2 Young Adult Star Trek Movie Tie-in ‘Starfleet Academy’ Novels Coming In November

As noted in our recent feature on Star Trek licensing, Simon & Schuster is planning new novels tied into the new Star Trek movie. Now we have word on some specifics for the first books. Later this year S&S will release two young adult ‘Starfleet Academy’ movie tie-ins. S&S has also scheduled their next Peter David Star Trek New Frontier book.


New Starfleet Academy Books

Simon & Schuster has just added two untitled "Star Trek: Starfleet Academy" books to their 2010 schedule, both for November 16, 2010. They will be trade paperback sized and priced at $7.99. These novels will be released under Simon & Schuster’s Simon Spotlight brand, which handles children’s and young adult books. For now the only description for the books is the same for both, promising "A new Starfleet Academy series for teens–filled with romance and adventure!". Only one of the two books has an announced author (Rudy Josephs – who wrote a Mirror Universe TNG story for the 2009 "Shards and Shadows" compilation). This first "Academy" book by Josephs is already available for pre-order at Amazon.

Although not specified on the Simon & Schuster site, TrekMovie has confirmed these new books are tied into the Star Trek movie universe. These books will therefore be the first new Star Trek books set in the new movie universe (not counting the 2009 "Star Trek" novelization by Alan Dean Foster). Although four books set after the movie were announced last summer, those were put on hold earlier this year. TrekMovie’s interview with CBS licensing VP John Van Citters confirmed the issue with those four books (originally planned to be released in the Summer of 2010) was that they were set after the events of the Star Trek film. These new Academy books will be set during the events of the movie, and therefore will not risk stepping on the toes of JJ Abrams and his team as they craft the Star Trek sequel set for a June 29, 2012 release.

These new young adult books are expected to be just the beginning of a series, and Simon & Schuster, CBS and Bad Robot are still discussing potential Star Trek movie tie-in books for adult readers (under the Pocket Books brand), but nothing specific can be reported as of now.

New young adult books to tell tales of the new Trek heroes at Starfleet Academy

The return of young adult Star Trek books

It is a good sign that the launch of the Star Trek movie is being used as an opportunity to bring back young adult Star Trek books. The last Trek book geared for younger readers was the young adult version of the Star Trek: Nemesis novelization in 2002. At the peak of Trek popularity (and merchandising) in the mid-nineties, Simon & Schuster released a series of young reader “Starfleet Academy” books, telling stories of Academy years of the crews of the original Star Trek, The Next Generation and Voyager. They also released a number of young adult Deep Space Nine stories featuring the adventures Jake and Nog.

Some of the young adult ‘Starfleet Academy’ books from the 90s

Next Peter David New Frontier coming January 2011

When Pocket Books provided us with their updated 2010 schedule last month, it was missing a previously announced Peter David New Frontier book. But it now appears the novel was just moved back a few months as the book is back on the schedule, with an official release date of  January 11, 2011. The trade paperback also now has a name "Star Trek: New Frontier: Resolutions", and it is expected to carry on the story following "New Frontier: Treason", which was just recently released in mass market paperback (see TrekMovie review).



Here is a quick update to the Star Trek books coming in the next year. It covers the latest news and goes up to January 2011. All dates based on official Simon & Schuster release dates (note: books sometimes arrive in book stores up to four weeks before official dates).

Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins
  [TPB – various eras]
Various authors, Editor: Margaret Clark [pre-order at Amazon]

Star Trek Online: The Needs of the Many [MM – Star Trek Online tie-in]
by Michael A. Martin [pre-order at Amazon]

Star Trek: Unspoken Truth [MM – TOS/Saavik]
by Margaret Wander Bonanno [pre-order at Amazon]

Star Trek The Children of Kings
[MM – TOS/Pike]
by  David Stern [pre-order at Amazon]

Star Trek SCE: Out of the Cocoon
[TPB reprint of ebooks – SCE]
Various authors, edited by Keith R. A. DeCandido [pre-order at Amazon]

Star Trek SCE: What’s Past
(July) [TPB reprint of ebooks – SCE]
Various authors, edited by Keith R. A. DeCandido [pre-order at Amazon]

Star Trek  [MM reprint – ST09 movie novelization]
by Alan Dean Foster [pre-order at Amazon]

Star Trek The Next Generation: Nightshade
[MM reprint – TNG]
by  Laurell K. Hamilton

Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Seize the Fire
[MM – Titan]
by Michael A. Martin [pre-order at Amazon]

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy: Untitled #1
[YA TPB – ST09 movie tie-in]
by Rudy Josephs
[pre-order at Amazon]

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy: Untitled #2 [YA TPB – ST09 movie tie-in]
author TBA

Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game  [MM – Aventine]
by David Mack

Death in Winter
[MM reprint -TNG]
by Michael Jan Friedman
[pre-order at Amazon]

Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Shattered Light [TPB – various eras]
by various
[pre-order at Amazon]

Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire [MM – DS9]
by David R. George


(January 2011)
Star Trek: New Frontier: Resolutions [TPB – NF]
by Peter David

(January/February 2011)
Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Paths of Disharmony
[MM – TNG]
by Dayton Ward


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