February 2010

ZoeWatch: Saldana on NYT Mag Cover + LA Times Feature + Fashion Week Photos + Haitian Relief Trip

Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana’s star continues to rise after 2009, especially now with her work in James Cameron’s Avatar. It is that work that has both the New York Times Magazine cover story and a new Los Angeles Times feature buzzing about her. Details below. Plus photos and news from Fashion week in New York, to bringing relief to Haiti in another ‘ZoeWatch.’

Sci-Fi TV Sunday: Genre Show Renewal Report Card + Updates on Lost, Fringe, Doctor Who, Caprica + more

In Sci-Fi TV this week we start off with a ‘report card’ on what genre shows are coming back, cancelled or ‘on the bubble’. We also have big casting news for both Lost and Fringe (Nimoy!) and more genre show updates. Plus lots of new images and video previews for your favorite shows, including a new Doctor Who Season sneak peek.

Walter Koenig’s Son Andrew Missing – You can help

Taking a break for Trek news, there is something serious to report. Walter Koenig’s son Andrew (who also appeared in an episode of DS9) has been missing since February 14th. Friends have been trying to track him down through Facebook and Twitter, but so far he has not been spotted. He was last seen in Vancouver a week ago, details below and info on how you can help.

UPDATED: No Wins for Star Trek at WGA and MPSE Awards

[UPDATED] The 2009 Star Trek movie was up for honors at two different guild award shows being held tonight. First up was the WGA Awards, where Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman unfortunately failed to win for their Star Trek script. And it was the same story at the the MPSE Golden Reel Awards were Star Trek sound editors lost out in three categories. Full details below.

Wil Wheaton Returning To Big Bang Theory

CBS hit show Big Bang Theory is firmly established as the nerdiest comedy on TV. The show about a group of Cal Tech scientists is rife with sci-fi references, and early this season they hit an apex when Star Trek The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton appeared (playing a rather evil version himself) taking on the shows breakout character Sheldon. Now comes news that Sheldon’s nemesis is coming back.

Star Trek Movie Picks Up 6 Saturn Nominations

Today the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films has announced the nominations for the 36th Annual Saturn Awards. JJ Abrams Star Trek movie picked up a total of 6 nominations, including Best Science Fiction Film. And TOS Star Trek movies picked up a DVD nomination as well. We have all the details below, including the full list of Saturn nominations.

Rapper Says Mitt Romney Used ‘Vulcan Grip’ On Him In Plane Scuffle

Many comparisons have been made about President Obama and Star Trek’s Spock, but it may be that he is not the only politician to be compared to a Vulcan.  Earlier this week former Massachusetts governor and Republican Presidential candidate got into a scuffle on an airplane with a rapper (who got booted from the plane), but now the rapper says Romney started the fight with a "Vulcan grip".   

Sci-Fi Movies Wednesday: Batman, Ghostbusters III, Riddick, Terminator, Foundation, Avatar + more

In this week’s Sci-Fi Movies there are new rumors on the next Batman film, plus news on James Cameron writing an Avatar prequel novel and the announcement of a third Riddick. Also, there’s a report on Terminator 1 & 2 co-writer William Wisher’s take on the franchise. Plus updates on the Escape From New York remake and Ghostbusters III. All that and more, including the latest box office numbers, casting bites, images and videos.

Rebuttal To New Scientist Article On Impossibility of Star Trek Warp Travel

Yesterday New Scientist posted an article titled "Starship pilots: Speed kills: especially warp speed." This article is getting a lot of play across the web on other sci-fi sites. Debating the science of science fiction may be dubious, but TrekMovie would at least like to point out how Star Trek has already addressed the issues presented by New Scientist, and that there is some back-up from real science. 

Jonathan Frakes Directing Episode of ‘V’ + More Frakes Updates

TNG’s Riker, Jonathan Frakes is one of the Star Trek actors who got on the job training as a director during his time with Trek, which led to him directing two Trek feature films. Frakes continues to direct for film and TV, and now comes news that he will once again be directing aliens. Frakes is slated to direct an upcoming episode of the ABC sci-fi remake V. More info below, plus more on what The Beard has been doing lately.  

ILM Star Trek Visual Effects Nominees Talk Craft + New VFX ‘Breakdown’ Videos

ILM’s visual effects on the 2009 Star Trek movie has garnered BAFTA, Visual Effects Society and Oscar nominations. In a new interview, some of the nominees talk about how they went about bringing realism to the new Star Trek and how it compares to ILM’s Star Wars work. Excerpts below, plus links to some effect shot ‘breakdowns’.

TrekInk: Review of “Spock Reflections” & “Nero” Comic Collections

Two trade paperback collections illuminating the lives of characters from the feature film Star Trek (2009) arrived in comic shops recently ("Star Trek: Nero" and "Spock: Reflections"), giving readers an opportunity to revisit lessons learned about Vulcans, Romulans, humans, loyalty, logic and revenge. We have a summary review of both below

Star Trek’s Most Romantic Moments

It’s Valentine’s Day again. In honor of this day of romance, we are reposting a ‘TrekMovie’ classic from back in 2008, but since the site has so many new readers since the early days, maybe it is new to you. So we present our updated list of Star Trek’s most romantic moments, plus some last minute Valentine’s Day ideas.