William Shatner To Star In ‘Shit My Dad Says’ Pilot

William Shatner, Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk, may be headed back to series television. Shatner has been cast as titular lead in the comedy pilot "Shit My Dad Says", which is actually based on the popular Twitter account of the same name, more details below.


Shit Shatner Says

29 year-old Justin Halpern became an Internet star when he launched the Twitter account ShitMyDadSays last year. The account description was "I’m 29. I live with my 74-year-old dad. He is awesome. I just write down shit that he says." In less than a year he picked up over 1.1 million followers, who are entertained by the colorful things his dad has to say.  Warner Bros. TV began developing "Shit My Dad Says" into a multi-camera comedy for CBS last year with a script commitment. 

Today The Hollywood Reporter revealed that William Shatner will be starring as the dad and it has been greenlit for a pilot. The pilot is being executive produced by David Kohan and Max Mutchnick,  the creators of Will & Grace. Halpern co-penned the script with Patrick Schumacker and the pair will also co-exec produce. Regarding the profane title, the THR story notes the "title is expected to change if it goes to series."

William Shatner is no stranger to comedy as he has appeared in a number of comedy films, including  the two Miss Congeniality movies and Free Enterprise. However, this would be his first time starring in a sitcom. Shatner has starred in a number of TV series since Star Trek, with the latest being Boston Legal, where Shatner picked up five Emmy nominations (with one win). Shatner did have a recurring role on the sitcom Third Rock from the Sun, which also garnered him an Emmy nomination. 

UPDATE: Bill Tweets about new show

Willliam Shatner also happens to be on Twitter, you can follow him at twitter.com/WilliamShatner. He has posted some tweets today about this

WilliamShatner: #FF @shitmydadsays These are exciting times! Thanks for all your support. My best, Bill

WilliamShatner: Boy, am I going to be busy. That’s an issue I have in my life right now: priorities. How to balance my time? My best, Bill.

Note FF is Twitter shorthand for ‘Follow Friday’ where many Twitters recommend people to follow



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Move it to HBO, and keep the title! At least it’s not on NBC ;)

Made my day

Shat my Bill says…

Has Shat watched Star Trek 09 yet?

Shouldn’t it be: “Shit My Grandad Says”? : D


Well, David Letterman was 56 or 57
when he had his son, and he talks
sh** every night.

“OLLEY OLLEY OLLEY – February 19, 2010

Has Shat watched Star Trek 09 yet?”

No. And I don’t blame him.

I think I’m going to have to check this out when it airs.

Sheesh!! Have we really sunk this low? A show about “tweets”?

I’m now thoroughly convinced that Shatner will do ANYTHING for a buck!


Conversely, I admire Shatner’s work ethic. How many almost-79 year olds are trying their luck during pilot season?

Oh, Shatner could be *great* in this.

#12: I agree… XD

#3: LOL!

They could make “Shit Bill Shatner Sings”

Popular culture is going right down the toilet.

It should be called “Shit My Shat Dad Says”. I get the feeling there might be two versions of this show. A family-friendly version for t.v and an “unrated” version for dvd. Assuming it doesn’t get cancelled. Hearing the Shat say shit and other explitives would be hilarious.

#16 “Pop culture is going right down the toilet.”

True, but you can’t blame it on this. The blame should be put on the likes of jackasses getting their own reality shows (**cough Jersey Shore**blegghhh), tabloids, and networks being too cheap to pay for actual talent( NBC, MTV etc.).


I can see the lousy-review headlines now:

“Shit” Shats the Bed

The Shat Hits the Fan

Shit + Shat = Still Shit

And so on!

#16: “Popular culture is going right down the toilet.”

It’s been there since at least 1592 though, hasn’t it? If not longer …

Fortunately, it remains selectively ignorable.

On the other hand, Shat is God.

This is… well, frankly, I just think William Shatner could do better than this. He was absolutely wonderful in Boston Legal! That was awesome! (Frankly, I think it’s one of his best performances EVER.)

It would be so neat if he could get another really good show, not this kind of.. well, junk.

Shatner has great comedic timing. If it sucks, it won’t be because of him!

Wow,…. a show with that title and I’m teaching school still.

Sybok’s Secret Brother – February 19, 2010
Shat my Bill says…

That’s funnier.

what an unpleasant title for a tv show. I must be getting old.

Shit, the Shat strikes again.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the “Shit My Dad Says” on Facebook that I check out from time to time…. funny stuff….

If that program is airing on CBS, then may I suggest changing the title to either ‘Shat, My Dad Says’ or ‘Shoot, My Dad Says’ or ‘Darn, My Dad Says’?

Great, if this show has a 7 year run, the Shat will be 85 when it wraps up!

(and still won’t have gotten around to watching Star Trek 09!)

#27 read the aricle again- lol!

*article! damn I wish you could edit on this Forum!

I don’t know the Twitter account, but if the pilot/series will have one or two moments remotedly coming up to Boston Legal, it’s worth it.

And why change the title – it’s perfect! :)

Shit Shat Says

What I’ve always wondered was why some people are offended by the word “shit”? Its considered a “swear” word. But poo, poop, feces and crap aren’t. Technically, those words are similar in definition to “shit”. Unless its a matter of context. But then again, crap and shit are interchangeble, i.e “holy shit” and “holy crap”. If you were to go on a stage in front of a general audience and you use the word “crap”, nobody blinks an eye. However, if you use the word “shit”, you get a lot of “gasps” and shocked looks from people. If CBS put a show with “crap” in the title, or if someone on the show says it, nobody cares. However, for some reason “shit” is off limits. And there is a gambling game called “Craps”. If you called it “Shits”, would you be wrong? Especially if you lose?

Go, Shat, go!

@34: Yeah, the whole concept of “bad words” is just one of those creepy things our culture keeps around for no clear reason. It’s bothered me since I was a kid that “crap” is okay and “shit” is bad and they’re more or less synonyms. But lots of cultures have taboos; it’s just part of the planetary nonsense.

Will Shat hit the fans? (come on, someone had to say it)

Will Shat hit the fans (come on, someone had to say it)

#20 Don’t worry about it. Critics are waaay over-rated anyway. Just enjoy the good shit shat will say.


I can’t seem to access the tip line. Please use if interesting:


Mr Levi


This will hinge on the script of course, but I’ve no doubt that Bill could be hilarious in this.

I pray they keep the title as is.

The actual twitter thread is hilariously funny. Shatner is great casting. His comic timing is peerless.

I give Shatner a lot of credit. His age is not a factor in his life. He’s energetic, he’s sharp, he’s got a great sense of humor. All the power to him… He is not likely to wither away.

Miscellaneous opinions:

1. Shatner rocks.

2. A TV show based on Twitter?

3. You may also be interested in, “Crap My Relations Espouse: The Movie.”


Shit yeah!


Bill could eat his lunch in front of a camera and it would be glorious.

People People! This is going to be a Sanford & Son remake, and I predict it will be a smashing success!

BTW Has Shat watched the original Sanford & Son?

Not sure if I’ll tune in to see “Shit My Shat Says.” But I do know there’s no way they are going to be able to keep that title. It’s one of the seven official words that are banned by the FCC.

The King!!!