Bob Orci & Alex Kurtzman ‘Win’ Razzie For Transformers 2 – Provide TrekMovie With Acceptance Speech

This weekend isn’t all about the Oscars. Tonight the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation held their 30th Annual Razzie Awards, which honor the worst in films for the previous year. Amongst the ‘winners’ were Star Trek co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman for their Transformers Revenge of the Fallen screenplay. They were not able to attend but have sent TrekMovie their acceptance speech.  


Transformers 2 Writing Team Acceptance Speech

Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen was honored with ‘worst screenplay’ of 2009 at the Razzie Awards event held tonight in Hollywood. The writing team of Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Ehren Kruger did not attend the Razzie event, apparently no on thought of inviting them. Writer Roberto Orci tells TrekMovie they would have been happy to attend. So TrekMovie has asked the team to provide us with their Razzie acceptance comments, and here they are:

Bob: I’d like to thank my partners Alex and Ehren who really lead the way on this one.

Alex: I wouldn’t be in a position to receive this award without Ehren and Bob. They really deserve most of the credit.

Ehren: As you know, Bob and Alex were the experts on this movie having written the first one, and I was just lucky to be able to be a part of this award winning team.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen was the big ‘winner’ of the night, also picking up Worst Film of 2009, and Worst Director, for Michael Bay. Of course they are all laughing their way to the bank. The film earned over $836M worldwide, which is about 20% more than their better-reviewed Transformers in 2007. Orci and Kurtzman may also have a unique distinction, as they were nominated for both a Razzie (for Transformers 2) and a WGA Award (for Star Trek) in the same year. Orci and Kurtzman aren’t the only members of Star Trek’s ‘Supreme Court’ to get the notice of the Razzies. In 1999 Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams got a Razzie nomination as one of the writers of Armageddon.

Orci and Kurtzman, nominees at WGA Awards in February
– now winners of the Razzie

More Razzie Winners – Bullock shows up

Tonight Sandra Bullock picked up two awards for her work in All About Steve (Worst Actress and Worst Couple, shared with Bradley Cooper). Bullock, who is the favorite to pick up an Oscar tomorrow for her performance in The Blind Side, also showed good humor by attending the event. In the six degrees of separation department, Orci and Kurtzman executive produced Bullock in her other Summer movie, The Proposal.

Here is the full list of Razzies:

WORST PICTURE– "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"

WORST DIRECTOR– Michael Bay, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"

WORST ACTOR– All Three Jonas Brothers, "Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience"

WORST ACTRESS– Sandra Bullock, "All About Steve"

WORST SUPPORTING ACTOR– Billy Ray Cyrus, "Hannah Montana: The Movie"


WORST SCREEN COUPLE– Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper, "All About Steve"



WORST ACTOR OF THE DECADE– Eddie Murphy, "Adventures of Pluto Nash," "I Spy," "Imagine That," " Meet Dave," "Norbit," and "Showtime"

WORST ACTRESS OF THE DECADE– Paris Hilton "The Hottie & the Nottie," "House of Wax," and "Repo: The Genetic Opera"

Razzie Award

Here is some local TV news coverage from from the event.

Star Trek at the Razzies – Shatner is no stranger

JJ Abrams Star Trek movie was not nominated for any Razzies, but Trek has represented in the pat. In 1989 Star Trek V dominated the Razzies with six nominations and three wins (Worst Actor and Worst Director for William Shatner, and Worst Film of the year). And in 1995 Shatner was nominated again for Worst Actor for Star Trek Generations, but he was beat out by OJ Simpson for Naked Gun 33 1/3. And in 2000 William Shatner was nominated again for Worst Actor of the Century for his entire Star Trek film career, but he lost out to Sylvester Stallone.

William Shatner directing Star Trek V – The Razzies took notice

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I guess it doesn’t matter how bad you are as long as you make money.
But Michael Bay had no doubt put his imput into this script so we got to give him credit more so. Sorry Alex and Bob.

Boy, this guy is taking a big chance dissing the Jonas Brothers. Gonna be some angry tweens out there.

I KNEW they’d win! …but Megan Fox got snubbed!!

…what a rip-off; if they’re going to give them a Razzie, they should invite them too…

Fair dues to Sandra Bullock for showing up. She’s not a bad actress, and I’ve heard reports that she’s not the typical, precious Hollywood tantrum-throwing type. But holy cannoli, she does pick some stinking roles. I guess you gotta pay the rent some way. She’s managed to win herself some accolades in the past as well. More of the acting club could take a leaf from her book in being fairly classy about the whole thing.

Yeah gotta say that Transformers 2 was by far the worst film I saw last year. I still can’t believe that Bob and Alex could be involved with something as great as Trek and at the same time as failtastic as Transformers 2. I do think, though, that a good deal of the blame for that should fall to Michael Bay. There’s a guy that can make the most horribly acted/written/directed movies make a ton of money and make a good deal of people think they’ve seen a quality movie. Michael Bay, please stop making movies, please.

Oh come on, it might be fun, but a razzie for one of the biggest box office smashes in history, Im sorry, but enjoy the JOKE, cause thats all it is lol

I would be happy to have Bob write the script to my up coming Star Trek story….but dont let Alex touch it!

Much love JJ

Congratulations on the trophy boys! I’d like to say its richly deserved, but I, against expectations, enjoyed T2RotF!

As Michael Caine says about Jaws4- it may not have been a great film, but it certainly bought me a great house!

Congrats Bob! But I think one Razzie is enough for your entire career; let’s not aim for a second nod for the Trek sequel, OK? : D

I for one loved Transformers 2. I thought it was better than the first Transformers. In the first one, once they found the Spark Cube they didn’t seem to know what to do with it. Keep it away from the Decepticons; hide it in Los Angeles. At least Transformers 2 had a somewhat linear story, a whole lot of action, and was exciting. I was on the edge of my seat with my adrenaline pumping for the last 30 minutes of the movie. Who knows, maybe I liked it more than others because it was made for someone like me, a 21 year old guy.

I was 25 (at the time of seeing Transformers 2) and I was arse-numbingly bored. My girlfriend fell asleep. Says a lot.

You killed Arcee, the ONLY female Transformer in the whole movie franchise. Her near non-existance in the movie was more interesting and more welcoming than Mudflap and Skids, characters who you unfortunately thought we were going to like.

But I digress. I should be relieved knowing that Uhura, who also happens to be the only female character in the new Star Trek franchise is left in your capable hands. You’re off to a good start with her by having everyone on the bridge do her job as communications officer for her.

didnt Star Trek V pick up a few Razzies?

I’d love to see a TF script from Orci and Kurtzman that hadn’t had notes from any number of producers and a director. I bet it would have been much better.

I must be literally the only person on Earth who thinks Shatner can act. I don’t for a minute pretend his entire output is gold – it isn’t – but he had some really good moments. It’s too bad that people can’t look past the ham and cheese to see that there’s real substance in there…

Yes Philpot…. It eves says so and explains in the article above your question…

Star Trek V was one of the best movies in my opinion. Shame on anyone for saying it was bad!

He he, all part of their master plan. I wonder if they intended for Transformers to be lousy?

Popular has never been a synonym for “well done”. When feeding the masses, it’s better to think “beer and pizza” than aged prime and Bordeaux, don’t you think? So going forward, please PTB, do not think of Star Trek as food for the masses.

C.S. Lewis

But I can’t help it their worst screenplay was in part of director Micheal Bay?

^17 Magic

Yes, Star Trek V had much to recommend it, but not for the whiz-bang masses that demand spectacle to alleviate the tedium of their lives. Star Trek V dealt in ideas and ancient questions. While far from perfectly executed, it was, to borrow from my own post above, food for thought in the best tradition of Star Trek. It gave us several moments of poignancy and beauty and made good on the price of admission.

C.S. Lewis

Bob, it was really Michael Bay who deserved the Razzie, but still, shame on you for the Minstrel Twins.

Hey, Bob/Alex/Ehren knew *exactly* what they were getting into with the Transformers 1/2 screenplays.

On STV: I actually liked the film a lot. There were some flaws and idle, but it’s still better and more logical and more Trekish than all TNG movies combined.

16 – not when i posted it didnt

My apologies to Alex and Bob, but that was a much deserved win on Transformers 2! Michael Bay = Loser

TRANSFORMERS 1 was putrid and juvenile… can’t even imagine how bad PART 2 must be. After being subjected to ARMAGEDDON, PEARL HARBOR and T1, I will no longer watch another Michael Bay film EVER again. The way he panders to the lowest common denominator is beyond insulting.

But K&O deserve props for being good sports about the Razzies.

The first Transformers was great summer fun.

The second? Whoa. I mean, it was just unbelieveably bad.

How could it be written by the same guys as ST09?

Everyone who keeps on writing and creating is entitled to a few hits, and a few misses, just as everyone who keeps flying is entitled to some pleasant trips and some bumpy ones. Don’t look back, don’t dwell on the past, just keep plugging along, looking toward the future…

@26. “After being subjected to ARMAGEDDON- I will no longer watch another Michael Bay film EVER again”

You know, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this case. JJ Abrams wrote part of the screenplay for Armageddon, and Trek09 has quite a few similarities.

My favorite? Proud russian man pushes aside a non-russian woman and ends up saving the day even though she was professionally trained for that position. JJ’s universal rule for movies? Russian men > non-Russian women.

Oh, is that the Asteroid that’s going to fall into Earth, or the Narada? They do look similar and I have no doubt the asteroid shares the same IQ with Nero.

Random gratuitous rappelling in places that should never use rappelling. When and where did Starfleet Officers ever wear rappelling harnesses while inside a starship, and why the heck would oil rig workers do the same?

Random camera shaking in shots that aren’t action oriented? Oh, how I miss the justification of when camera shakes were used because “we didn’t want it to look like Star Trek”, now they’re bringing it into Star Trek!

And of course, the labeling of characters solely based on what their role is. i.e. Scotty is comic relief. No more, no less.

lol. I actually love these awards. Incred-ible !

#28 agree with you on that- no one is perfect and Bob and Alex got it right where it counted, on Star Trek 09! :D

I just want to say that Sandra Bullock is awesome.

That is all.

Well, that’s actually not all. Bullock is a straight-shooter in the tradition of Katherine Hepburn — she speaks her mind. She is direct, assertive, and appears to brook no bullcrap.

She’s also been very generous with her money toward causes that everyone can support.

And as far as the other stuff is concerned — what is it they say? Nearly all publicity is good publicity. ;-)

Well at least the Razzie is not for Star Trek, because i know certain people on those forums and some old school trek fans who hated the new movie wanted that to happen.

I was ready to hate the new movie too. Then i saw it and thought to myself this is not the epic disaster people thought. I think Bob Orci took Trek far more seriously being a fan, than Transformers which was basically a cartoon to sell toys. While Trek was the best sci fi tv show of all time, and arguably the second best film series of all time after star wars.

To me without Peter Cullen and some nice cgi those films are failures of epic scale. But of course i have always been more a fan of the comics continuity created by Simon Furman.

I still feel it is unfair to blame the writers for TF2. Production was rushed through the writers’ strike with filming based on the outline and actors improving lines. Michael Bay had far too much control over the plot.

@15 – you’re not the only one. In the right role and with the right director (Meyer, Nimoy) The Shat is pretty darn good.

Ok am I the only Trek fan here who actually liked Star Trek 5? I’ll answer that YES. But what most folks dont know is that the Shat had a great initial idea, but by the time the studeo, Harve B, and many other factors including mother nature were done, the movie had HAD it. Great concept though Mr Shat, (Ive read the original script, which included Satan, Demons and rock creatures) sorry that it appeared to many obsticals flew up, time and time again to make a film the way you wanted it.

Well, I have to say that they completely deserve this award. Transformers 2 was an awful movie and I really hope that they’ll shape up for Star Trek (1)2. Remember guys, we expect a lot out of the next movie. And try to keep the comedy (if it can be called that, judging from Tf2) to a minimum.

I liked Transformers 2. A good action movie. I wasn’t expecting another 2001.

Their responses were priceless !!!

Congratulations (?) to Bob, Alex and Michael Bay !!!

Now I’m never going to be able to convince my friends to watch Star Trek -_-
“It was written by the same guys as Transformers!”
“The first one or the second one?”
“…the first one.”

Congratulations Bob, Alex and Ehren you all three deserve this award!

Maybe it was the Ehren Kruger and the Micheal Bay that screwed it up. Conspiracy theories abound!!!

@42: “Maybe it was the Ehren Kruger and the Micheal Bay that screwed it up. Conspiracy theories abound!!!”

Meh, I don’t think so. Bob and Alex took part in the commentary track to the bloody film, and that’s more than what they did for the first movie.

43. Jeyl – March 7, 2010

We were not invited to comment on first movie.

Congrats. Well deserved.

Maybe if JJ is busy we can get Michael Bay to direct the next Star Trek.

I’m just hoping we get a Paris Hilton/Eddie Murphy buddy cop movie out of this.

@36 You are not the only one. I love Star Trek V – it is my favourite Star Trek and always will be. There is everything I need from a movie (or Trek): adventure, fun, friendship and a bit of philosophy. I hope the movie will get new visual effects.

@44: “We were not invited to comment on first movie.”

Come on Bob! You’re a cool guy. What exactly is stopping you from doing it anyways? Darren Aronofsky, the director of the 2006 film “The Fountain” recorded a commentary track for the movie and posted it on his own personal website. Anyone can record a commentary track for a movie nowadays.

Now, if it’s for sallary issues, I can understand. No one should have to do something for nothing, and a good commentary track that is informative, entertaining and not too self-congradulatory (*nudge*) is a tough thing to pull off.

Personally, I would much rather listen to your comments (and Alex if he wanted to) alone than having it edited alongside Michael Bay. I’m still recovering from his Armageddon commentary track. The guy goes into like a 15 minute profanity laced Jerry Springer episode about Space Helmets. . . Space helmets!

I know Star Trek V got the “Worst Picture of the Year” Razzie back in ’89, but that’s only because whoever made that pick hadn’t seen Critters II.

Just sayin’.