VIDEO: Walter Koenig Appears On Today Show To Appeal For Help In Search For Son [UPDATED]

koenig today showThe search for Walter Koenig’s son Andrew continues. Yesterday, Walter and his wife flew to Vancouver, Canada to work on the search effort. This morning they appeared on the NBC Today show and made an emotional appeal for help. In addition, Andrew’s sister appeared on CNN and CBS. Watch all three videos below. [UPDATED: more video and info from press conference]


Koenig on the Today show

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In addition, Koenig’s daughter Danielle appeared last night on CNN’s Larry King Live. There was also a report on the CBS Early Show. Watch those videos below.


Also this morning Walter Koenig and his wife Judith held a press conference at the Vancouver Police Department, to help get the word out to the local media. Here is a report on what the police had to say (via SeattlePI):

Vancouver police Constable Tim Fanning says there has been no activity on Koenig’s cell phone or bank records since Feb. 16. Fanning says Vancouver’s 1,000-acre (400-hectare), thickly forested Stanley Park, which Koenig loved, has been searched thoroughly.

UPDATE: Press conference video (via CNN)

UPDATE 2: Koenigs drop out of Larry King

The Koenigs were to appear on Larry King Wednesday night, but minutes before air they left the studio, to the surprise of King. You can see video of that at It isn’t known why they left.


Koenig info & how you can help

Andrew Koenig was last seen on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Andrew Koenig never boarded his flight back to the US, on 2/16 and he hasn’t heard from since.

Andrew was last seen at a bakery in the Stanley Park area of Vancouver. He is 5′5" tall, and weights 135 pounds.

If you’ve seen Andrew since February 14th, PLEASE contact the Vancouver PD missing persons line at 604-717-2530

For more info visit

 Andrew Koenig

Andrew with hair pulled back
(he may have cut his hair)


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WE are all feeling your pain Walter may he come home soon

Walter and Judith, my prayers go out to you and your family, as well as Andrew for a safe return.

I feel for the Koenigs. What an ordeal to have to endure, and at their ages. God bless them.

This is just awful! I can not imagine what they are going threw right now. The whole family is in my prayers!

I’m still praying he turns up ok and soon. Must be a horrible time for the Koenigs.

All my prayers and hopes that he returns to your arms Walter and Judith.

Stay strong, Koenig family.

Dear God…please bring him home safe and sound!

My hopes are with Walter and Judy, that they may find Andrew alive.

I hope he’s alright…

Anthony, do you think you could post the link to the Facebook group on here and encourage folks to invite their friends? You never know, we might be able to pull together well enough to find him…

This is a terrible situation for the family.
Please everyone, continue to send positive energy and warm thoughts to The Koenig Family. Andrew may you please be safe and return home soon.

Nobody should have to experience something like this. Hopefully, Andrew is alive and well. If he is, he needs to know that a lot of people, especially his family, care about him deeply.

I feel frustrated for their poor family-I live in tacoma wa just a few hours from vancouver-its a great city to visit n the people are caring n friendly-Stanley Park is beautiful–im sure if it wasnt for the olympics going on now that the rcmps would be able to find him faster-wish we could do more than just hope and pray andrew is found safe soon-are there many trekmovie fans in vancouver? if so maybe get a posse together to help look…? Thanx to Anthony for keeping us updated–

Andrew please know there is light on the other side of the dark and that you are loved and beloved.

Wow! My heart goes out to Walter and Judy, Andrew’s parents. Their anguish is obvious and pray for the best possible outcome for the entire family.

Where’s Mr. Spock and the Enterprise’s sensors when you need them?

Come home, Andy!

Andrew: If you might be reading this board, I ask you to please take Kirk Cameron up on his offer and call him. Really, in doing that there’s nothing to loose. I’m sure he’d be an ear to listen if that’s all you need. Nobody will point fingers at you or anything, your friends and family want you in their lives because they love you.

I’m praying for your safe return to your family. In the meantime, if anything else, at least call them so they will know you are okay.

That’s tough seeing Walter sad, but I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. He’s left society for a while and he probably wants simply to be left alone for a bit. That’s the conclusion I gather from his letter anyway.

This is a sad situation for Walter and his family we just hope that in the end it turns out well.

One more thing, we most likely represent the largest network of people in the world. There has to be more that can be done. If we would maybe find some sponcers to put up some of the Hollywood size billboards up in the Vancouver area it would draw more attention to Andrews face and someone may actully spot him. The little flyer that are out don’t have a clear photo of him and how many people actully pay attention to something posted on a telephone pole. A few signs the size of a school bus will draw more attention to finding him

I pray Andrew’s back soon — safe and sound… we love you, Walter <3

Praying for the Koenigs and a for a happy resolution

My thoughts are with the Koenig family…………….Praying for a safe return…………

I hope he is found soon.

Andrew and Koenig Family

May the Good Lord Shine a Light on You all

I just read an EOnline report that claims that the Koenigs abruptly left the studio they were in right before their scheduled appearance on the Larry King Live show on CNN.


All my hopes for the safe return of Andrew Koenig.

Update: There are a number of other online articles or posts reporting the same thing about the Koenigs’ leaving right before their LKL appearance on CNN. One recent one says that the Koenigs’ appearance had been pushed toward the end of the show because of breaking news about the Toyota hearings and the SeaWorld incident.


Although King is reportedly mystified, it’s possible the Koenigs’ leaving the studio might be of less significance than might be believed.

This is heartbreaking. My prayers are with them.

The Koenig’s leaving the LKL show was for unexpected personal reasons and not due to any developments in the search for Andrew.

#11 There are many facebook pages. Help Us Find Andrew Koenig, Where’s Boner (Andrew Koeing), Josh Andrew Koenig, Walter Koenig, Danielle Koenig…. not to mention his friends, including Jenny Magenta who’s facebook post on Friday alerted folks to his disappearance. There’s also MySpace Pages. (Andrew’s personal MS page is “The Real Andrew Koenig”)

Walter IS reading the guestbook on his site, and he says the support means a lot to him.

Anthony and staff… I want to thank you for keeping up on the story and for your journalistic integrity in reporting accurate and verified information.

Seriously, Boner will always remain a memorable character on Growing Pains, and I hope he’s OK and just continuing to find his footing in this world, to which I hope he makes contact with someone. My prayers go out to him, his family, and all his friends.

From all the’s clear He is ready to give up….I pray not..but from selling/giving away all his effects, leaving his apt., visiting his friends one last time…….all the signs show towards eventual suicide path. One can only hope all this attention from the media somehow has been seen by him and sways his feelings on his life..and that it does have meaning.

Now I wish I live in Vancouver, just so that I could go and search for him. I believe that all life’s problems are solvable and I wish that Andrew will too before it’s too late. I don’t know that the Koenigs are going trough now, but I know it’s not easy, and I truly hope he will be found.

CTV BC is reporting that police believe they’ve found his body in Stanley Park.

Greatest condolences to the Koenig family.

I just heard that on CNN. So sad. My condolences to the Koening family.

There is a disturbing report from CNN that I hope is false.

If the report is true, my deepest condolences are sincerely offered. I also believe we should leave the family alone in this most distressing time.

yup…it’s confirmed. i just got it on cnn. very sad

I’ve seen some comments on this board that indicate anger toward the family in regard to Andrew Koenig’s suicide, so I’m writing in again. I’ve already posted here but for this, if you don’t mind, I’d like to remain anonymous.

Folks, depression is a medical condition that just like many other illnesses affects the entire family. Were there some things the Koenigs could have done differently? Maybe, maybe not. Could they have proven that Andrew was not capable of making rational decisions on his life, gotten power of attorney over him and forced his medication upon him? Maybe, maybe not. Would any of that have made any difference? Maybe not. What the point is though, is that a family has lost someone who they love. Parents have lost a son. What they need now aren’t “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s”, but instead they need mercy, love, and support. Nobody here would ask for anything less.

Two years ago, I found out I can’t have children. After several months I was thrown into a state of depression, and I believe that had a lot to do with it. Mine was no where near the severity of Andrew Koenig, but I can tell you that even with the little bit I had, the experience was a living hell. I came out of it though, and credit my faith in a merciful and almight God, Who provided the avenue by which I was able to receive medication for treatment. Something else that I believe helped though, was an education. I knew “where” my problem came from. I found out a year-or-so before that, that I have ADD (I had been wondering what is “wrong” with me for years). In that same visit with my psychologist, I learned (and knew when my own depression came about) that depression originates in the same transmitters within the brain that are responsible ADD, ADHD, Depression, OCD, and are also instrumental in bi-polar disorder. They all come from within the same place within the human brain. Our brains are maginificent and more than any computer could ever hope to meet, but even in all that we are human and thereby, imperfect. God knows that. Paul spoke in the book of Acts about the thorn in his side. It was never defined as to what that “thorn” is, but look at this: Acts 12:7-9 says: …..Therefore so that I would not exalt myself, a thorn in the flesh was given to me, a messenger of Satan to torment me so I would not exalt myself. Concerning this, I pleaded with the Lord three times to take it away from me. But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfect in weakness.”….. Did Paul suffer from depression? I think he did. Did God point His finger at him and say “shame on you, get over it?” No. He said “My–that’s “His” grace–GRACE was sufficient for Paul’s problem. Should we, in grace be offering our prayers and condolences (that is all we can do)? You bet!!! It doesn’t matter whose fault it is that Andrew died. What matters now, is that there is a chance for healing and for those who are suffering to come out from this trial stronger than before. Andrew may be sadly gone, but it’s not too late for this story to have a happy ending. Who knows how many lives can be saved as a result of Andrew’s death? Who knows how many people the Koenig’s family story may impact. Who knows how many people who need help, may seek it now….because of Andrew?

God bless you all.

This breaks my heart. My thoughts and my energy are with their family in this most difficult time. I hope for the recovery of their son and the reunion of their family. Bless them all.