Giacchino & Star Trek Win Film Music Critic Awards

It looks like we have one more set of awards to announce before the Oscars coming up this weekend, and this time it is some good news. Today the International Film Music Critics Association announced the winners of their 2009 Awards and Star Trek’s Michael Giacchino was the big winner with awards for both Up and Star Trek. More details below



Star Trek and Giacchino Win FMCA Awards

The FMCA doesn’t hold an awards show, but did issue an announcement Monday. Michael Giacchino was nominated for a total of nine FMCA Awards in seven categories. Three of Giacchino’s nominations were for Star Trek, the rest for his other film and TV work in 2009. In the end Giacchino won composer of the year, and three other awards: one for his work on Star Trek and two for Up

Giacchino’s four awards were for:

     – STAR TREK

The 2009 extended release of James Horner’s "Wrath of Khan" score was nominated for Best Re-Release, but it ended up losing out to a re-release of "Back to the Future." Horner also had four nominations for his Avatar score, but came away empty handed.

A complete list is at

Giacchino’s Year

Giacchino is really on a role this year. He is leading the field of composers with award wins. Here is a list of his haul of awards so far:

  • Golden Globe ("Up")
  • 2 Grammys ("Up")
  • BAFTA ( "Up")
  • Critic’s Choice ( "Up")
  • 4 Film Music Critics Awards ("Star Trek" and "Up")
  • Online Film Critics Society ("Up")
  • Chicago Film Critics ( "Up")
  • Phoenix Film Critics ("Up")

Giacchino collecting his Golden Globe, BAFTA and Grammys

Giacchino also has an Oscar nomination for his "Up" score. This is his second nomination, but this time he is going in to the Academy Awards as a front-runner. Next weekend we will find out if his second time will be the charm.


Pick up Giacchino’s 2009 Soundtrack’s for Up (download only) and Star Trek


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Nice. Love his work. Congrats.

One of the best composers this century. I hope we can all enjoy lots of more from his hand. Congratulations!

I love the music!!!!!

I love the music of Star Trek ’09!!!!!

I love his work on the Medal Of Honor series. Still congrats for winning AGAIN Michael

Ironic for me: I like Giacchino’s work on Lost, but I found the ST2009 music intrusive and distracting. That goes for everyone I went to see the film with or discussed it with afterward….

Giacchino for the win! Congrats.

Having breezed through his other work since finding out about him through Trek, I really think he is a lot better than his Trek work.

Loved both movies, especially their scores.

Congratulations! Many more!!!

When Trek 2009 was still a mystery on the horizon with a bunch of people wearing Nimoy and Shatner costumes, I was pretty skeptical. Then, one thing started to slowly warm my heart, and that was listening to the soundtrack. I was still pretty willing to hate the movie when I first went to the theater to see it, but I couldn’t get over that wistful “Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” trumpet at the beginning. The soundtrack was the first thing about the new film I accepted and loved immediately and unequivocally. When I did see the film, and watched the soundtrack’s themes fall into place within the action, I was thrilled. Glad to see the music get deserved recognition- wish it was a naked guy named “Oscar.”

Congrats all the way! its something. and the score really is good.

Good, a win!

Yes finally!

Much deserved. Count me in as one of those who thought the Star Trek soundtrack was brilliant.

Gotta go with the idea that ST09 soundtrack was incredible. Trek keeps its tradition of great composers and amazing soundtracks. My fingers are crossed for Giacchino; I think that, as far as soundtracks go, a win for Up is a win for Trek. Go Michael!

Technically, the “Back to the Future” album is not a re-release because the score has never been released commercially before. There were only one or two brief excerpts from the score on the “soundtrack” album at the time (which consisted of Huey Lewis and the other pop songs in the film). So the expanded re-release of ST II shouldn’t have been competing in the same category. Oh, well.

“The 2009 extended release of James Horner’s “Wrath of Khan” score was nominated for Best Re-Release, but it ended up losing out to a re-release of “Back to the Future.””

I guess I’m not the only one who found Spock’s voice over a distracting element to an otherwise perfect soundtrack. I want the music gawd dangit!

Giacchino = epic win. Congratulations! :)

Congratulations to Giacchino! Great scores for both UP and TREK. I hope they keep this guy for the sequel.

How many freakin awards contests are there?

Jeez Louise!

Giacchino’s work on Star Trek was bombastic and loud. I missed the intimate music and moments that we had in the past. I thought that the music on UP was better mixed and had better emotional impact.

About damn time Trek won SOMETHING. I havent seen the movies that have won like avatar and such, but still, lol

REALLY well deserved!
His Trek score was different and refreshing as well as quite unexpected.
Unlike Horner’s Avatar, which was downright plodding and predictable and rife with “Hornerisms” as per usual.
Mike G is rapidly becoming my favorite composer.
The new Goldsmith?? Dare I ask? We shall see.

If they deserved an award foe anything, they deserve it for this. I absolutely love the music in this movie


Trekmovie keeps leaving out that Giacchino also won the Houston Film Critics award for Best Original Score for “Up”.

Congratulations, sir. Well deserved.

I really like Giacchino’s earlier works (his Secret Weapons Over Normandy is awesome), but I thought the score for this movie was pretty weak and not really worth it.

#17 – Why would that be distracting? It was on the original soundtrack that way.

Congratulations Giacchino.

I love the Trek 2009 Score, as well as Up.

I loved Michael Giacchino’s work in “Star Trek”. “Up” not so much. I collect film and television show soundtracks as a hobby. Congratulations!

I thought that Giacchino’s score for Trek ’09 was pretty weak beer compared to his other work, but I’m glad to see him get the recognition and for the Trek ’09 boosters to finally get something that could be called a win.

@30: Do you have Giacchino’s score for The Incredibles? It’s one of my favorites — I can’t recommend it highly enough. :)

Micheal Giaccino’s score for “Star Trek” was pretty good, but not great. Not as good as some of the previous Star Trek movie scores, and not as good as his score for “Up” in my opinion. I hope a second cd featuring the full score for “Star Trek” will be released. It would be a more accurate way to fully judge his work on the new film.

Dang film critics who can’t nominate for anything that’s awesome. Note that while “Star Trek” won one, it’s in a category that “Up” can’t compete in. I have heard mixed reactions about “Up” but EVERYONE I know likes “Star Trek”. I find it very very odd that a movie that EVERYONE likes loses out to to a movie that SOME people liked.

Although in my opion the new star trek score is not the most inspired piece to hit star trek since its inception, I do think it works very nicely.

I want to take this time to explain why I think that it true. Look at the stuff that we loved from LOST, and UP. Those were the very soulful, personl stuff that involved the old man remanicing about his wife, or the crash victims getting there raft into the water, and all the very emotional music that went with that. He is very, very good at that stuff. However, I think that some of the more heroic stuff (Incredibles is an exception to this, I will grant you all that), he is a bit less so. Star Trek was filled with all this heroic music, that in my opion, he is a little less refined on. However, there was the vulcan themes, and the the track NEW CAR SMELL, which backs up Spock talking to Spock, near the end, and Kirk getting his medal.

So there you go, why I don’t absolutly love the new star trek soundtrack, but think that it is still pretty good.

Oh, and if you have read this far, do you know were I can get a copy of the Incredibles soundtrack, the UP soundtrack, or the Ratatoullie soundtrack?

I so love Michael Giacchino’s score to ‘Star Trek XI’ as well as his score to ‘Mission: Impossible III’.

At least STXI got something…….even if it’s only for music.

#37 – I agree. It’s always pleasant to hear some good news instead of more bad news.

Yay! Well deserved mikey-at least trek09 music won somrthing–

@35: The larger music stores usually have a soundtrack section. Or you could order them from an online store like amazon. And if you look around a bit on youtube, plenty of people have posted tracks from his scores there.

@32 and @36

I have “The Incredibles” soundtrack as well as the “Mission Impossible III soundtrack. I really enjoy listening to both of them.

I generally order all of my soundtracks from

TWOK missed out to Back to the Future in the rerelease section – yegads! That’s a travesty. As much as I like Silvestri’s work, this is a mighty fine Horner score – a benchmark composition if ever there was one.

#41: Do yourself a favor and track down “Secret Weapons Over Normandy.”

His music is nice but no where near as good as Goldmith or Horner.

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