Watch Fun Raw Video of Pine/Quinto Interview From Last Year

Around the release of the Star Trek movie last May there were so many interviews with the cast and crew that it was hard to keep up. One hidden gem eluded us until now is a raw uncut (and often irreverent) version of Extra’s interview with Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine. Check out the bromance-tastic video below.  


Zach and Chris on Extra (uncut)

Part 1

(also on Youtube)

Part 2

(also on YouTube)

Thanks to Roqiroqi for finding the video

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Excellent to see them in a fun interview! Really shows the spirit of these actors. Thanks

Fun video! It’s nice to see that the actors have such a real life affection for each other.

Pine was majorly flirting with the host. He’s definitely got the JTK moves.

These guys remind me of myself and my best friend tearing apart the bars down town, just a great social swagger to them. I can completely relate with these guys, great interview!

Fave two guys to watch in any interview. They keep it funny and real.

I loved the fake violins and the fact Chris always puts it away in its case and under the chair.

Thanks for this. Yes, missed it the first time around.

That was much too funny and entertaining for some Star Trek fans to accept as coming from actors who play characters in Star Trek.

They’re just begging to be phasered and neck pinched at the next convention.

These guys remind me of the Shatner/Nimoy interaction when they are together. Great casting. Roddenberry would have love this.

Very entertaining.

Though, I wanted to hear Zach’s joke about the “…which makes Earth the only home I have left.” line.

Awesome interview – keeps it real

hahaha, love the story about Karl Urban. That is a true ST nerd right there.

This is hilarious. I love it. And I really want to see Karl Urban’s random videos of the toy Enterprise flying around their airplane.

Pine has the Kirk manner down for hitting on women! It’s good to be the king!

It’s hard to picture Karl Urban, fearless Rider of Rohan, flying a toy Enterprise around on an airplane.

These guys are cool. Just like their predecessors. There seems to be something about the characters of Kirk and Spock that bring out the best of the actors, whether its Shatner & Nimoy or Pine & Quinto. Of course, Shatner and Nimoy made the characters great and certainly Pine and Quinto will add more richness to them. Very good casting decisions.

These two are great together! This shows so much of the reason that ST09 worked–the chemistry. And there’s something about Chris Pine that screams Kirk; he’s not Shatner-like, but he’s got so many of the same qualities.

Thanks for posting this stuff! I needed a good laugh this morning, and these guys gave me several dozen. :)

They’re kinda like Shatner and Nimoy, the way they play off each other. It’s appropriate, I think.

OK, that was totally adorable. Thanks for posting this!

That was cool. Thanks!

#17 – there is a twinkle in his eye that is similar to Kirk. Both have charisma.

Ugh, please don’t ever say ‘bromance’ again. This world already has too many labels. Can’t we just say that two guys are friends or they work well together and leave it at that. I mean if they are gay, it would be different I guess but…bromance! Do we really have to go there?

PS – I’m not hatin’. I just take umbrage with that word and the media’s need to add a catchy word or phrase to everything. Though I cannot view the clips from work, I am very glad to hear that the two actors have formed a real life friendship or at least the ability to work well together because that will show on screen as the new storyline develops.

Chris Pine is so kirk all over! gosh these videos are so funny! They definately are perfect for the roles!

I was really cracking up when they were saying how “no one will want ot follow them around”……..yeah, right… you’re acting in STAR TREK guys! what do think?!?! I really hope they were being sarcastic, because if not they are headed for major dissapointment :)

Pine is Definitely Kirk ;.. i love it

Amazing interview, I just wish I could have travelled the world with these guys and the other cast…sounds like one helluva good time.

is it just me, or do pine and quinto shadow shatner and nimoy. nimoy is usually eloquent and insightful, as shatner is the consumate flirt. just sayin’