No Wins For Star Trek At Costumer Guild or Faith & Values Awards

Tonight the Costume Designer Guild held their annual awards event. Star Trek’s Michael Kaplan was nominated. Star Trek and Kaplan lost (but at least this time it didn’t lose to Avatar). Star Trek was also nominated for an award at the Faith and Values Awards held on Tuesday, but again also walked away empty handed. See below for the full results  


Star Trek loses out to Parnasus at Costumer Awards

The 12th annual Costume Designer Guild Awards Event were held tonight at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. Star Trek’s Michael Kaplan was nominated in the Fantasy category by the CDG. He was going up against the designers from Avatar and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. And it was Monique Prudhomme from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, that took home the award in the fantasy category.

Here is the complete list of winners for the night (via Variety)

  • Contemporary Television Series – Lou Eyrich/"Glee"
  • Period/Fantasy Television Series – Janie Bryant/"Mad Men"
  • Made for Television Movie or Mini Series – Catherine Marie Thomas/"Grey Gardens."
  • Contemporary Film – Doug Hall/"Crazy Heart."
  • Period Film – Sandy Powell/"The Young Victorias"
  • Fantasy Film – Monique Prudhomme/"The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus"
  • Commercials – Casey Storm/Milk: "Milkquarious"

This was Kaplan’s third nomination by the CDG, but alas he still has yet to win. Kaplan had previously been nominated for his work on Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) and Fight Club (1999). The designer began his career with the the sci-fi classic Blade Runner in 1982.

Star Trek Costumes at FIDM Gallery
In other costume news, some of the costumes from Star Trek are part of the Hollywood 2010: The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Downtown Los Angeles. The collection includes over 100 costumes from over two dozen 2009 movies, including The Young Victoria, Star Trek, Julie & Julia, An Education, Nine, Broken Embraces, and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. The free exhibition is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. More info at

FIDM's 2010 Hollywood Costume Design Exhibit
One of the Star Trek costumes at the FIDM exhibit

Star Trek didn’t stand a prayer at Faith & Values Awards

There is actually more awards news. This week the 18th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala was held in Beverly Hills. The awards are presented by MovieGuide. According to the official site, movies are chosen for their "moral and spiritual principles, as well as their production values." Star Trek was one of ten nominees for Best Film for Mature Audiences. But Star Trek ended up losing to The Blind Side. More at


Star Trek Award Season Scorecard
The Award season is coming into the home stretch. JJ Abrams Star Trek movie has made history for the franchise, picking up more award nominations than any Trek before. However, so far wins have been mostly elusive. Here is the award show scorecard, with a list of Star Trek nominations and the final result

Upcoming Award Shows


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Best Film for Mature Audiences? Hahah…what an interesting category for Trek (or any PG-13 movie for that matter) to be in. You’d think there were explicit sex or something.

It didn’t win at the faith and values awards because of Kirk’s romp with the Orion lady.

I like the movie, but some of the writing was a little shoddy. The whole supernova consuming the galaxy thing…heh. Maybe if they made it a gamma ray burst caused by a supernova, now that’s plausible.

On another note, I just recently saw “The Time Traveler’s Wife” with my wife. All through the movie I kept saying, “SPOCK SPOCK, I knew I should have killed you when I had the chance!” She kept shaking her head.

I don’t understand how Trek would even be nominated for something like faith and values. I mean a big part of Roddenberry’s future was the lack of religion. I guess they didn’t do their homework.


Really? Because the TOS Enterprise had a Chapel…

@5 “worshiping” Nurse Chapel doesn’t count….

Having to go up against Avatar makes it rough on Star Trek. Most years, Star Trek would have fewer viable competitors, but this is the year James Cameron made his biggest, most lavish production yet.


TAKEN should have won the Faith & Values Awards
a good moral film with a firm Christian message ,
smite thy enemy {old testament} especially if the protagonist is a Muslim {George W BUSH}

I’m going to show it too my kids this weekend, I hope they pay special attention to Liam Neeson going on a killing spree and female slavery, it will prepare them for later life :)

As expected, Trek has won nothing again. Go figure. See, I knew not one awards ceremony would take up my dare to let trek win, lol.

Star Trek probably didn’t win because they photoned Nero when he was stuck in the singularity at the end of the movie. LMAO!!!

Well, I thought the Trek costumers did a good job on the Kelvin crew outfits, in particular … that high-waisted retro-1950s vibe was really working.

May good works be their own reward.

@3 Faith AND Values. Not everyone has faith, but everyone has their values. Since Trek isn’t about faith per se, I assume they were acknowledging the humanist values espoused in Trek.

Interesting that the character with the highest values seems to be Kirk. The guy who doesn’t ONLY have sex with farm animals.

“Faith & Values Awards”, gosh, does this “award” really exist?
And it is given by some zillionaires at Beverly Hills?
That´s creepy business.

” … especially if the protagonist is a Muslim …”

Did you see the movie? Or do you not know the difference between a protagonist and an antagonist?

In other news:

Trek is up for more awards at the Internaional Large Appliance Foundations annual awards show for best use onscreen of an industrial complex/brewery and for most visually confusing antagonist spacecraft in a film.

#15 you’re so clever… not-

That’s a good one #15!!

I heard the movie is also up for a “Cha-Ching” award by the National Cash Register Society for best product placement of a bar code scanner!

Damn you, The Blind Side! DAMN YOU ONCE AGAIN!

…actually, I should probably go see that movie, now that it has STOLEN ALL OF STAR TREK’S AWARDS.

Not that I am bitter.

Gee, with values like “being a complete douchebag will get you places”, “lens flares are a suitable substitute for anything, including plot, character depth and an original film score” and “kicking people when they’re down is OK as long as you offer them help first”, I don’t understand why Star Trek didn’t sweep the Faith & Values Awards. :D

#19: Shhhhhh :) You’ll upset the faithful ;)


Unclench a bit, my dear. It’s only a joke, not a personal attack.

I’m sad to report that TrekXI has failed to get even one nomination at the Domestic Fish and Tackle Alliance’s semi-quarterly Hook ‘Em and Cook ‘Em film fest. I thought the big red snow lobster would at least get a nod. The good news is that Duracell’s and GE Lighting’s Achievements in Film Awards Gala is probably going to award Trek a “Flarey” for “Most subtle lighting”.

#17 We could on like this for a while, you know?

“Star Trek” will be picking up a “Best Toys On Film” award from Playmates Toys.

Budweiser will award Scott Chambliss and J.J Abrams a “Best Set Design” award for their engineering room.

Unfortuneately, AAA has awarded “Star Trek” a “Chassie” (instead of chassis) for the scene where young James T. KIrk drives a Corvette off a cliff.

#21 THX…….I agree.

When does the AMA post their nominations? Trek 09 should be a shoe in for the most exotic medical procedures in a motion picture award.

McCoy: “I’ve got a shot for that too!” LOL!

Funny video, loved it, especially the part with Spock Prime nerve pinching Darth Vader, but seriously: The black hole part was interesting. Imagine if they had done that. Imagine the Enterprise would in the end go back through to the other side of the black hole, but firstly would emerge through it to the 24th century……face to face with NCC1701-D

Wrong article

Faith & Value Awards?

Sometimes the USA lives up to its clichés….(-;

#4 The lack of religion didn’t become a part of the Star Trek universe until the TNG era, and that got thrown out on DS9 with “The Prophets”.

I’m pretty sure losing at the ‘Faith and Value Awards’ isn’t going to keep anyone up at night. How many of these stinkin’ award shows do we need?!

#18: It’s really good.

#27: Far too often, really.

I haven’t seen the Blindside yet but I figure it would be better especially at a faith awards show. It is a cool thing that Star Trek was nominated for it, but I do agree that the bar and Orion scenes did not help it.

#31: “I haven’t seen the Blindside yet but I figure it would be better especially at a faith awards show.”

Yes. It’s not _about_ faith (not in any way, really) but the family in the film are presented as pious (not in an obnoxious way, fortunately) and the film is definitely about “values” in a more universal sense: charity, understanding, loyalty, etc. Good movie. For my part, the most religious part of the film is Sandra Bullock in tight pants. But for those voting for a “faith and values” award, there’s plenty there and it’s even tastefully done. Star Trek would have needed twice as much senseless, cowardly killing of frothing demonized Bad Guys to compete with the faith and values crowd, really.

“…but I do agree that the bar and Orion scenes did not help it.”

Well, on the other hand, the Blind Side _did_ have a scene where Sandra Bullock lays down some rules (well, just one rule) for her adopted son’s forthcoming rampant bout of college-years premarital sex (don’t get anyone pregnant, being the rule) :)