Scott Bakula Talks Star Trek Movie & Trek Legacy + Preview Of Men of a Certain Age S1 Finale

Scott Bakula may be on a new TV show but he still thinks fondly of his time back as Capt. Jonathan Archer on Star Trek Enterprise. In a new interview the actor talks about his place in Trek history, and also about tonight’s season finale of Men of a Certain Age. We also have a sneak peek and photos from the episode as well.


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Bakula spoke to 411Mania about various topics, including Star Trek, here are some excerpts:

Al Norton: People who have played Captains on Star Trek are in an elite club so I am curious if you saw the movie last summer and if so, what did you think of the job Chris Pine did?

Scott Bakula: I saw the movie last summer and thought he was fantastic. I though the movie was fantastic, I thought they did an incredible job of creating a new franchise for the studio. I thought it was great.

Al Norton: When you go to see the movie do you still feel a part of the whole ongoing Star Trek saga?

Scott Bakula: I know it probably seems goofy but yes. You’re part of the lore and history of this 45 year or so legacy. I don’t think there’ll ever be anything like it again and I have to say I’m honored to have been a part of it.

Image of Scott Bakula in season finale of "Men of Certain Age"

They also spoke briefly about tonight’s finale of Men of a Certain Age

Al Norton: Can you give me a quick preview of the Men of a Certain Age finale?

Scott Bakula: Well, my career as an apartment building manager is in jeopardy and I’ve rekindled my passion for acting and movies, and that doesn’t go the way I hope it will.

The Men of a Certain Age  season finale ("Back in the S#!t") airs tonight at 10PM on TNT. Here is a sneak peek.


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Image of Scott Bakula in season finale of "Men of Certain Age"

Images: TNT

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