POLL: Who is your favorite Star Trek President?

Today is Presidents Day in the USA, a day to celebrate the nation’s past leaders. The world of Star Trek has also given us some ‘Presidents’. Today we celebrate those fictional future presidents, and ask you to pick your favorite.    


Who is your favorite fictional Trek president?


(Excaliban) President Lincoln
(TOS: "The Savage Curtain")

Star Trek’s original series introduced our first ‘president.’ While the original Kirk and crew are exploring signs of life from an apparently lifeless planet, they are suddenly presented with an image of what appears to be President Abraham Lincoln floating in space, who then beams on board. We later learn this Lincoln was an Excaliban, a race that decided to test the crew’s notions of good and evil, with Lincoln on the side of ‘good’.

Notable dialog: (when meeting Uhura) "What a charming negress."

President Hiram Roth
(Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

The fourth Star Trek feature film wrapped up the "Genesis Trilogy" and introduced the President of the Federation who was doing his best to deal with the crisis of the whale probe. But it took Kirk and crew’s traveling back in time to work that one out and so when they came back, the president was all forgiveness over that whole stealing the Enterprise thing from Star Trek III (much to the chagrin of the Klingons). Sure he demoted Kirk from Admiral back to Captain, but then he gave him a brand new Enterprise. Although in the film he was never given a name, he was later dubbed ‘Hiram Roth’ in the novels.

Notable dialog: "Captain Kirk, you and your crew have saved this planet from its own short-sightedness and we are forever in your debt"

President Ra-ghoratreii
(Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

Only two movies later and once again we meet another President of the Federation, this time it is a new species, Efrosians. The President in Star Trek VI has to deal with the delicate diplomacy with the Klingons (again with the Klingons) following the explosion of Praxis and the arrest of Capt. Kirk and Dr. McCoy. He rejected a plan to invade Klingon space to rescue Kirk, but ironically it was Kirk and crew who later saved him from being assassinated at the Khitomer Conference. Again his character had no name in the film, but he was later named Ra-ghoratreii by A.C. Crispin in the novel "Sarek." 

Notable dialog: "This president is not above the law"

(DS9 "Homefront" & "Paradise Lost")

The next time Star Trek presented us with a President was in the 24th century on Deep Space Nine. The Dominion War was heating up and people were seeing shape-shifters everywhere. The Grazerite President of the Federation Jaresh-Inyo was faced with grappling issues of freedom vs. security, as forces from within Starfleet manipulated things in attempts to stage a coup, only to be thwarted by Ben Sisko. Unlike the past two presidents, this one was actually given a name on the show. 

Notable dialog: "It took centuries for Earth to evolve into the peaceful haven it is today. I would hate to be remembered as the Federation president who destroyed Paradise"

(Capt. Proton) President of Earth
(VOY "Bride of Chaotica")

On Voyager Tom Paris like to play "Captain Proton" in a ‘show within a show’ based on old time black and white pulp sci-fi. But as is the custom, one day the holodeck goes haywire and some aliens think it is the real thing and so The Doctor is called in to play the part of "The President of Earth" in order to do some diplomacy. This is yet another unnamed president, and he didn’t even get one in the books. 

Notable dialog: "Chaotica has designs on Earth too. But we’ve withstood countless attacks, all thanks to one man: Captain Proton"

Time to vote…who is your favorite fictional Trek president?

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Nitpick Alert: Isn’t Archer also a Federation President? Well yes the events of Enterprise’s "In a Mirror, Darkly" do have a history of Archer that says he would go one to become the Federation’s first President. However we never saw him ‘as president’, and so he didn’t make our list.



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