Jeri Ryan Cast In ABC Pilot ‘Body of Evidence’

It looks like William Shatner isn’t the only Star Trek regular who has landed a role this pilot season (see previous story). It has just been reported that Star Trek Voyager’s Seven of Nine Jeri Ryan and been cast in a ABC procedural drama Body of Evidence.



Dr. Jeri, M.E.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jeri Ryan has landed a regular role on the ABC pilot Body of Evidence. Ryan will play the chief medical examiner and boss to the main character on the show. Dana Delany is in talks to play the main character "a tenacious medical examiner whose background as a neurosurgeon gives her a unique and refreshing crime-solving perspective but puts her at odds with nearly everyone." So we can expect some Delany on Ryan conflict action.

If you want to catch Jeri on the tube this week, she appears (again as a doctor) on the Psych episode "The Head, The Tail, The Whole Damn Episode", which premiered last night, and repeats on USA on March 6 at 9:00 PM and March 8 at 11:05 PM. After that it will be added to Hulu.

Ryan on Psych

Assimilate the Day with Jeri
Ryan has kept very busy in the decade since Voyager went off the air, with recurring roles on a number of TV series (most recently on Leverage) and as a series regular for Shark, which ran two seasons. But she is probably still best known for her breakout role as Seven of Nine. In honor of that role, we present this scene she voiced from the Dilbert cartoon in 1999.

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The Shat is in a new pilot??

“psych” is a great, funny show with lots of star trek reference…i remember the episodes from season 2 “rob-a-bye baby” or “If You’re So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead?”… :)
they should be mentioned here somehow…

Delany = babe. Ryan = babe.

I approve.

Supposedly, the whole show will be shot throughout the state of Rhode Island starting around mid-March. Brotherhood was shot entirely in Rhode Island, which gave it a great amount of verisimilitude….the locations ranged from very upscale neighborhoods of Providence to the very run down areas as well.

I’m glad another show is filming in this lovely state.

It’s a turnaround from the Star Trek days when her blue jumpsuit gave us ample “Evidence of Body”.

#6 Ahhhhhh, i see what you did there…. clever….. hmmmmm yes {Stewie Voice}

I’ll be very interested to see if this is true :-)

Hmmm…I liked “Quincy” in the ’70s, so maybe I’ll like this too.

I know a guy who took Jerri to a high school dance. He likes to say “I did 7 of 9!” but in reality, nothing happened. Sucks to be him. :-)

Way to go Ryan. I bet she will be great. She is so Beautifull and sexy.

I’d like to get my hands all over that body of evidence.

Wow – that is the first Dilbert cartoon to actually make me laugh. Does this make me a bad person?

She looks good in the above photo. On Voyager she always looked anorexic.

#2 Where have you been? The Shat is basically remaking Sanfor & Son.

Now, if they could get Jack Klugman to do a cameo as her father, or similar “mentor” figure…

It’ll be great to see Jeri back on our screens. Such a shame that they canceled Shark a few years ago, fingers crossed this one will fair better.

I think this new show is going to do well. 4 word reason why-Jeri Ryan, Dana Delaney-NUFF SAID.

Just start the shows now, don’t wait for the pilot.

Dana was great in China Beach, but her film “Exit to Eden” was funny since she had such a different role.

Jeri Ryan is hot. I hope Diamond Select reconsiders their bogus decision to not release the 7of 9 figures. I really wanted them.

Anyway, its always good to see Trek alumni continue to succeed in Hollywood. Especially for Jeri Ryan. It would have been quite easy for her to have been pigeonholed and typecast.

She freakin IS hot!

Diamond Select should have a special division, the same way that Miramax is an “art house” division of Disney. That division should specialize in themes that the main DS company wouldn’t necessarily release. One such theme could be “Babes of Star Trek,” for example.

Just a suggestion.

It is true! Just drove past a bunch of trailers on the east side near Brown University! Very cool!

Wow so original !In fact it sounds just like…..CROSSING JORDAN! Same premise, same gender, etc. Talk about recycling!

Oh great, just what we need another crime show. What do we have: CSI, CSI Miami, CSI NY, Criminal minds, Bones, Crossing Jordan, NCIS, NCIS LA Cold Case, Law and Order and all 50 of it’s spinoffs. ENOUGH ALREADY. There is nothing new or original about this show. I’m pretty sure it wil flop. People want new and original ideas

Dana Delaney was a good actress, beautiful, and sexy in China Beach years ago. She has become an excellent actress today, what is even more amazing is that she has grown to be even more beautiful and totally sexy as evident in her new show “Body of Evidence”!!!
She is the total package and she doesn’t come off as a “Hey look at me, I’m a big star”. She has a hilarious personality…love her laugh and..oh ok..those lrgs that go on for ever!