DST ToyFair 2010 Follow-up: Photos Of New Star Trek MEGO-style Figures

On Monday TrekMovie reported on new Diamond Select Star Trek Toys being shown at Toy Fair 2010 in New York this week. The original report mentioned, but didn’t show the four new MEGO style retro cloth figures. Images for those are now available, check them out below.


Retro MEGO figures for 2010

Over the past few years EMCE Toys and Playmates have been faithfully reproducing the 1970s MEGO line of action figures (and the USS Enterprise playset). They have also been adding new figures done in the MEGO style. And for 2010 all four figures will be new MEGO style figures: Captain Pike, Salt Vampire, Vina, and Nurse Chapel. Thanks to a reader we now have pictures of the figures.

New retro-MEGO figures for 2010

New retro-MEGO figures for 2010

It should be noted again these are prototypes. The final versions will likely have differences. For example, we should expect the Orion Vena figure’s body and head will match when it hit stores

According to DST display cards, the Pike and Vena figures will be sold together for $37.98 and should be available November 2010. It isn’t clear when the Salt Vampire and Chapel figures will be available.

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Why on earth would anyone buy these? Nostalgia? The Orion Slave Girl looks particularly bad.

What neck-hating modeler came up with these?
Vina is obviously Irish, with 40 shades of green. Yikes.

“The original report mentioned, but [ didn’t the four ] new MEGO style retro cloth figures. But images for those are now available, check them out below.”

didn’t the four?


I think the Pike head sculpt might be TOO good for the MEGO style lol

The Salt Vampire should be uglier.

Kind of like a cross between the Flukeman of “X-Files” and Robert Pattinson of “Twilight” movies.

Man, that would be ugly, wouldn’t it? ;3

That Capt. Pike looks like a non-squinty eyed version of Capt. Marvel (Shazam).

And Nurse Chapel has a disinterested Paris Hilton look about her.

Also, are the Salt Vampire and Fluke Man (from X-Files) related? They look like kissing cousins.

#6 :: That’s what I first thought when I first saw the Fluke Man. But, no offense to Mr./Mrs. Salt Vampire, but the Flukeman is way grosser. And the fact that it injects maggots into dead people.. ew, gross. And those eyes.. YUUUCK!

They must be related. They must be. That would probably make Mulder very happy, anyways. “Proof of alien existence”, hahaha.

Nice touch, getting the “no cameras” sign in the frame.

Captain Pike looks pretty good and the Salt Vampire as well. But the ladies are a little scary.

Wow these are hitting new lows… Pike and the Salt Vamp I can deal with to some degree, but those female figures look really bad. Whats with the non matching plastic colors and the twig necks that barely connect the heads?

The likeness of Christopher Pike looks pretty good, but whoa, the females? hmmmm… they look a little plastic-ey, anorexic even.

If that is Nurse Chapel, I can see it.. only if one is watching the animated ST, but she looks nothing like the beautiful Majel Barrett.

And Vina…not even remotely close, sorry… try again, Mego.

Guys… it says they are PROTOTYPES. Read before you jump!

So far, I like the Salt Vampire and Captain Pike. The other two bother me with their anorexia:-)

And I’ve been wondering about this for a while: were the make-up people on “The X-Files” inspired by the Salt Vampire? They look similar apart from the hair and skin color.

Christine, as a big “X-Phile” I really loved the “Fluke-Man”. The grossness factor made that episode made it a classic and one of my favorites.
And actually, the people who were injected were still alive. At least one person died after the fluke left his body.

“The WOMEN!”

Chapel is waaay too feminine.

The Nurse Chapel figure looks like a 45 year old Barbie.

I have never seen such ugly star-trek-wannabe-figures. Veena looks like an asparagus.

They will all end up at the 99 cent store

M-113 looks like a special puppet for use in bed ;)


LOL it does

THe neck on the Orion slave girl looks odd but they are prototypes and they are meant to reproducing a less perfect design.

Sod the dolls & figures… I WANT NEW SHIPS!!!!!!!!!

I can’t wait to add Captain Pike to my retro-Mego collection!

Vina simply reveals the severe limitations imposed by Mego/EMCE’s ‘female’ body style…otherwise, its fine. Really impressed with Chapel! Nice likeness, and great costume; and I hope Pike’s tunic stays that fabric…looks great!

Can’t wait for these!!!! Love my retro cloth figs!!! Keep em comin…

14. The Angry Klingon (without a trenchcoat) – February 17, 2010
“The WOMEN!”

Wow, I haven’t heard that around here in a while. Is that dude still around?

It’s the style people. These have to mesh with the already existing MEGO figures. It’s why Barbies legs take up 3/4 of body. Sure, you could introduce a more realistic Barbie, but then, it wouldn’t be a Barbie, would it?

MEGOS are what they are. Like the style or not, they’re not likely to change any time soon.

Where are the Commodore Decker Mego Figures Guys????

26 – He was bumped for Balok the Man Child. Hahahhahhahahaha!

First….the Tranya.

Pike looks good, particularly his “sparkly” tunic. I won’t harp on the contents of his utility belt being all wrong.

Chapel looks OK. The likeness is good. However, the doll *should* come with a blue tricorder.

I am so sick of Vina! I have the Playmates version and the Art Asylum version. Why do we need this one?

The Salt Vampire looks horrible. Its legs look like giant warped pipe cleaners. If I had me druthers, I’d scrap this and make Yeoman Janice Rand instead.

Umm … how about remaking the Neptunian and the Talosian first???

And where the hell are we supposed to find Khan? Was it ever in wide release? I saw it maybe *once* on Amazon for some lunatic price.

This is such a tough line to add items to. The originals were not always close to looking like the actual characters/creatures. So, how does one decide how true-to-life to make the new characters?

@ 28. LordEdzo – February 18, 2010 – “I’d scrap this and make Yeoman Janice Rand instead.”

The thought of a Mego version of her hair is just… disturbing. And hilarious.

Maybe Flukeman will be the villain in the next film.

If not…then maybe pencil-neck Orion girl…

Hell….maybe the next film could be made with MEGO figures instead of actors. Take that Lucas.

Mego figures are what they are. Non-accurate little play-things that kids in the 70’s were supposed to tear around the backyard having adventures with and generally destroying. Because they were relatively cheap. I’m sure it comes as no secret to people around here that the sole purpose of these new figures and the re-issues is to capture some nostalgia and encourage collecting, Which in turn will put some money into AA/DST’s coffers to produce more ships and tek.

So for that I am all in favor of Mego’s and Mini Mates even though I don’t buy them myself.

And don’t complain too much about the looks. As many folks here have stated, these are prototypes and will probably be a bit different from the final product, for better or worse. Almost everything that I have seen from them in prototype form differs from the final product that I buy.

That Pike figure looks pretty good for a Mego-type proto-type…

“And where the hell are we supposed to find Khan? Was it ever in wide release? I saw it maybe *once* on Amazon for some lunatic price.”

You can still buy Khan straight from EMCE Toys chief Paul “Dr. Mego” Clarke at http://www.drmego.com

A Nurse Chapel doll??……..Really!!??

Yeah those look kinda fail. If you want something retro, why not go out and buy something that’s actually from back in the day? Just another way to try and make money I guess, but they look pretty lame to me.

Oh no. NO.
Very sad.
I’ve got original run Playmates TNG figures I’m trying to unload…

Now if the Vena doll could dance around on the table….

I want a Cpt. pike figure. This one looks good, but I would perfer a Diamond Select version.

While I have no interest in these particular figures, I’ll believe the Salt Vampire figure when I see it. To date, no toy company has ever produced one. I think Playmates had a 12″ prototype in the 90s that was cancelled, and DST cancelled theirs for the regular line.

That Pike is cool. The head looks like Mr. Fantastic (which I’ve always thought Kirby retro graded his look after )….and the Vina looks very skinny.


Well, if you want to spend big bucks for 70’s Mego figures, go ahead. But if you would like one and don’t have all that much scratch, this is the way to go.


AA/DST is the company that distributes these. So, in a way, this IS Diamond Select.

Like I said before in post #34, Mego was never after capturing exacting replicas of the characters in the 70’s. They were just toys to play with.

33-“Hell….maybe the next film could be made with MEGO figures instead of actors. Take that Lucas.”

Already done. http://www.hoserlu.com

And I like the figures a lot. Granted, the Orion Slavegirl is bad, but it’s a prototype and I’m certain the final will be well done.

@ 44. THX-1138 of 9 – “Like I said before in post #34, Mego was never after capturing exacting replicas of the characters in the 70’s. They were just toys to play with.”

I think it must be one of those things you had to grow up with to truly appreciate. My Mego Trek figures were a cherished toy growing up, possibly more than my Kenner Star Wars figures. They took abuse like crazy and kept coming back for more and the uniform swaps were the best part. Hell, I had a Klingon in Starfleet weeeell before Worf was even a twinkle in Roddenberry’s eye.


Loved mine, too. I also was a big fan of Planet of the Apes and if memory serves, Mego made the figures for that show, too. Or they were pretty close to Mego in quality. I would mix and match the two shows and have great adventures in the field behind the house. AMT shuttle model and Enterprise model, Planet of the Apes and Trek figures and some of my best buddies. Those were great times. The figures sure could fall out of trees with the best of my G.I Joes (the 12″ guys, not the pansy little action figures), my Steve Austin and Evel Knievel. Although Evel kind of played his own games and didn’t venture off into my sci-fi adventures.

I have several of the original Mego figures, and I must say, I think they look better than these…

#37 :: Hey, I am a big Nurse Chapel fan. She’s awesome. Well, better than Yeoman Rand anyways… But that’s just me.

Love all the Flukeman comments around here, hahaha. It’s quite possible that the X-Files were inspired by ‘Trek. Half the episode titles in the first couple seasons mirror those from various ‘Trek series, LOL.

@ #47, Mego *did* make Planet of the Apes figures in the same style and scale as their Trek figures, and EMCE Toys also has a re-issued Planet of the Apes line of a half dozen characters or thereabouts.