Patrick Stewart Named President of (Football Club) Academy + More PS News

Patrick Stewart’s Jean Luc Picard was one of Starfleet Academy’s most distinguished alumni, and now the actor has been named as the head of another Academy, this one even closer to his heart. Details on that below, plus the latest updates from Sir Patrick, including some video clips.  


Sir Patrick now Academy President Patrick too

Patrick Stewart is life-long supporter Huddersfield Town ‘Terriers’ Football Club. And now the club has brought Sir Patrick into the fold by making him the president of their Academy, which is Huddersfield’s under-18 team where they groom young players for the main squad.

In a release, Huddersfield Chief Executive Nigel Clibbens said of Sir Patrick joining:

We are delighted to have Sir Patrick on board with us in an official capacity. He has been kind enough to help out the Club on several occasions already, with our season ticket campaign ahead of the current season for example and with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance ‘Keep It Up’ campaign, and we are looking forward to harnessing his drive and passion for the Club to further the Academy.

More on Patrick joining Huddersfield at

To see how important Huddersfield Town Football Club is to Patrick Stewart, here is a video where he weighs whether he would prefer to  win an Oscar or see the club promoted to the Championship League (Huddersfield is currently in League 1). 

This is not Stewart’s only official role for the town of Huddersfield in Yorkshire, UK. He is also the Chancellor at the University of Huddersfield

‘Chancellor’ Stewart
— you don’t want to be called to his office!


Here is the latest for the former Capt. Picard

Stewart to play Shakespeare
Patrick Stewart has performed in countless Shakespeare productions over his career, but this year he will actually get a chance to play the bard in Bingo: Scenes of Money and Death, showing at the Minerva Theater in the UK at the Chichester Festival. The play runs from April 15 – May 22. More info and ticket info at

Win for Hamlet
In February Patrick won the Best Supporting Actor category for his role in Hamlet at the Whats On Stage Awards.

CLICK to see PS accept WOS Award

(advance to 2:06)

PS narrates environmental documentary – intros film
Patrick Stewart has provided the narration to Seth Warren’s environmental documentary Nature Propelled. In January Stewart introduced the world premiere of film at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City, CA.

PS talks music and theater
In February Patrick Stewart went to Chicago to narrate a concert for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He gave an interview to the Chicago Sun Times talking about his connections to music and to the theater.

Thanks to Daniel for the HTFC tip

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patrick for Dr Who! *one off special where current Dr Matt Smith transforms into the 12th incarnation for the episode before being turned back*

ok that could present problems whenn Matt Smith finally does transform permantly but then again the Docs transformation may be a random thing (i.e. when he changes at that specific moment he could be anyone)

Good on you Patrick. The Premiership is a elitist league nowadays. The Championship is more grassroots – and therefore more true to football’s ideals – the peoples game.

For our US (and other) friends the leagues are in this order:

1. F.A. Premiership (aka Premier League)
2. F.L. Championship
3. F.L. 1
4. F.L. 2

F.A. Football Association
F.L. Football Leauge

Up to 1992 the league was run exclusively by the F.L., and the four divisions were Divsion 1 -4.

if that makes sense

there must be a way to get Patrick in the next Trek film without resorting to timetravel….

flashfoward? (but then itd be a flashfoward to the prime universe…hows taht gonna work?)

JLPs grandpa? (abit of makeup, etc like Cornel Worf in VI)….

way to go what title do we use to address him

A pipe dream team, Man City had to battle them back in 90’s before we got back into the Premo.
Fair dues to his conviction tho, but Patrick has more chance of becoming a Starfleet Admiral than Huddy getting into the Prem!

Fair dues, Sir Pat. I saw your name on Sky Sports News and couldn’t believe it (this coming from a life-long Man United fan [and yes, that’s BEFORE Fergie was in charge and we started winning things, and yes, I go to as many games as possible in a year, where budget allows, for an Irish Man U. fan, including seeing them play AC Milan IN Milan, sitting with the Milan supporters]).

Still and all, once a Yorkie, always a Yorkie. You might not have the accent, but at least you’ve got the liathroidí!

#4…Nooooo… Sir Patrick Stewart could play General Chang :) or here, in young Kirk’s time, Colonel Chang :)

I saw “Patrick Stewart Named President” and was very happy. Then I saw the Football Club Academy part.

Between Sir Patrick… and donuts… there’s nothing they cannot do!

Wha — what?! He was an announcer for the Chicago Symphony last month!?

Augh! Such disappointment. Such bad timing. I’m going to see the Chicago Symphony in like two weeks. xD I hate this!

But glad to hear Stewart’s getting some really cool recognition. He’s a fabulous actor; he deserves every trophy and everything. ;3

Dude, this guy is so fu**ing epic. Awesome.

Another great honour for the legendary actor. I love Patrick Stewart, he is cool.

Hmm, being a Southampton fan have to gloat over the 5-0 Tuesday over Huddersfield, still, hope they and Patrick do well :)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaww and what a shame that my team battered Huddersfield t’other day (5-0)! Sorry Patrick! Come on you reds!!

(It’s Southampton…btw)

Mooseday no way!! Me too!! COYR!!

Sir Patrick is THE BEST. period

Ah, it’s a small universe PropperTrekkie … it was odd as I was in on the BBC 606 site in the Huddersfield site before dropping in here … ( COYR )

@1: Nah, have Sir Patrick as the Meddling Monk! ;)

Did this just turn into the perfect site? Trek and Footy in the same place!

As a lifelong Kopite, I’d be interested to know if any Trek alumni also follow the only team: Liverpool. And yes I know we’ve had a rotten season.

Good luck to Patrick Stewart at Huddersfield, and I hope to see them progress: even though they’re the wrong side of the Pennines! (I’m usually red rose Lancashire all the way).

Arsenal all the way baby. Gunner for life!!

Hey who knows the way some of the EPL bottom feeders played this year, when they get regulated, Huddersfield might have a chance in the FLC if they were to get promoted. Good luck to them!

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum….

It’s a grand old team to play for…. It’s a grand old team to support,

Everton FC: The Peoples Club.

If Patrick wants to invest, send him to Goodison Park!!!!

SIR PATRICK STEWART IS THE MAN!!!! He is going to succeed at all of these endeavors.

I know you guys across the water know diddly squat about soccerball but I’m trying hard not to nitpick…. must… not… criticize… or… nitpick… grammar… and sentance… construction….

Anyway, congrats to SPS, if I remember correctly he got to play a Huddersfield Town fan in Dad Savage, haven’t seen the film in years though.

@22 Wow another Scouser! I’ll say “You’ll never walk alone”…I know you’re an Evertonian, but when I give you that quote i mean us Reds and you Toffeemen should stick together. Better you than those bitter sorts at the butt end of the East Lancs Road (both ManUre and Citeh).

@LJ. Merseyside United mate :-)
may you live long & prosper (except on derby day hehe ).

I have to admit, my girlfriend is a United fan living IN Manchester.
For those who don’t know, a Scouser dating a Manc is like a Trekkie dating a Star Wars fan haha. It’s a cadinal sin here.