Nathan Fillion Tweets Trek Love – Simon Pegg Challenges Him To Spaceship Fight

If you haven’t joined the Twitter revolution, you can miss out on some of the fun, including the vicarious celebrity watching, even sci-fi celebrity watching. Today there has been some funny banter back and forth between Firefly’s Nathan Fillion and Star Trek’s Simon Pegg. Check it out below.


Pegg/Fillion Starship fight

This latest exchange started last night when Nathan Fillion, Firefly’s Capt. Mal Reynold’s, sent out a tweet of Star Trek love:

NathanFillion: Dear JJ, Star Trek? Perfect movie. Thank you, Nathan

Although Fillion is showing his Trek-ness, this afternoon Simon Pegg decided to take Fillion on, prompting the following exchange:

SimonPegg: I’m calling you out @NathanFillion. Your spaceship vs my spaceship. Last one to the crab nebula gets the beers in. Spacedock, 1 hour.

Nathan Fillion: Yo, @simonpegg, be reasonable! My ship was a filming set, while the Enterprise is obviously real. Perhaps a drinking contest?

SimonPegg: @NathanFillion You’re on. To be honest, somebody keyed my nacelles so the old lady’s in the shop. I’ll get the first round in. Romulan ale?

Battle of Serenity vs. Enterprise postponed for drinking contest

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Keyed nacelles? That’s a lot of T Cut.

Wonder what pub?


That’s cool. Serenity is one fine ship, if you ask me.

This was awesome! Captain tight-pants and the original engineer! So funny!

By the way did everyone see who won the face off between the ships Enterprise and Serenity? You can vote for the coolest starship at:

You might be surprised.

#3 The Enterprise isn’t too bad either :-)

Serenity comes with its own interstellar escort service – Have the drinks on the Serenity

Nathan would make a GREAT Starfleet Captain! =D

Serenity – no weapons. Sadly. No match for the Enterprise either. I love them both.

#6 Oh yeah, well the Enterprise has a brewery in engineering! If things get stressful, just go down and ask Mr. Scott for a cold one! Or you can it yourself if he’s “incapacitated”. :-)


Didn’t stop them from taking on the Reavers though did it? Serenity can kick butt, it’s not the weapons but the people. How many times was the big E outmatched firepower wise, but won because of the ingenuity of the people?

I nominate April as the judge and jury for this here contest, all in favor say “Ahy”

“A pint’s a pound the world round”

Very cool round of tweets.

Two ships that are both beautiful in their own right. However, I’ve always liked the idea of being in a rickety old ship hauling freight from here to there. Just doing my own thing. I could get accustomed to being on board Serenity. The chief engineer is much prettier too.

I really hope I am not the only one that really really liked Firefly. It also made me a big Fillion fan. I will watch anything with him in it. Except that musical he made with the guy from How I Met Your Mother. I’ll pass on that one.

I’ve had drinks with Simon, Nathan doesn’t have a chance.

Good times :)

15 – Nice.

I have to give MAJOR props to Nathan Fillion. He said ALL the right things that a REAL Trekker would.

Enterprise over Serenity, sure. But for a really one-sided fight, Pegg over Fillion in whiskey shots.

the enterprise is the king of ships. forever.

I’d have to go with Serenity on this round..(heh..wonder why) But if it was Serenity vs. The Millenium Falcon, I’d have to think long and hard on that.

Enterprise would win for sure if it was a battle, since Serenity has no weapons at all. Not sure in an actual race though. Serenity seemed to be able to go pretty fast, even if her engine was held together with tape and bailing wire. Thought that’s better then the engine being a bunch of brewery pipes.

Why wouldn’t Serenity win? They built every piece of that ship with love and care from the cockpit to engineering, from the medical bay to the cargo compartment, from the crew quarters to the exterior of the ship. No “money saving” tactics done there like shooting it in a gawd dang brewery and calling it a ship set.

Oh, unlike Han Solo (Well, Han from 97-Present), Nathon always shoots first. Scotty will just try to talk you to death.

#19 “the enterprise is king of all ships. forever.”

And apparently to both Budweiser and J.J Abrams, Budweiser is the “king of all beers”. Forever. :-)

#14 – you’re missing out. Dr. Horrible is pretty awesome.

Wil Wheaton also responded to Nathan’s tweet, asking him if the best part wasn’t the voice-overs for the Romulans. LOL.

Agreed, Dr. Horrible=Awesome!

@19. ooba joagfjie “the enterprise is the king of ships. forever.”

King? KING? No, not King – Queen!

“Now I know why it’s called SHE!”

Okay I like the new Enterprise and all, but Serenity is more beautiful, however it’s no 1701-A or 1701-E. Sorry, but there’s NO contest.

Are you all kidding. Serenity looks like a dog. Enterprise hands down all the way! Although I’d opt for the TOS original.

Definitely Enterprise. The Motion Picture refit is my favorite!

I LOVE Star Trek. But I wish somebody would “reboot” Firefly. I love it every bit as much as Trek.

“You buy this ship, treat her proper, she’ll be with you for the rest of your life”

Remember the Enterprise, as Scotty says, “a well-endowed lady”!

I think that may well be the first time i’ve found anything on Twitter funny!
Well done guys- particularly enjoyed Fillions ‘the Enterprise is obviously real’ comment. Takes something to beat Pegg to the best funny line, but he did it there!

Serenity is one of the most beautiful ships ever to fly across a screen (and enjoys one of the most lovingly-realized interiors, too … those little homey touches, the dining room, etc) … but the ST:TMP Enterprise still takes her in a beauty contest, IMO.

The new Enterprise … has a fine Engineer. Simon Pegg rocks.

I think most people are underestimating the crew of Serenity’s resolve. You tell the crew of the Serenity that they’re going to go up against a huge ship with loads of weapons that they can’t possibly fight against, you’ll most likely be dealing with not only Serenity, but the hundreds of Reaver ships cruising behind it that wouldn’t mind taking the Enterprise apart piece by piece. And since the Enterprise’s hull can tear up so easily by a slow moving pieces of debris with it’s shields up, I’d say the Reavers are in for a crazy fun time.

Jayne, the man they call Jayne!

Why are Nathan and Simon tweeting when they should be posting right here on Trekmovie??!

I’d love to see Nathan Fillion in a Star Trek project. He’d be perfect for a variety of roles.

As much as I am not a big fan of the newly designed Enterprise, I got to love that shot of it over Titan.

But the real question is how would Serenity fair against the original universe Enterprise or the Enterprise D?

…ok. Here’s the deal breaker.

Serenity has more women, and unlike Trek09, they make a name for themselves.

Kayee. She’s not only the engineer of Serenity, she’s also the heart of the ship. No sexual groping jokes from her. She also knows what’s best and important for the ship even when Mal sees it as just a minor inconvenience (which later comes back to haunt him). And unlike NuScotty, she’s not labeled as just a comic relief character. In fact, I don’t think Prime Scotty was labeled or treated as a comic relief character either. He just had funny moments here and there just like every other character in Star Trek.

Zoe. Mal’s right hand. Tough as nails, very focused on the job at hand, sticks to her morals and sense of humanity and is less likely to play into a villain’s evil schemes when it comes to making choices. And she does all that while falling for one of the most goofiest but true in heart characters in the whole series. Remember that one episode of Star Trek that had a strong female character that was also second in command to Christopher Pike? Ya, I miss that character.

Inara. The ships companion. Even when you figure out what her usual ‘business’ is, she still comes off as a highly intelligent and far more responsible character than some of the toughest characters in the show including Jayne and Mal. She’s also one of the more positive thinking characters of the show, and I like it how she doesn’t shout “MOVE!” to people who aren’t in her way.

River. The dark, mysterious and ‘not-all-there’ character of the show certainly gives way for concern to everyone that’s around her. Far from a typical two-dimensional character and much more of a character with potential to being really unique in her own way. And the best part? She goes through more changes and developments throughout 13 episodes than most female Star Trek characters do in their entire series run, and it’s neither forced or rushed.

What does Trek09 have?

Uhura. Not only is she a character who whines when she doesn’t get the top position the moment one is given out (Don’t like to work from the bottom up, do you?), her relationship with Spock is tacked on at best. Why is she attracted to him? Who knows. Why doesn’t she go to comfort him when he leaves he bridge after Kirk literally berates him in front of the entire crew? Who knows. But what about her skills!? Well, they say she has skills, but nothing comes of them. Where Kaylee knows a lot about engineering and actually puts her skills to good use, every skill that Uhura is bragged about having is never put to use. You say she can speak Romulan? You’re in luck, because the Romulans speak perfect english. You say we need a communications officer to contact Vulcan and order a planet wide evacuation? Let someone offscreen do it. You say you want to hail the Narada? Let Chekov do it. And yes, all of those commands come after Uhura is assigned to the comms station. I don’t remember Mal telling Zoe, Jayne or anyone else to fix the engine when Kaylee is right there in the engineering room, and I certainly don’t remember Kaylee leaving the engineering room in a moment of crises just so she could hug Simon.

So in conclusion, Firefly/Serenity makes Trek09’s depiction of female characters look like a direct-to-video sequel of American Pie. All eye-candy, victims of sexual humor and no consistent traits or interesting development arcs. At least the real American Pie movies had actual development in the relationships instead of, you know, just having a relationship pop-up out of nowhere that doesn’t add anything to the characters.

@30. Canon Schmanon

It doesn’t need a reboot… it needs a continuation.

Scotty will drink him under the table and over the table and any way you want. But what ever you do. Keep the green stuff away. Oh well. Scotty will take him down. Ok. I like the Big E. It’s Exciting!!!!.

Ok. as much as I live the Big E. From Either Prime or J.J. Universe. Nothing compares to the I.S.S Enterprise from the Terran Empire. Scotty from the Terran Empire would out drink him and just simply blow up that little ship of his just beacuse he was bored.

NIce to see someone attached the the franchise who doesn’t have a stick up his @$$ about it…..

This is awesome! Brent Spiner’s posts are also often hilarious. So cool to read their posts directly and not through PR.


Brent Spiner is such a funny guy in person, its cool that his twitter messages reflect that.

* Nathan Fillion would make a good Fleet Captain Garth. Gathering the fleet at the Laurentian System, about to take on the Klingons at Axanar. Yep.

* NOW we know why Scotty says “I like this ship”… he knows it’s got an on board brewery! This is why Pike described Starfleet as a peacekeeping armada… it was going to keep the piece by bring BEER to planets throughout the Federation. Imagine the armada of beer ships, yielding wheat-y, hops-y, yeast-y joy throughout the universe. THE joy machine, with her ample nacelles. :)

I love reading this! Serenity wins all. I never loved Enterprise, even when I liked the passengers aboard her. Serenity touched my heart and head both from day 1!

Would the new Enterprise use beer to channel the matter anti matter reaction instead of the dilithium crystals?


I think the New Big E instead of firing Photon Torpedoes should instead fire Photo Beer Torpedoes. The Klingons would then just get drunk and we can take over. If we are not to drunk as well.