Chris Pine To Present At Academy Awards

On Sunday tens of millions watched the original Captain Kirk help close out the Winter Olympics, and next Sunday tens of millions will see the new Captain Kirk help hand out the Oscars. Today the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences updated its list of presenters for the Academy Awards, and Star Trek’s Chris Pine is on the list (along with a Trek movie cameo actor).


Pine (and Perry) to Present at Oscars

This year Star Trek is nominated for four Oscars, and now Trek fans have another reason to tune into the Academy Awards. Today the Academy updated its list of presenters. This year they are mixing up the list. Of course there are a number of previous Oscar-winners like Barbara Streisand and Charlize Theron, but the list of presenters also includes young actors from popular films like Chris Pine (Star Trek), Taylor Lautner (Twilight), Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) and Sam Worthington (Avatar). Also on the list is filmmaker Tyler Perry, who had a cameo in the 2009 Star Trek movie.

No word on what award Pine will be presenting or who he will paired with. This will not be Pine’s first big award show. Last year he (and Zachary Quinto) presented at the Golden Globes.

Here is the updated list of presenters (more to be added later)

Jason Bateman
Kathy Bates
Gerard Butler
Steve Carell
Bradley Cooper
Miley Cyrus
Robert Downey Jr.
Zac Efron
Tina Fey
Tom Ford
Jake Gyllenhaal
Samuel L. Jackson
Taylor Lautner
Tyler Perry
Chris Pine
Queen Latifah
Keanu Reeves
Ryan Reynolds
Kristen Stewart
Ben Stiller
Barbra Streisand
Charlize Theron
John Travolta
Sam Worthington

Pine at Critics Choice Awards – actor to present at Oscars

The Academy Awards will be presented on Sunday, March 7, 2010, at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center, and televised live by the ABC Television Network beginning at 5 p.m. PT/ 8 p.m. ET.


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I may watch part of it now that Pine is going to be presenting. Otherwise, with little Trek nods, I have no interest.

YES! Go Kirk.

OH YEAH!!!! Now I really have something to look forward to when I watch the Oscars! Yay for Chris!

who did Tyler Perry play in star trek 09???

Great! It might bring good luck to trek. He will bring pizzzzaaaas to this event. Can’t wait to see him. Wish I knew when, and what catagory he will present too. Thanks for you upgrading this event Chris.

Wanna bet they surprise everyone with Pine and the Shat together?

#5 thank you that did help. He was an adm.

I guess that I have to watch the oscars now ;)

chris pine is cool….and not bad looking at all ;)

Watch out for lens flares!

At least the red carpet and the Academy Awards are more interesting now, CP is gorgeous!

#6 – “He will bring pizzzzaaaas to this event.”

He moonlights delivering pizzas? ; )

@article: The Oscars are something to read summaries of the next day, or watch clips from on YouTube. The idea that anyone might actually watch the broadcast is worrying :)

#7: Good call! See, _that_ would make an awesome YouTube clip the next day.

When I saw the words “along with a Star Trek movie cameo actor,” I thought it was going to be James Cawley! :-)

Not really a fan of the Academy Awards. But it is good to see that Chris Pine is presenting an award. Too bad it isn’t a “Lifetime Achievement” Oscar for Leonard Nimoy. :-(

Hey, Pine!
Shave for the event!

@16: To get a Lifetime Achievement Award, one must have done a lot of movies in one’s career. Otherwise, one doesn’t get one. As much as I love Leonard Nimoy, his movies have been few in number to be awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Cool for Pine. Personally, I kind wish the presenters were all past and /or current winners/nominees or from a nominated film — some, any Oscar connection (pine would be safe) — I’m not a fan of picking presenters who are there plugging upcoming work (the golden globes did it, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler… which turned into a decent joke opportunity for Ricky Gervais). I’m a Steve Carrell and Tina Fey fan — but they’re both in an upcoming flick together.

#4–Tyler Perry played the Admiral at the Starfleet Academy hearing after the Kobayashi Maru test who conducted the hearing and spoke to Kirk…

And typical…not only do the awards shows not nominate Trek, but to add insult to injury, they make the stars of the film present to those who wer nominated just to rub it in the Trek stars’ faces

@14 There are some of us movie buffs who enjoy watching it live. I have a friend who refers to the Oscars as her Superbowl. So don’t judge, lol.

Pine but no Quinto??? Surely Zachary Quinto should co-present whatever award he’s doing? Because that would be awesome.

The new Kirk is such a cutie! Pine was great in the role. I really think he’s a rising star.

Can’t wait for the Academy Awards!!! I’m not gonna miss it!!!!

#20: “And typical…not only do the awards shows not nominate Trek, but to add insult to injury, they make the stars of the film present to those who wer nominated just to rub it in the Trek stars’ faces”

Do you know that for certain? According to the article, we don’t yet know what Pine is presenting … he may well end up presenting a Trek win for one of the awards it _was_ nominated for.

He is a cutie who wouldn’t love Chris Pine can’t wait til the awards if it airs over here in the UK or is it just watchable if you live in United States.

i really thought Quinto was the breakthrough on this film…oh, well, more pine-candy