VIDEO Spoof: How Star Trek Should Have Ended

The humor site has decided to take on the 2009 Star Trek movie with a funny new spoof animation that posits an alternative ending for film. Watch it below.


How Star Trek Should Have Ended?

Check out the latest Trek spoof.

If you want more info on the making of the spoof, HowItShouldHaveEnded have put up a behind the scenes article describing the animation and thoughts behind it.

HowItShouldHaveEnded have a number of other animations on how films should have ended, including other 2009 sci-fi films Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and Avatar. You can see them all if you CLICK HERE.

Thanks to Robofuzz for tip

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My son just told me today that ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Wars’ need a crossover (cranking up the ‘Twilight Zone’ tune), and I said, NOT!

Nice job!

I loved it! Good job!

LOL!! Hilarious!

lens flares………freaking lens flares!

hahahaha, that was awesome!! :)

LOL!!!!! Awesome!!!!

I love these vids! They’re all really funny!!!

Great animation,effects,voice-overs.

Could´ve been perfect, as most animations from that site.

But it was ruined by the ending, we saw that joke before in youtube, when Picard returned to the past to prevent JJ Abrams for making the new movie destroying the timeline.

#9: (imitating C3PO) I shall call you Debbie Downer (wah wah!).


MC1 Doug, nah, your fault for missing the previous video. :P

Very funny!
I wish Kirk would have given the Lens flare order in the real movie.

They could have done this, minus the killing every redshirt that is, but aim the ship at the black hole, have them come through a bit shaken up, bridge smoking a little. Then pan out and we see the ship has transformed into the actuall Enterprise from the original show.


the nitpicking of the spoof cartoon has already started

I am going to go bang my head against a wall

Anthony Pascale, spare your foreheard,

I just pointed out that is the same ending of another funny spoof
“PICARD vs Abrams”:


Anthony, before you do so, please let me hand you a soft pilllow first.


(but I feel your pain)

LOL Tony. :D

I would have liked some kind of jab on what engineering looked like that Scotty was a plumber. LOL

Wasn’t nitpicking too much, most people seemed to like it. Don’t give up hope!


doesn’t sound right.

Very lovely video though, both funny and creative, thanks for posting!

The actors providing voices for Chekov and Scotty have it down to a T.

I laughed my a** off when Scotty’s shirt changed from red to gold!

Well done well done well done!!!

Yeah this is not something to nitpick. I thought it was funny, especially the end, worth a good laugh.

Didn’t think it was funny, but the animation was cool.

#13 It could’ve been worse. At least this thread took til the ninth post to get the first nitpick. On the other hand, if you are going to bang your head against a wall, at least wear a helmet. I say this because its a good bet this is just the start of a nitpick fest. :-)



Love it when Picard tells Crusher to SHUT-UP!

I love Vader’s reaction, cause it’s sad but true.

Very well done.

Way to funny. Loved it.

That was frakkin hilarious. These guys are getting better.

I thought that was great- but didn’t like the ending one little bit! lol

That was fantastic!

Interesting…What if the Enterprise DID go through the Black Hole?

^It would have gotten VERY dark….. ;-)

Now, now! All of you nitpickers need to QUIET DOWN! Anthony’s right! You know that free thought only exists in the REAL world! As for the comments section, we are to say only nice things or nothing at all! Heh, that was a real good thing you did complaining about the nitpickers, Anthony! A REAL GOOD THING!

-awaits my inevitable transfer to the corn fields-


“Turn off the lens flare generator.”

LOL !!!



ROFLMAO – That was the single best one that they’ve ever done. I’m a little biased, but hey, like awards shows, it’s all subjective, right?


Although I’m with Anthony on the subject of nitpicking, Twilight Zone references are always appreciated. LOL.

That was great! A lady at work was talking to me about star trek yesterday. She said I liked it but what was up with those lights shining in your face? It got annoying after a while. Funny. Get rid of those dam lights and dump the dated brewery engineering section! Then it will be nearly perfect! Oh get rid of the barcode scanners…or at least explain what they are.

That was awesome :D

If they went through the worm hole who knows where and when they’d end up. The sequel would have to be called “Star Trek Lost in Time”!

This was hilarious! ROFL

Where is there ‘nit-picking’ going on? Saying they dislike the ending and that it’s a tired joke that has been done before? That’s ‘not’ nit-picking. That’s legitimate criticism. Nit-picking is when you watch a show or movie and ‘pick’ at minuscule details/mistakes/inconsistencies that the average viewer either doesn’t see or dismisses.

I enjoyed the animation…except for the ending. When they went through I thought to myself…”ok, surely they’re not going to do the Star Wars joke again…that joke has been beaten to death”, but sure enough…they did it.

It was great up until that point. By definition, it’s not nit-picking to wish they had tried harder to do something more original.

You know, going through the black hole could’ve made for a great ending – for a moment, it looks like Kirk & Scotty’s much-used Sacrifice The Warp Core Trick™ is gonna work… but it doesn’t!

The Enterprise hauls around, gets pulled through the black hole, and winds up in the Prime Reality where they briefly meet their future selves (‘Trials and Tribble-ations’ style, of course), or maybe even the crew of the Enterprise E, and drop Spock Prime off.

Whilst there, Kirk-Pine gets hold of some Anti-Red Matter, flies the Enterprise back home, saves Vulcan, gets TWO commendations for original thinking, hooks up with that cute Orion girl, then listens to Shatner as he narrates over the closing few scenes of the movie. :D

These things are funny up to a point, but too many of them end with the obvious: something blows up/the protagonist dies that didn’t blow up/die at the end of the actual movie. That in itself is commentary – an awful lot of movies turn, at their climax, on the protagonists escaping something that’s going to blow up – but it’s pretty much one-note after a while.

Art’s good, animation is simple but effective, and a number of the gags along the way are cute.

I laughed out loud all the way through it. That doesn’t happen often. Terrific!


“nitpicking” is OK. If you feel really bad about it…. then maybe perhaps you shouldn’t read the comments, because theirs no stopping it ! And you know the thing about nitpicking….. its FAIR. Because you created this online comment forum, and didn’t you expect people to write down their opinions down ? You started this democracy in the first place. Now your complaining ? How about you cut the comments section or simply ignore the nitpicking.

Calm down cupcake.

Yeah, having them meet the Shatner Kirk et al at the end would have been a fun way to go too… though considering the Abrams connection, I figured they might crash in to the Lost island…

The best one, and probably one of the earliest, was The Lord of the Rings. Funny, and so true.

But, then there wouldn’t be a sequel! What’s HISHE trying to say, huh?????

Jk, great video!

@ 46.
You’re my hero!