JJ Abrams Named “Honorary Irishman” At Pre-Oscar Party

On Thursday night Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams was named an ‘honorary Irishman’ by the US-Ireland Alliance at their annual Oscar Wilde: Honoring the Irish in Film pre-Oscar party in Los Angeles. Presenting the honor was Abrams’ Mission Impossible IV star and co-producer Tom Cruise. More info and photos below.  


That’s JJ O’Abrams

The US-Ireland Alliance fifth annual "Oscar Wilde: Honoring the Irish in Film" party was held Thursday night at the Ebell Theater in Los Angeles. According to the Alliance their intimate, casual awards ceremony has "become a must-have ticket on the Thursday night before the Academy Awards." Presenting the honor was none other than Tom Cruise, who will soon be starring in Mission Impossible IV, produced by JJ Abrams. It was Cruise that tapped Abrams for his first feature film as a director, Mission Impossible III.

Abrams backstage at US-Irish Alliance with Tom Cruise

Abrams follows in the footsteps of producer James L. Brooks, who was the first to be named an "honorary Irishman". Other honorees have been Brendan Gleeson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Van Morrison, Terry George, Neil Jordan, Jim Sheridan and David Holmes.

More photos from the event

Abrams and his wife arriving

"Star Trek" composer (and "Up" Oscar nominee) Michael Giacchino with "Avatar" visual effects nominee Richie Baneham

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I’m Scottish Irish. Does that make him my cousin?

I’m confused. “Honorary Irishman”? Why? I assume that it is because J.J Abrams has employed people of Irish descent in his t.v and movie productions. Is Tom Cruise of Irish descent?

On the other hand, it is another honor for J.J Abrams. Congratulations!

#2: Is Tom Cruise of Irish descent?

After hearing his accent in Far And Away… I really hope not.

Welcome to the Green side of the force JJ.

#3 yes he is.

how many honours can one overrated talent have?


Another feather for his ego

3. Damn right. That film was on Sky Movies over here a few days ago. I found my dad watching it (he’s going through a bit of a depressive, self-loathing buzz at the moment) and I wanted to slap him. That film is pretty much the most offensive Hollywood diddelly-idle, Paddy-whackin’ twaddle of the past two decades. Not since Darby O’Gill has there been a movie more offensive to Irish people. Tom Cruise will have his hands nailed to his feet if he should happen to set foot on our soil again. In saying that, Nicole Kidman can come over any time she wants.

And Brendan Gleeson’s brother used to teach me Maths. True story.

Does JJ’s wife have a name?

Yes, we’re everywhere (I’m Welsh/Irish-American). Now, let’s not get into WHY we are speaking English, and not Gaelic or Cymraeg.

Funny story: I was talking with my Irish-American buddy during the ride to work, and the conversation went to how upsetting it is that Mexican- Americans insist on speaking Spanish; & it struck me. They actually should be speaking some Aztecan language, & here we are getting upset that they prefer to speak the language of THEIR conquerors, & not the language of OUR conquerors. I thought that was a hilarious situation.

This is downright laughable, proving once again that Hollywood will give out awards to anyone, for any reason.

“Honorary Irishman?” Nowhere in this article is it even stated as to WHY Abrams was even awarded this in the first place?

And the list of previous “Honorary Irishman” winners made me laugh out loud: Brendan Gleeson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Van Morrison, Neil Jordan, Jim Sheridan??? How can they be honorary when they’re ALREADY IRISH TO BEGIN WITH????


#9, Yes, the conquering, subjugation and assimilation of millions IS hilarious! WE ARE THE BORG, RESISTANCE IS FULTILE…..

I can’t tell from that photo above if either J.J. has a really big head or Tom Cruise has a really small head?

Tom Cruise’s true last name is Mapother. He’s Irish.

Take it from someone who’s part Irish in the family tree: Murphy and Cooney.

#9: fansince66, that is a hilarious tale! George Lopez would probably like it and credit you if you sent it in. Don’t send it to that Mencia guy, he’d just steal it from you. Of course, half the quadrant knows this, that’s why they’re speaking Klingonese!

Oh lighten up. I do my share of “fighting-the-good-fight”. People need a break from it all. Your sanctimonious posturing will only go so far, before people start leaving the room.

I agree. Always look on the bright side of life.

Talking of awful Irish accents in movies, I was subjected to the ‘Leap Year’ (starring Amy Adams) trailer when last at the cinema. Oh dear God. Hollywood Execs: We don’t sound like Darby O’Gill! Oh, and by the way, JJ, failte! (welcome in Irish).

Kirk: “Spock, you want to know something?, Everybody’s Irish”

I’m recalling the Irish Spock and Kirk scene in the ST09 gag reel. Quinto’s accent was pretty good. Pine’s was god awful, but in all fairness, it was Quinto who sprung the gag on the unsuspecting Pine.

Funny movie to feature an Irish accent in the last decade: “In Bruges”
“He was a f***in’ lollypop man!”

Quinto actually spent some time in Ireland. He studied in UCG (Galway) and travelled quite a bit while here. I actually didn’t think Pine was doing an Irish accent in that out-take; if he was, then it was truly awful.

So JJ, what are you doing for St Patrick’s Day?

Sorry, but what a load of manure!

Honorary Irishman?

Er… nope. Cobblers.

13. I hope that’s sarcasm.

19. You learn something new every day. What did he study while here?

18. At least they got actual Irish actors to play the parts. There were a lot of jokes which, I reckon, only Irish (and especially Dubliners) would get. Great movie though.

Does no one remember “Up The Long Ladder” from TNG? That was pretty cringe-inducing also. Probably the worst ever episode of that venerable show. At least from my point of view. They called the Oirish settlers the “Bringlóidí”, which means “dreams”. At least they never (really) tainted Miles O’Brien (short of giving him a creepy name). He even got to shout “bollocks!” in an episode of DS9, which nearly made coca-cola come fountaining out my nose.

Anyway, it’s nice to see other Irish people contribute on here. I don’t feel so alone in the world anymore.


Don’t know what he studied. He was on a years exchange from his uni in the States and told me that he visited a lot of Connemara and up into the north and Donegal. He spoke very fondly of it. Nice guy. Where are you from yourself?

I’m a Dubliner myself, but also spent a good portion of my youth in Belfast (where my old man is from). Connamara’s a sweet part of the world alright. Along Killary Harbour and the Delphi valley is one of my favourite places on the planet. It’s one of the few parts of Ireland where I can tolerate rain because it just adds to the drama of the landscape. Donegal’s got some lovely spots too (you can see some places I’ve photographed over the years if you click on my name).

I’m guessing Colm Meaney hasn’t been honored. Sure, he’ll always be known as Chief Miles O’Brien from “The Next Generation” and “Deep Space Nine” but he has been in movies such as “Far And Away”, “Under Siege” and many others.

Colm Meaney has been in a lot of better movies than those you’ve mentioned. There’s Roddy’ Doyle’s Barrystown Trilogy (The Commitments, The Snapper and he was the main character in The Van), all of which are hilarious, foul mouthed, and probably the most accurate depictions of Dublin in modern cinema. He also appeared in Intermission, which is probably my favourite Irish movie of all time, along side Colin Farrell and Cillian Murphy. The man is one of Ireland’s most respected acting talents, and being a local to the part of Dublin I’m from, he used to be quite frequent in the pub I drink in (which is known as being a bit of an actor’s hot-spot, as it gets used as a period location because it is fairly much unchanged since it was opened in 1833 – we’ve had Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) who filmed scenes from “My Boy Jack”, playing the son of Rudyard Kipling who was basically used as cannon fodder in WWI), Julia Roberts (she of Mystic Pizza fame – Mystic, CT, being one of my favourite non-Irish places, who played Kitty Kiernan in Michael Collins, where scenes were filmed too), and, er, Toto Schillacci. Sicillian-Italian football legend, the man who put Ireland out of the World Cup in 1990… he filmed Smithwick’s TV ads there, as well as there being numerous Guinness ads filmed there too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXf93CEI4t0 is an example. And I just went on a total ramble, but it’s 7:47am and I haven’t had very much sleep, so apologies!

The pub I drink in? What am I talking about. I spend 40 hours a week there since I also happen to be on the payroll. Like I said… no concentration.

Tom cruise – as Eireann! Nil seans go bhfuil Tom Cruise as Eireann.
Pog mo thoin Tom, cead mile failte JJ Abrams.

Is ea, níl AON seans! Mar beidh mé tús mór lena mogairle ar Tomás Cruise. Brisfidh mé an bosca gallúnach go bfhúil sé ag seaseamh as! Tá ceann-de-cac air!

Tom Cruise needs to appear in a Star Trek film. Even if it’s just a cameo. It would be good for the franchise… I think.

I disagree. Though I watched Tropic Thunder tonight, and he’s pretty funny in that.

I thought he was pretty good in M:IIII, but maybe I’m the only one. :-) I guess there’ll be those who will never accept the rebooted Mission Impossible universe.

I’ve only seen the first Mission: Impossible movie. It was passable, but predictable, and didn’t particularly leave me itching for more. I actually rate Tom Cruise fairly highly as an actor. I just think, as a person, he’s a total creep.