JJ Abrams Gives A Star Trek Sequel Update + Talks MI:IV & Oscars

As reported last night, Star Trek producer JJ Abrams was honored at an event in Los Angeles. While walking the ‘green carpet’ at the US-Ireland Alliance event he gave some comments about Star Trek and the Oscars, check out the excerpts below.  


JJ Talks Trek sequel, MI:IV and Oscars

Here are some Abrams quotes via the BBC and Press Association and New York Times.

JJ on Star Trek sequel status and if he will direct

We are at the beginning stages and a script does not exist yet so it’s hard to know. But I would love to work with those actors again. I want to do everything I can to make it the best movie possible which might, of course, mean that I shouldn’t direct it – so we’ll see.

JJ on Sci-Fi’s shot at Oscar Best Picture race:

I think there’s a real shot. I know everyone’s looking at Avatar, but I was a huge fan of District 9 as well.

Abrams on Star Trek’s nominations:

Mr. Abrams, who directed last year’s reboot of the “Star Trek” franchise, said he was happy with his four Oscar nominations despite none being in the major categories. Yes, he conceded, maybe science fiction films don’t get much respect from the Academy, but he shrugged it off, adding that neither did comedies. “It’s an industry town and I am enjoying the stress-free party scene,” he said.

JJ on Mission Impossible IV

I’m working with Tom on the script and we are getting a director very soon, so I’m very excited. We had such a good time on the one we did before.

…we have a really cool idea that we’re playing with and I’m looking forward to that coming to pass – there’s definitely will be a European presence but there’s a whole crazy story, it’s definitely a jet setting movie.

Abrams and Cruise at US-Ireland event

Honorary Irishman?

Some have wondered why JJ Abrams was being named as an ‘honorary Irishman’ by the US-Ireland Alliance. The Washington Post has a report from inside the event that sheds some light, here is an excerpt:

Even Abrams mocked his own lack of Irishness ("My name is Jeffrey Jacob Abrams. So this makes sense in so many ways"), pointing out that his wife, Katie McGrath, may have been the one really responsible for securing the award on his behalf. The "Star Trek" re-booter also told an amusing story about his family’s recent vacation in Ireland, where he lost his wallet, but a kind soul found it and contacted his agency to tell him it had been discovered. (One of Abrams’s assistants later called and simply said: "Ireland found your wallet.")

Of course, when Abrams went to claim it from the local police station, the woman who had it in her possession asked: "You want it?" Abrams said yes. And she responded: "How does ‘Lost’ end?" (For the record, he did not tell her. And she still gave him back his wallet.)

President of U.S.-Ireland Alliance Trina Y. Vargo explained the connection for the New York Times


Someone once said, ‘there are two groups of people, the Irish, and those who lack imagination.’ So in our book, that makes J.J. Abrams more than Irish. Since J.J. graciously agreed to become an honorary Irishman, he has since visited Ireland with his family and he has optioned the rights to Colum McCann’s book ‘Let the Great World Spin.’ So we’ve adopted him!

Abrams also commented to the Press Association on Cruise presenting him with the honor

"I am thrilled that he’s here and he’s a dear friend so I’m touched," he said.

He jokingly added: "Now I’m sure I owe him. He’s already been so kind and supportive and sweet, so this is above and beyond."

Abrams and his wife Katie McGrath at US-Ireland event

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