Happy Birthday, Jeri Ryan

Last week was Simon Pegg’s 40th birthday, and today another Trek alum can do him two better. Jeri Ryan, aka Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One aka Annika Hansen, of Star Trek Voyager, is turning 42 years young today. So TrekMovie wishes her a happy birthday, and catches up on what the former Borg babe is up to these days.



Birthdays are irrelevant?

Although the Borg probably don’t celebrate arbitrary dates calculated based on the number of orbits a specific planet has taken around its star, the rest of us like to say "Happy Birthday". Here is the Seven of Nine "Time Capsule" featurette from the Voyager DVD set to remind you why Jeri Ryan was welcomed into the Trek collective.


Jeri Keeping busy – Psych, Leverage & new Lifetime horror movie

You can next see Jeri when she guest stars on the USA show Psych, she will be playing a doctor in the episode "The Head, The Tail, The Whole Damn Episode", airing March 3rd at 10 PM on USA. See promo image below.

Ryan on Psych

Jeri also stars in an upcoming horror movie to air on Lifetime called Secrets in the Walls, which is currently in production. Ryan plays a mother who finds that her new dream house in the suburbs outside Detroit is haunted.

Over the last couple of months Jeri has had a recurring role on the TNT heist show Leverage, which wrapped up its second season last week. You can watch full episodes online at tnt.tv and if you haven’t been watching the show, here is a clip and some photos featuring Jeri.

Ryan on Leverage

And when Jeri isn’t acting, she keeps busy with her other passion, gourmet cooking. Ryan and her husband chef Christophe Eme own the Santa Monica restaurant Ortolan.

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Never was a fan of anything but TOS. BIG mistake.

Happy Birthday, Jeri Ryan! I wonder if you still own that restaurant in West L.A. I’d love to try it out. I’ve always been meaning to, but where does the time go?

Happy birthday Jeri, Fab@42!

#1. What mistake?
I loved Voyager and Seven, so if you don’t like something it is an error?
Narcissistic much?

Big fan of Leverage. I actually have Season 1 on right now. Jeri’s a talented actress, and Leverage allowed her to play a number of roles, and really let her shine.

My only problem with Jeri’s work on VOY was one time, instead of saying “irrelevant,” she said “irrevelant.”

Happy Birthday to Jeri Ryan. May you live long and prosper. Hmm. A new Poll. Who is Hotter. Jeri or Zoe Saldona. Hmmm Tough Choice.

3 My mistake was missing out on Ms. Ryan. Trying a little self deprecating humor, there.

Jeri got to use more of her acting
talent in the show “Shark” with
James Woods. She definitely
is as talented as she is
b-e-a-u-tiful…. Happy B-Day!

#1 Then why did you even bother with this thread?

In regards to Seven of Nine, I wonder why the producers ditched the silver catsuit? I thought it was cool and “space-agey”.

Happy Birthday, Jeri…not that I think you’ll see this message!

Wow, she looks a lot better at 42 than I did! ;-)

8 Just passin’ by…appreciating the scenery

Another Trek-Obama connection.

Her personal problems led to the custody battle that blew up Jack Ryan’s senatorial bid – thus leaving a clear path for an unopposed Barack Obama to walk into the US Senate. Look it up.

Truly a plan worthy of the Borg!

Jeri put the a** in a**imilation. Resistance is futile.

Happy Birthday!

#11 Yeah, maybe she can get a role opposite Chris Pine in the next “Jack Ryan” flick. She could be the older girlfriend of the fictional Jack Ryan. That would be ironic and pretty sweet.

#12 LOL!

Resistance is futile indeed!

Happy Birthday Jeri!! May you have many more!

And yes, she is still the hottest lady in trek! ;)

She’s a beautiful woman, a talented actress, and I’m gonna miss seeing her on Leverage. She added some spunk to the show that I thought it was gonna be missing with what’s-her-face not in the season; being pregnant and all…

Hope Jeri Ryan comes back. But you should ALL SEE PSYCH when she’s on. It’s the most hysterical show ever. And ya’ll will probably get all the ’80’s jokes, anyways. It’s amazing.

Happy Birthday to Jeri, though. Here’s hoping she comes back to TV for lots more good stuff!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! cant wait to see you in vegas !!! ive never had the pleasure of meeting you! look forward to it

Happy B-Day Jeri.

Great character and a very beautiful woman.

Happy B-day Jeri ! :)

Thanks for the great work on Voyager. You managed to save the show. Married my wife because she kinda looks alot like you, but “she’s not quite as warm and emotional a woman as Seven is, lol.”

ah same my age 42. my birthday last sat..

She looks so much better now than she did on VGR. She is aging very gracefully, indeed!

You just keep getting more beautiful!

Happy Birthday Jeri Ryan –

Happy Birthday to Jeri Ryan The Hottest Star Trek Babe of them all! :)

Happy 42nd Birthday Jeri!

I really enjoyed your work on Leverage this past season. I am looking forward to seeing you in various TV projects and seeing you in Las Vegas in August for my 36th Birthday Celebration.

Have a wonderful Birthday and your year ahead come rain or shine.

From one of your best Star Trek fans in the known universe,


Happy birthday Jeri.

I loved Jeri as Seven of Nine and really looking forward to meeting her at the Vegas Con this year.


I can understand why Ensign Kim was reluctant to change the nature of his affiliation with Seven of Nine. Those residual Borg parts would be cause for concern.

Awesome! I share my birthday with Seven of Nine! How awesome is that?!

She was the best thing that ever happened to Voyager.

Jeri Lynn Zimmermann, happy birthday!

Zimmermann is appropriate, because any room (Zimmer) lights up when her smile and laugh are in it. :)

Happy birthday!

Stil a beauty at 42 yowsa!

42 and still a sex symbol HAPPY BIRHTDAY sexy lady :)

Does Jeri ever show up at any of the Trek conventions?

This is the lady that saved star trek voyeger. when she came on the show on its 4th season I made it my mission to never miss an episode. I also met her at a convention in Boston. She was the most down to earth person I have ever met. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jeri

Never would have guessed that Jeri Ryan is only one month younger than myself. She still looks absolutely fabulous, while I’m just a large tub of goo.

Happy birthday, Jeri. Hope to see you in Las Vegas in August.

Jeri here is to you a wonderful and blesses Bday! You were fantastic on Voyager. So many facites of your personna bloomed forth with each season that passed. Finaly your best in your friendship with Samantha’s daughter your times together and little adventures. Then the borg brood of other kids @ teens that Janeway left in your charge. The parting ma you a mom your report with the doc. Was special too. You gave not assimulated. All benefited you and all who you encounter. 4 great years! @ Bdays I agree you do look great. Love Borg tech LOL! Happy Birthdayy! Your age..is irrelavent!

Happy Birthday Ms. Ryan. I think some of her best Trek episodes were when she was in a starfleet uniform (Relativity is one episode) .

Resistance is futile……why the heck would I resist. Heh heh. Happy Birthday Jeri.

Happy Birthday Jeri Ryan!!! 42 and as SMOKIN’ HOT as ever!!!!

@30: Zimmerman? Her last name is really Zimmerman?! Wow.

Jeri Ryan turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to Voyager. Utterly gorgeous, and by God, she can ACT.

Happy Birthday!

Belated happy birthday to Jeri Ryan!

rawr, still hot! :D

happy birthday!

Fap fap fap fap!!!

Careful #11 (Odkin) Anthony will zap you for politcal comments even though you are exactly right. Just think – If Jack and Jeri don’t split up then there is no President Obama.

Aww, c’mon, Jeri gets a birthday shout out but not Majel?

she looks good for 42

Her new film trailer for SECRETS IN THE WALLS