Walter Koenig Talks About His Missing Son [UPDATED]

Yesterday we reported that Star Trek’s Walter Koenig’s son Andrew has been missing for a week, last seen visiting friends in Vancouver, Canada. This missing person story has had a lot of coverage over the last day, including Walter going on TV, but so far there is no word on where Andrew is. See below for the latest, including video of Walter Koenig talking about his missing son.
[UPDATE: Police ‘inundated’ with sightings]


Walter Koenig talks about sons disappearance

Walter Koenig has appeared on the local ABC news in Los Angeles to talk about the disappearance and how his son has recently been depressed. The report also has more information on how Andrew moved out of his apartment in Los Angeles before going up to Vancouver. 

Getting the word out

Andrew Koenig’s dissapearance continues to be widely covered by the entertainment and mainstream press both the the US and Canada. Many celebrity like Sarah Silverman, Alyssa Milano, Felicia Day, Hal Sparks, Alyson Hannigan have been reaching out via their websites, Facebook pages and Twitter spread the word.  Koenig’s former Growing Pains co-star Kirk Cameron has also issued a statement saying he was "Very concerned" and was "praying for his family during this time of distress and for his safe return"

Posters are also being put up in the Vancouver area, however the CBC reports that police are finding it difficult to get the word out in the local media due to all the coverage of the Winter Olympics.

UPDATE: Police say Tips coming in

TMZ is reporting that the Vancouver Police have been "inundated" with sightings from around the area, however so far none are confirmed.

UPDATE 2: Believed to be ‘laying low’ – moved to Vancouver to start over

Rader is reporting that the Vancouver Police have tracked usage of Koenig’s ATM card and phone and believe he is "just lying low in Vancouver". And another TMZ report quotes a friend of Koenig’s who says that Koenig told him he was moving back to Vancouver to "start over."


Missing poster for Koenig

The latest info – how you can help

Andrew Koenig was last seen on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Andrew Koenig never boarded his flight back to the US, on 2/16 and he hasn’t heard from since.

Andrew was last seen at a bakery in the Stanley Park area of Vancouver. He is 5’5" tall, and weights 135 pounds.

If you’ve seen Andrew since February 14th, PLEASE contact Detective Raymond Payette of the Vancouver PD at 604-717-2534. Refer to case #202029519.

For more info visit

 Andrew Koenig

Andrew with hair pulled back
(he may have cut his hair)


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This is such a shame.

I hope he turns up soon.

All the love to the Koenig family during this most trying time. I hope it turns out that their son is safe, and home soon.


Hope if’s all right…

Prayers for his safety and well-being, as well as prayers for the Koenig family in their time of need.

We can only keep a look out and hope for the best. My best to Mr. Koenig.

My heart goes out to Walter Koenig and his family. What an unspeakably horrifying thing for a parent to endure.

Agreed #6

This is a parents worst nightmare.

I hope he turns up very soon so that Walter and the rest of the family can put this behind them with a positive ending, I pray.

My heart goes out to the Koenig family and hope this episode ends happily.

Poor Walter, I can’t imagine what its like to have a child gone missing. I hope he turns up safe and soon.

This is so sad. I really hope he turns up safe.

This is heartbreaking. :(

I have a 9 year old son and I can’t imagine what Walter is going through. My thoughts and prayers are with he, his son and his family.

i feel so bad for them..

I wish reporter Melissa MacBride had at least taken the very simple step of actually asking someone — like maybe Walter himself — how “Koenig” is pronounced.

It’s “KAY-nig”, by the way. Not the “KOE-nig” that she repeatedly uses in this report. You’d think someone making TV reporter’s wages on an L.A. station would at least have made the very basic effort of working to get a name right.

This is devastating. Makes you rethink your own life and the petty things you perceive as “problems”. I hope this will end well.

Find your way home, Andrew.

It’s hard to watch Walter Koenig in that clip, as he’s clearly struggling emotionally to deal with all this…

I am deeply saddened for the Koenig family. Can’t imagine the distress of them not knowing where their beloved family member is or whether or not he is still alive. They say a missing son or daughter is a parent’s worst nightmare. But this isn’t a nightmare. Its beyond a nightmare. This is a reality. A very tragic reality.

Hopefully, he is safe. But every day that passes, the chances of him returning get slimmer. But let’s keep some hope alive.

#14 She was reporting a tragedy. Cut her some slack. Your nitpicking is pretty shallow and petty on a thread that is about a family tragedy.

As someone already confirmed that he was the Joker in a little short film called Batman Dead End?

My thoughts are with that family; the not-knowing is a horrible thing.
Hope he comes home safe and soon!

What are terrible thing for Walter and his family to go through….I hope he’s okay. Terrible….

This is terribly sad news, my thoughts are with Walter Koenig and his family, let’s hope Andrew Koenig is found safe and sound very soon

Hang in there Walter.

Thoughts and Prayers for Andrews safe return

May Andrew’s soul live long and prosper. I pray for his safe return.

My deepest sympathies with Walter and the rest of their family. What a horrible nightmare for everyone involved, included Andrew himself, wherever he may be…

There are sightings of individuals resembling the younger Koenig that have been reported. See:

Once again, I send my good thoughts and hopes to the Koenig family. May this story end on a happy note!

Geez. I’m just hoping that the fact that he sold his stuff means he just wanted to get away someplace, nothing more. Hopes and prayers that he’s safe.

Know that millions are thinking of you right now and the love we have for you may it somehow bring a little comfort during this ordeal.

Bless you

Let’s just hope somebody finds him and brings him back home safely.

I am praying for the Family and for Andrew’s safe return.

The Koenig family are in my thoughts and prayers… hoping he is found soon….

good luck to the Koenigs

james cauley-have u met or do you know andrew? i wonder why he was feeling depressed lately?
My best wishes n hopes for Walter n family n hope he is found safe soon…

I would’nt wish the pain that the Koeing Family is going through to my worst enemy. Hope that this story has a happy ending.

I hope Andrew comes home safe and sound. All our Prayers and Thoughts to the Koenig family.

Article updated with latest info
– police think he is ‘lying low’ have tracked atm card/phone
– friend says he moved to vancouver to ‘start over’

Glad he’s believed safe. i thoguth he was hiding at the naval base.In Alameda….you know what they got there….

Ok,….. ‘lay low’ but let your family know you’re alright.

If he’s ok, it’s very selfish of him not to let his family know where he is.

@ Bob- clinical depression will make a person do things like that. Conjecture here, but if he is suffering a bout of depression, he may think that everything is fine as far as communication goes.

I had a feeling he left for a reason. If he wants to be left alone then leave the man alone.

Well, if he was wondering if anyone cared, I guess he found out in a big way.

Hope everything works out for him, and all his friends and family can feel better once they make sure he is alright.


Contrary to some reports, police have no evidence that Andrew is alive and in hiding. The statement (which is being misreported) Vancouver Constable Tim Fanning gave CNN was: “There’s nothing right now to believe that anything has happened to him. We’re certainly very concerned, as (are) his family and friends. But there’s no evidence to believe that there’s foul play involved at this point.” In addition, Fanning stated: “People don’t just fall off the face of the map without, obviously, having some sort of problems, and we’re hoping that maybe he’s just trying to lie low and, you know, spend some time by himself.” Further, a police department press release stated: “Police are still hopeful that Andrew will be found alive and safe.”

The police have received a “substantial number of tips and leads” and are working tirelessly, but have been unable to confirm any new sightings of Andrew.

The Walter Koenig Site website team urges people to rely on major news outlets for accurate information: CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, etc.


For the most accurate information visit the VPD media site for the newest press release:

@43 – I was thinking the same thing. I by no means am trying to be insensitive, but Andrew is a grown man and maybe he just wants to be left alone and now the whole world is looking for him and making things worse. I agree that it can be considered selfish for him not to at least tell his family and friends he’s ok without necessarily disclosing his whereabouts, but just because someone is hiding doesn’t mean they are missing.

My uncle did this very thing when he was in his early 20’s and just didn’t want to be around his friends and family anymore, so he took off. 20 years later (through the internet) my mom found him on the east coast and told us that he wasn’t deliberately hiding, he just didn’t tell people where he was at. Now he has a wife and kids and a life.

It fascinates me how people automatically assume the worst. I guess it’s the kind of world we live in.

Reason for hope.
Praying for the best.

While many of us often feel the need to get away, the fact that Andrew…
1.) sold or gave away all his possessions
2.) moved out of his apartment without having a new place to stay
3.) stopped working at a job he loved, refused work he loved, and said “I’m not going to work anymore”
4.) broke off relations with humanitarian groups he was involved in and deeply cared about
5.) mailed a “despondent note” to his father the day before he disappeared

are all warning signs that point to something more serious than “taking a walk-about” ….

warning signs people should keep an eye out for in their friends. But I, too, am praying that is what it is anyway.

I truly hope he is ok. He is clearly depressed. He may be just in hiding from the world right now. People sometimes do that. It sounds like he was running away from his stresses. There is a lot probably going on in his head right now.