Wil Wheaton Returning To Big Bang Theory

CBS hit show Big Bang Theory is firmly established as the nerdiest comedy on TV. The show about a group of Cal Tech scientists is rife with sci-fi references, and early this season they hit an apex when Star Trek The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton appeared (playing a rather evil version himself) taking on the shows breakout character Sheldon. Now comes news that Sheldon’s nemesis is coming back.


Wil on BBT II: The Wrath of Sheldon

The first indication that Wil Wheaton will return to the Big Bang Theory’s came in an interview with the show’s exec producer which was posted at TV Guide Magazine yesterday:

We were very excited when Wil Wheaton appeared as Sheldon’s nemesis, and right now we’re looking to see if he can come back to give Sheldon an opportunity to settle the score,” Executive Producer and Co Creator Bill Prady announced to TV Guide Magazine when the Academy of Televisions Arts and Sciences hosted an Evening With the Big Bang Theory on February 18th. "Fingers crossed that we can do that, I think an arch enemy is someone who appears from time to time.

Subsequently on his blog, Wil Wheaton confirmed that yesterday he had signed on to return. Here is an excerpt:

Even though my personal motto is Don’t Be A Dick, I’ve wanted to play an arch enemy for pretty much my entire career, and I love that Bill described me that way, because I was kind of hoping I’d earn that position in the Big Bang canon.

According to Wheaton, he will start work on the 24th of this month and tape the show on March 2nd.

And if you missed the first time Wil was on The Big Bang Theory (episode "The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary"), here is a CBS promo styled after the trailer for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan:


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He was funny the last time he showed up!

Awesome!! Can’t wait. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the episode he was first on.

Also (Shameless plug, Sorry to Wil if I offend) I just finished his book, Memories of the Future Vol 1. A laugh-out-loud read. Anyone who hasn’t read it yet needs to get a copy. I can’t wait for Volume 2.

With a goatee like that, he’d BETTER be evil! (Mirror Spock reference, everyone, in case I hadn’t telegraphed it enough.)


I want a Big Bang Theory version of Mirror, Mirror.

Evil Sheldon with a goatee would be amazing.

Re: #6
Or maybe just an uneven mustache because he cant grow decent facial hair.

“SILENCE! ” Good stuff.

Fantastic! Wil, you’ve got a lot
of fans here – keep up the good

I loveD that Sheldon kept quoting TWOK the whole episode ahaha WHHEEEEEATTOOOOON!!!!!

Wil Wheaton is cool. He was cool on TNG and Stand By Me.

I actually like Wheaton much better now than when he was on Next Gen. Never liked the Wesley character. Always seemed awkward and out of place. Kind of like families on a starship.

Sheldon must defeat Wheaton this time, but it will cost him.

I love Sheldon to deeeeeeath. He is SO. FREAKIN’. HYSTERICAL. The episode with Wheaton just had me cracking up the entire time, and practically in tears when we find out that Wheaton’s character had been lying all along, LOL. One of the best episodes in BBT, if ya ask me!

Can’t wait to see MORE of him! :D

I haven’t seen this show, but it ‘hit an apex’ when Wheaton appeared?. I’m sorry, but that just made me snigger.


When are they coming out with a TITAN DVD or something? We need more WHEEEEATOOOON!!!!

#6 Sheldon did sport an Evil Spock Goatee in the season premier of this season after returning from the north pole.

Best episode ever!

well aparantly no one caught the survivor reference as well. with wheaton lying about his grammy dying and then after he won she was alive a bit of Johnny Fairplay there.

Mirror Spock wasn’t Evil.

How can I catch that previous episode on the web? Just my luck my DVR was full the week this aired.

That Wrath of Khan homage was almost better that the actual episode!

Sheldon needing Penny as a secret weapon would be great!

I love Big Bang Theory!

the point was that the sci-fi/star trek references hit an apex when they had Wheaton on rife with TWOK quoting

Gods damn, I love Wil Wheaton. I’ve gotta start watching this show, too. Oh … and unlike poor Sheldon, Wil *did* sign my picture of “Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher” during S3 of TNG. So there!

@ ElderFan – me too! Desperate to find the whole episode online. Post here if you find it!

I just liked his FF Prime T-shirt!