Walter Koenig’s Son Andrew Missing – You can help

Taking a break for Trek news, there is something serious to report. Walter Koenig’s son Andrew (who also appeared in an episode of DS9) has been missing since February 14th. Friends have been trying to track him down through Facebook and Twitter, but so far he has not been spotted. He was last seen in Vancouver a week ago, details below and info on how you can help.


Andrew Koenig Missing

[Reposted from Walter Koenig’s Official Site]

Andrew, best know as "Boner" from "Growing Pains", is a funny, caring, gifted and passionate multi-talented young man.

Andrew performs at The Improv and is a camera operator for Never Not Funny, and has had roles in the movies NonSeNse, InAlienable, The Theory of Everything, Batman: Dead End, and ontelevision in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine",. "G.I. Joe", "My Two Dads", "21 Jump Street", "My Sister Sam", and "Adam-12". He’s edited over a dozen films and directed, produced, and written many others.

Andrew has been an activist his entire life and most recently has been working on behalf of the people of Burma, and was arrested during the 2008 Rose Bowl parade for protesting American involvement in China’s Olympics.

If you’ve seen Andrew since February 14th, contact Detective Raymond Payette of the Vancouver PD at 604-717-2534.

 Andrew Koenig

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I hate to be the first one on this

I hope he turns up safe and sound

I hope he’s ok, but I hate Olympic protestors.

He’s in Vancouver? I’ll keep my eyes open when I watch the Olympics. This is so sad. :( I hope he’s safe.

Looks like his Dad’s younger self! I remember him as Boner on Growing Pains, and in his refugee role on DS9, 2nd season episode “Sanctuary”?
Too bad, but either the info is incorrect, or he is in hiding!

I had no idea that he was “boner” on Growing Pains, but I didn’t watch that show regularly.

I hope he is found safe.

I hope they find him safe and well

I really hope he’s okay and that they find him soon. His friends claim that his parents have reason to be believe he is depressed. This worries me, as I know it worries his friends and family more. I hope they find him safe and sound.

Go home safe Andrew! X

Best wishes for a speedy and positive resolution to this matter. Family issues are always complicated and I wish the Koenigs the best.

I too hope he is alive and well, happy and healthy. Maybe he just got sick of this stinking ratrace and went to some tropical island somewhere. If I was rich, that’s where I’d be! Perhaps he fell in lolve with someone very special, and they are enjoying each other’s company someplace they can be alone. When you are as drop dead fine as he is…love CAN happen!

I hope he’s all right… I hate to hear about anyone missing. Too bad there’s a lot of that going on just south of here….

“…most recently has been working on behalf of the people of Burma…”
THANK GOD someone actually remembers there’s conflict on a massive scale occurring there. For a moment, I thought people had only heard of the Middle East! You rock, Andrew!

Hope he’s alright.

I hope that he is found safe and sound.

GEEZ I Hope hes alright. Ill say a prayer for him

I am in Victoria, BC a few hours ferry ride from Vancouver.

I’ll spread the word around BC.

If he protested against America during the Olympics it’s very possible he may have defected from society and doesn’t want to be found. I hope he’s okay though.

Mr. Koenig I expect that soon be found next to its son again sincerely.

#16… he protested against America participating in the Bejing Olympics – and thus our second hand support and funneling money into a country that is backing the genocide in Burma. He wasn’t protesting either America or the Olympics themselves.

We should all have such courage of our convictions.

Andrew, please go home soon and keep showing us the way…

let’s not turn this political

My prayers and wishes go with the Koenigs. And their son to be safe. People in BCc keep your eyes and hearts open. Show this pic about to everyone on your cell or Blackberry. It may shake a tree down. But most of all pray for him

Hope Andrew is found, shows up or e-mails to check in ASAP.
I’ll say a prayer for him.

Here’s hoping it all turns out well for the Koenigs :(

Come home soon “Boner”!! (Andrew) We need you with us!! =)

That is too bad and very sad. Seems like a whole generation of tv watchers know him as Boner and he also played the Joker in Batman: Dead End I think, which got a lot of acclaim-hopefully he will turn up ok.

How awful. I heard about this on the news, but didn’t get the Trek connection until I came here. I hope he’s found safe and sound. :( His poor family and friends must be worried sick.

He seems like a passionate, stand-up guy. I truly hope everything is OK with him!!

I hope he finds a wessel that brings him home safe and sound Keptin.

Man, I was just reading somewhere that he was diagnosed with clinical depression. This is not a good development. I hope the guy is OK.

Prayers for the Koenig family.

May God be with him.
I’ll keep him in my prayers, along with the whole Koenig family.

Vancouver BC correct? Vancouver WA is only about 300 miles south of Vancouver BC.

My prayers are with the Koenig family now. My best hopes that he will be found healthy and well.

My best wishes to Andrew and the Koenig family.

#31 It is Vancouver B.C where Andrew Koenig went missing.

Unfortuneately, most people who have disappeared in B.C. don’t survive.
The odds are not good. And none of the local news or newspapers have been covering it. A lot of people don’t know about this sad story. But miracles do happen and so does good luck. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Walter Koenig — many Trekkers praying for your son to return to you safely.

Wow, I never knew he was Walter’s son. Hope he turns up soon.

@ 2. Jordan – “I hope he’s ok, but I hate Olympic protestors.”

Keep your hate to yourself.

34. Most people who disappear (in mild, well-above-zero-degrees- Celsius Vancouver) don’t survive? Hopefully not in this case.

May the profits protect him! Hope he turns up alive and well!


While it has been milder than usual in February ( southwestern B.C has mild winters in contrast to many other parts of North America, even without El Nino), the temperatures have dropped closer to the freezing mark during the nights this past week. Sure, 14C during the day won’t kill anyone, but when it gets closer to 0C at night, hypothermia can set in if one isnt dressed appropriately if they are outdoors for prolonged periods of time. If Andrew Koenig got lost in the woods, it would be a concern since the woods in B.C are pretty dense and damp during the winter months. Hopefully, he is staying with someone and just hasn’t contacted his family or friends.

#39 I assume you meant “prophets” and not “profits”?

Oh, man, I hope he’s OK and returns home safely a.s.a.p. Sending my thoughts and prayers out …

Some new information:

*His parents received a note from him on the 16th (sent a few days earlier, I’m assuming) in which he “sounded despondent.” (,,20346006,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines)
*Neighbors say he sold “all of his possessions” in Los Angeles. (
*He told a friend and colleague that he was “not going to work anymore.” (

This does not look good. :( I hope he just decided break away from his old life or something and that he’s safe in hiding. But with all this, and with Walter’s statement that his son is depressed (and Walter having a degree in psychology), I am really worried that Andrew has done something drastic. I hope that’s not the case, though.

Go home to your family. Always liked Keonig. He and Doohan…most underuitlized and under appreciated. from the old show. Hope that turns out alright.

From Brazil’s South (Porto Alegre, RS), all my best to Mr Koenig and his family…

The best luck and my hopes that Andrew is safe and sound.

I never knew that Walter Koenig had a son (and even a daughter). He is about my age.

I guess it is a very hard moment to him, and I wish him well. Both of Koenigs.


Maybe he’s on a road trip like on “Into the Wild,” or something…

Wait, that one didn’t end well…

Hope everything turns out okay! Don’t eat the bad berries!

I’ll be in Vancouver in April for the Stargate convention, and I’ll keep a sharp eye out… of course, I hope he’s been found by then. My heart goes out to the family.

#43: Oh man, that sounds awful… I am definitely doubling my prayers for Andrew and the Koenig family.

prayers for a safe return and for the family that waits.

Hope he comes home safe