Watch Trek Fan Take On TrekMovie Challenge To Recite All 79 TOS Episode Titles From Memory

Could you recite the name of every original Star Trek episode in airing order (without the aid of a cheat sheet)? Well a Trek fan in New York took on that challenge (given to him by TrekMovie) and he not only did it, but did it in record time. Watch the video below.


79 episode titles in 98.9 seconds

Back in December Trek Fan Mack Elder sent TrekMovie a link to a video of him setting the record (at the Universal Record Database) for the fastest time to name all eleven Star Trek movies in chronological order. Doing it in 10.3 seconds was impressive, but via the TrekMovie twitter, Mack was challenged to recite all the TOS episode titles in order (with the promise it would be featured on the site if he pulled it off). Elder accepted the challenge, and last week at a World Record Appreciation Society event in NYC, he pulled it off (in 1 minute and 38.9 seconds). Check it out:

If you want, you can check his work against the list of Star Trek episodes at Memory Alpha (make sure to sort by airing order).

A music industry entrepreneur, Elder tells TrekMovie that he is a life-long Trek fan and when he became familiar of the Universal Record Database and their events in New York, his first thought was to do something with Star Trek. Oh and before you nitpick that he wore a Star Trek 2009 movie shirt to the TOS episode recital, Mack explains it was more a matter of logistics than a canon violation, saying he just couldn’t fit into his old TOS command shirt. Happens to the best of us Mack. Now with this two records, Elder says that he is retiring from Trek record-setting while he is ahead, saying "doing all the episodes was my Wrath of Khan."

Think you can beat it? Anyone can set a record at the Universal Record Database and each record also has a ‘beat this record’ button. You can do it at one of their events, or on your own (but there are criteria for verification). More info at

What about TNG? – A song to help

Mack may be retired, but TrekMovie thinks someone should take on Star Trek: The Next Generation. But with 176 episodes, reciting all those titles from memory would be quite the challenge. If you are up to the challenge, TrekMovie will put a successful (and verified) recitation on the site. And here is a song that will help you.


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To paraphrase Ron White….I’d only it to “Where….”

The police made me take a field sobriety test where you stand on a foot and count to 30. I made it to “woo….” Is that gonna be close enough? And it was at that point that I had the right to remain silent….but I didn’t have the ability.

– Ron White

Hahaha!! xD I could probably do that, I have a good memory, but that’s impressive, considering all the crowd pressure and stuff. x3 Am I the only person who didn’t hear “The Cage”? Maybe I missed it at the beginning.. or maybe it doesn’t count…

3)- Yeah, probably doesnt count if its not in there. I’d assume that menagerie is the one that they’d want.

15 years ago I could have recited all 79 and the animated’s. But not now. What would really impress me would be TNG! or even all the series. You can leave out the books.

Come’on now #3, The Cage was never broadcast in Trek’s first run….

If anyone can recite all the episodes from all the series, then he/she should be proclaimed king/queen of the nerds. :-)

Okaaaaaaaaay, TNG and music… there’s a lot of weird stuff out there. This one’s straight from the Balkans:

Anthony –

speaking of nitpicking, doesn’t one minute and thirty eight point nine seconds add up to 98.9?

….(without the aid of a cheat cheat)?

What’s a “cheat cheat”?

I assume you meant “cheat sheet”?

Sorry Anthony! (Anthony throws chair, I have to duck!)


My hero.

A pointless nitpick but in the TNG song it sounds like he says Samaritan Shared instead of Snare… I can forgive it as I can’t imagine being able to do it in any way, just something I noticed.

@14 Yeah, I thought I heard that as well. Good effort though!

Some episodes of the various shows, I can recite the day it aired, who directed and wrote it. For example VOY:”Threshold” aired on January 29, 1996. The teleplay was written by Brannon Braga from a story by Michael De Luca and it was directed by Alexander Singer. It took place on stardate 49373.4 in the year 2372. Wrote all this without checking!

Someone should try naming, in order of script mention, all the babes Kirk bags in TOS.

the cage?

Hey Anthony, do you have to name the TNG episodes in production order or airing order?


17. Would you include the movies?

What would really be impressive is if someone is able to recite any/all series episodes in reverse. I.e, starting with “Turnabout Intruder” and going backwards.

What would be really, REALLY impressive would be to recite all 79 episodes in Klingon.

Or maybe Bynar-ese.

To add a bit of Python, how about reciting every episode while wrestling a crocodile?

I’m truly amazed at the memory-power some people have, especially as I begin to reach the age where memory is something I keep forgetting. I’m sure there is someone out there who could recite the name of every episode of every Trek series… and probably include who wrote it and directed it!

Some portions of the brain have been devoted to this kind of knowledge. And other people devote these portions of their brains to American Idol. Still others will be using their brain power to pairing which handbag-the Dior or the Coach-matches their shoes. Some of us devote brain usage to the mechanics and engineering of make-believe space craft.

Do I have a point to make?


The first filming of any Trek whatsoever took place on November 27, 1964. I know this date well–not that I can remember much other than the thoughts “breathe, what is breathe? why is it cold? bright light! mommy?”. ;)

Tried this myself last night. Wasn’t able to name any of the episodes in order (that’s just crazy) but was able to name 51 of the 79 TOS episodes. Not bad for a TNG guy.

I memorized that SONG a few years ago, but it’s a bit out of production order, so I can’t win off of that.


Still. Great song. Great challenge.

He probably could have done it 20 seconds faster if he didn’t have a few of those lapses.

I think the whole order by airdate thing is dumb. These should be shown and referenced by when they were produced.

By the way , I like some of the suggestions offered by others, especially #17…

In the late ’70s, my best friend could recite the episodes in 33 seconds (airdate order). Of course he abreviated some of the episode titles. He also had them memorized in production order. I bet that he could still do it today – it might take a bit longer. He also could list off directors, planets, stardates, etc…. He just loved doing it and really had no desire to be in any contests.- Oh yeah, and he could do them backwards. It was very entertaining.

It’s a shame he doesn’t know how to pronounce “Menagerie” and “:Zetar” correctl

Brilliant, well done that man!

I used to be able to do that – and backwards. I can name all 44 US presidents forwards and backwards, if that’s worth anything…