JJ Abrams Gives A Star Trek Sequel Update + Talks MI:IV & Oscars

As reported last night, Star Trek producer JJ Abrams was honored at an event in Los Angeles. While walking the ‘green carpet’ at the US-Ireland Alliance event he gave some comments about Star Trek and the Oscars, check out the excerpts below.  


JJ Talks Trek sequel, MI:IV and Oscars

Here are some Abrams quotes via the BBC and Press Association and New York Times.

JJ on Star Trek sequel status and if he will direct

We are at the beginning stages and a script does not exist yet so it’s hard to know. But I would love to work with those actors again. I want to do everything I can to make it the best movie possible which might, of course, mean that I shouldn’t direct it – so we’ll see.

JJ on Sci-Fi’s shot at Oscar Best Picture race:

I think there’s a real shot. I know everyone’s looking at Avatar, but I was a huge fan of District 9 as well.

Abrams on Star Trek’s nominations:

Mr. Abrams, who directed last year’s reboot of the “Star Trek” franchise, said he was happy with his four Oscar nominations despite none being in the major categories. Yes, he conceded, maybe science fiction films don’t get much respect from the Academy, but he shrugged it off, adding that neither did comedies. “It’s an industry town and I am enjoying the stress-free party scene,” he said.

JJ on Mission Impossible IV

I’m working with Tom on the script and we are getting a director very soon, so I’m very excited. We had such a good time on the one we did before.

…we have a really cool idea that we’re playing with and I’m looking forward to that coming to pass – there’s definitely will be a European presence but there’s a whole crazy story, it’s definitely a jet setting movie.

Abrams and Cruise at US-Ireland event

Honorary Irishman?

Some have wondered why JJ Abrams was being named as an ‘honorary Irishman’ by the US-Ireland Alliance. The Washington Post has a report from inside the event that sheds some light, here is an excerpt:

Even Abrams mocked his own lack of Irishness ("My name is Jeffrey Jacob Abrams. So this makes sense in so many ways"), pointing out that his wife, Katie McGrath, may have been the one really responsible for securing the award on his behalf. The "Star Trek" re-booter also told an amusing story about his family’s recent vacation in Ireland, where he lost his wallet, but a kind soul found it and contacted his agency to tell him it had been discovered. (One of Abrams’s assistants later called and simply said: "Ireland found your wallet.")

Of course, when Abrams went to claim it from the local police station, the woman who had it in her possession asked: "You want it?" Abrams said yes. And she responded: "How does ‘Lost’ end?" (For the record, he did not tell her. And she still gave him back his wallet.)

President of U.S.-Ireland Alliance Trina Y. Vargo explained the connection for the New York Times


Someone once said, ‘there are two groups of people, the Irish, and those who lack imagination.’ So in our book, that makes J.J. Abrams more than Irish. Since J.J. graciously agreed to become an honorary Irishman, he has since visited Ireland with his family and he has optioned the rights to Colum McCann’s book ‘Let the Great World Spin.’ So we’ve adopted him!

Abrams also commented to the Press Association on Cruise presenting him with the honor

"I am thrilled that he’s here and he’s a dear friend so I’m touched," he said.

He jokingly added: "Now I’m sure I owe him. He’s already been so kind and supportive and sweet, so this is above and beyond."

Abrams and his wife Katie McGrath at US-Ireland event

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Orc and Kurtman please put shat kirk in the movie

@1. Give them a legitimate reason why they should even bother other than “fan service” and maybe they’ll consider it.

1… Been there, done that with the original cast cameos. Let the new cast stand on their own.

Thats right…we irish will actually give back your lost stuff and not keep it.

JJ always seems like a a cool and nice and down to earth guy in his interviews…all hail saviour of Star Trek

Please let someone else, who actually understands what Star Trek is about, direct the next movie. Begone J.J.!

Who is J.J. kidding? He will direct the sequel. I may add he deserves to direct the sequel. He did a tremendous job and this is coming from someone who had their doubts at the start of this project.

Abrams captured the perfect style and tone of what a Star Trek movie should be.

#2 Jeff
#3 Thonry

If they choose to work Shatner and Nimoy into the sequel it can only be a good thing. Mr Nimoy added a great deal to the first film as Spock. When he walked on screen as Spock the theatre I was in on opening night erupted in applauds.

I understand that the plot may not allow for their return, but if they were back I think it would be wonderful. Shatner + Nimoy’s versions of Kirk and Spock should go out on a happy note… Where there is a will there is a way.

A word of caution to all the naysayers: had it not been for JJ’s vision of bringing Star Trek to a new generation of moviegoers, we may have very little to talk about on this wonderful site. Agree or not, Trek lives now because of his reboot. As a diehard fan, I’d rather have some Star Trek than nothing at all.

@4 J.J. Understood that Star Trek is about adventure. That was the most well paced ST movie since WOK or maybe Voyage Home. (never did like voyage home though) He is probably the closest thing were ever going to get to Nick Meyer ever again.

@1 Why should he (kirk) be there? The new cast has been launched, they are on their own. It would cheapen the film. It would be another out of place “Admiral Janeway” moment.

I.D.I.C. my Trek friends I.D.I.C.! New crew, new adventures. Look not to the past but to the future.


I can’t believe someone demanded how lost ended ! lol That was hilarious !

They should just kill off Shat-Kirk again like they did in Generations. This time, maybe slipping while playing shuffleboard and breaking his hip then getting a sponge bath by some hot green nurse and dying from a 4 hour erection.

I hope they dedicate the sequel to the memory of Andrew Koenig.

I can’t imagine anyone else directing Star Trek now other than J.J.—– Wouldn’t want to either!

HUGE Budget! Nicholas Meyer @ The helm! NO SHATNER! Oh,…………………….an original story where the crew BOLDY goes and meets some new civilization and deals with awesome adventure and fun!
STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not CGI, 3D and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zero plot!

I was so into this post, until I got to comment #1.

Please, can we bury this thing. Young Shat = Kirk. Middle-aged Shat= Kirk. Old Shat = Denny Crane.

I would love to hear “lock and load” one more time from Mr. Shatner. But his “two to beam up” days are done.

*That’s* Abrams’s wife?

Crap. Guy’s got *everything*!!! LOL

I don´t care whether JJ directs or not



(At least not every minute one)

10. cw

LOL! The Shat fanatics are going to hate you!

Kirk and Szpoke Prime need a reunion!

I was thinking the same thing. How does he find the energy to do his work?

Had hot seen JJ’s wife – she’s hot!


Yeah, because JJ made such a terrible and unsuccessful movie.

Begone Fadeyr!!

What about the nexus ribbon, they could incorporate that, hell what about Guinan?

“… I want to do everything I can to make it the best movie possible which might, of course, mean that I shouldn’t direct it – so we’ll see.”

By all means, direct again. Just hire screenwriters who know how to write decent dialogue…

wonder what the ‘really cool idea’ is JJ has for MI 4?

hopefully it’ll be abit strange and weird – a take on the more Twilight Zoney eps of the original MI (which MI 3 touched upon with the Rabbits Foot, brain bombs and a few other things…)

please no love interest this time though…twice in a row is quite enough..the original MI wasnt all about Jim Phelps love life and pouring his heart out to Barney

im guessing Abrams will get the Cloverfield guy to direct?

oh and cast Tom Cruise as Captain Gareth in Trek sequel….

no Khan (save for Trek 3)…no Klingons (well maybe some..but not as the main villains)

the villain should be nutjob Gareth!

Why does JJ keep showing passive interest in this film?

I’m not trying to put words in his mouth, maybe I am misinterpreting his comments, but just be straight up with us! LoL.

As far as the comments in this post so far…

I personally am looking forward to Klingons (definitely not the kind that appeared in the bonus features). I am not looking forward to Khan at all though, just brand new enemies. As far as Shatner goes, we don’t need him in this film. No disrespect to the legend though. I feel the same way about Nimoy, but I can understand why he could be useful in the story.

I hope they decide to do the next one 3-D!!!

The Tom Cruise in the pic looks more like the creepy Wax Tom Cruise from Conan’s Tonight Show than the real Tom Cruise. And is it just me or does JJ look a bit… uncomfortable?

How about the next villain is Finnegan?

They got a great Finnegan for New Voyages! (Oops. I mean PII)
KEEP the lens flares. You must!

remake AMOK TIME for the sequel:

Cruise as Stonn

Katie Holmes as Tpring

Helen Mirren as Tpau

Ok. Im irish and I think it is great that J.J is an honorary Irishmen. That was so funny that the woman who found his wallet wanted to know about Lost. I bet he did tell her but made her swear to secret. On Trek. We need a Klingon to be a bad guy. Maybe Durase and have Col Worf played by Michael Dorn come and help out along with Kor and Kane and Koloth.

Have Matt Decker Played by Tom Hanks. Of course have Bruce Greenwood be Capt Pike. Bring them in and maybe have the Doomsday Machine Pay a Visit. Could be Kool.

JJ looks like a less rotund Jason Alexander with more hair.

“Jeffrey Jacob”? With an ego like his I assumed it was “Jesus Jesus”

Anywho, he made a good film and I hope STXII is as good or better (and that it’s got Mr Arex in it!)

It’s amazing to me that there are Star Trek fans who have no appreciation for Shatner and/or Nimoy.

It’s bizarre, like a 007 fan who doesn’t like Connery and only digs Timothy Dalton.

If JJ doesn’t direct ………..How about Nick Meyer ?

I also hope that the new Star Trek cast stand on their own. I won’t mind a small cameo from Nimoy, because he was part of the first movie, but including the old Kirk played by Shatner in the new movie, would seem forced.

Wow, JJ’s wife is drop dead gorgeous. That just isn’t fair. lol

However, nothing really new in this interview. Same old “we’re working on it, we’re working on it” as before.

I wish Nimoy could be in the new MI. He was in the original show.

Has it been long enough since Tom cruise fallout with the public to actually have audiences show up for one of his films again?
From what i heard both War of the Worlds and MI:III lost business because of the today show debacle and the Oprah coach jumping stunt.

Last film with him i really enjoyed was The Last Samurai and everyone goes on and on how like Avatar it was a ripoff of Dances With Wolves.

Hey Mr. Abrams! It’s Jolene Blalock’s birthday; offer her the part of T’Pring as a present!

#36 Agreed! Some “fans” just aren’t that grateful for all the great entertainment both William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy have given us.
I can understand why some people don’t want either in the sequel and that’s fine, but when people start berating William Shatner or making fun of his weight, they expose their own idiocy. Without Shatner and Nimoy, Star Trek WOULD NOT be the huge phenomenon it is today. It may very well have died in its infancy.

#5 Show some respect for J.J Abrams. He gave new life to the franchise with the new movie. Sure there are things he did that I didn’t like, ie engineering, lens flares, expanding hands, but there are many more positive things he did. He truly understands and cares about the characters. He did an excellent job with this movie. He should (and will) direct the sequel, so you might as well accept it.

When it comes to the story I am sure I would be happy with whatever Alex, Bob, and Damon put together. Whether its Khan or some epic scenario with Klingons like Trek VI I am sure it will be great. Cut back the lens flares and less roller coaster camera. I have one request, can we please see some epic space battles with many many ships! We all know older Star Trek movies feel like a one on one submarine battle when it comes to a starship face off. The only epic battle scene in Star Trek are the dominion battles in the last seasons of DS9 and the very short but powerful First Contact battle. I am not saying pull a Star Wars, although a lot of Star Wars fans I know liked the new movie, and I understand that the new movie had to establish many things, but the second movie has to be bigger in every way…..mainly the missing space battle. Please gents, no one on one only fleets upon fleets.

@7 I agree, thanks to JJ there are people I know who purchased Star Trek on blu-ray who before have never given Star Trek the time of day.

@8 I don’t know if I agree, the admiral Janeway was a nice touch, nothing big but just a nod, “hey Im back, Im promoted, I am still a functioning person in this universe. If ANYONE should make an appearance in the next Star Trek movie should be someone from the Enterprise show, no Shatner, no Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan.

@36 & 42 Well I know how you feel but I also know how the Shatner nay sayers feel. Over the years my love of Shatner has diminished. There are times I like him and sometimes meh. Whenever I watch TOS I always smile, the original cast is great, Shatner as Kirk is and will always be fantastic. Nimoy in the new movie was great, but putting Shatner in would seem like two much, no Generations part 2. Let the new crew stand on their own in their own universe.

@37 No, no Nick Meyer, yes he did a superb job with ST2 and ST6 but as with everyone we can loose touch of the times as we get older. I would never suggest Nick Meyer just like I would never suggest Robert Wise (if he was alive,) we need fresh minds that know what todays audiences want. Lol it would be unacceptable for JJ not to direct.

I’d also like to see another Constitution Class ship in the sequel. And have someone mention the disappearance of the Defiant.

And since Bob hasn’t shown up on this thread, I’ll safely assume he’s busy writing the script or at least coming up with an awesome out-of-this world story idea. Or getting drunk with Mr.Scott. :-)

I might not have given his wallet back! LOL! Ok I would have but that’s funny! He would have ruined the series if he did!

Dayum…JJ’s wife is HOT!!!

#8: “Look not to the past but to the future.”

Spot the irony in 3 … 2 … 1 …

#47, I thought it was “look not to the past, but to a galaxy far, far away …”

#44–another Constitution class ship? YES!!! Mention of the disappearance of the Defiant? Not likely, since 2009’s film took place 10 1/2 years before the Tholian Web incident is to occur, and plus theres no guarantee that it WILL disappear in this Timeline…despite JJ having stated that his Trek universe build directly off of Enterprise, the fact is that the Defiant that showed up in the Enterprise mirror universe 22nd Century in Enterprise’s “In A Mirror, Darkly’ was from the Prime Timeline…so a) its too early for the Tholian Web incident to occur no matter when the sequel takes place (I doubt JJ will skip ahead almost 11 years to do that), and b) theres no proof the Tholian Web incident occurs in this timeline…

I would however like to see a Constitution-class predecessor to the USS Voyager:) Maybe with an ancestor of Janeway or of Chakotay in command:D

#36—“It’s amazing to me that there are Star Trek fans who have no appreciation for Shatner…”

Having an appreciation for the man and believing that his presence could be beneficial to the sequel are two very different things.