything by 4.1%.”

I dunno, adding Stewie and Brian to anything automatically makes it funnier by 5.6% LOL

Family Guy is stupid.

And that was the lovely Nana Visitor reading the lottery numbers. *sigh*…

The American Dad gag had me rolling on the floor. I hate when people call Star Trek Star Wars, so it was nice to have the reverse happen for once!

Woah, did someone reference Duckman up in here?! Madness.

So wait, someone badmouths Apple fans and gets a warning in an earlier thread and this:

” 7. Michael – February 15, 2010

#3 Michael you are devoid of humor……go back to your church and pray for guidence. OR you can SUCK IT!”

– gets nothing?

That doesn’t quite seem fair…

Oh snap! That was Nana!

#39 Thank you. Literally the exact answer I was looking for. Some people say the Family Guy joke wasn’t funny but the thing about FG jokes is that they appeal on differing levels of humor. The first being the most superficial and the second is usually a reference of an old/current show or event. The second layer of FG jokes is what wins that show it’s Emmys