Big Bang Theory Producer Wants Leonard Nimoy For Cameo

Recently it was revealed that Star Trek TNG’s Wil Wheaton will be returning to the CBS hit geek comedy Big Bang Theory, but could Leonard Nimoy be next? If the show’s producers have their way, we could see Sheldon meet his hero, the original Spock.


Sheldon to meet Spock Prime?

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Big Bang Theory executive producer Bill Prady plans to approach Leonard Nimoy about doing a cameo early next season. Prady goes on to say:

“We’ll probably make a general inquiry. And if there’s enough interest, we’ll develop a story. The fans have said that’s the dream get, and we agree.” [more at EW]

Leonard Nimoy and Spock have been referenced multiple times on the nerdy comedy about scientists at CalTech. Last season the show’s breakout (and socially inept) character Sheldon got the ultimate Christmas gift, a Napkin used and signed by Nimoy. Nimoy didn’t actually appear, but they did get the actor to to sign a napkin, which was later auctioned for charity (see clip).

Clone Nimoy?

In the last episode of The Big Bang Theory ("The Excelsior Acquisition"), Sheldon revealed that Leonard Nimoy had a restraining order out against him (which he had framed) [see clip at YouTube]. So if Nimoy and Sheldon are not allowed near each-other, might Sheldon actually make good on his plan and clone Nimoy? According to Prady, that is something that may be going to far for Sheldon’s capability.

Has Nimoy declined before?

According to EW, Nimoy declined an invitation to appear on the show during the second season. However, in this video from the Toronto Fan Expo six months ago, Nimoy says he was never invited to join, only that they wanted him to sign a napkin. 

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Cool. Hope he does it.

Great going Leonard you can never be overexposed so keep spreading yourself about its always great to see you

A couple of points

Firstly, I believe that video is from the Toronto Fan Expo as the logo from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre is visible on the podium.

Secondly, it would be awesome if Mr. Nimoy appeared on TBBT. However, they’ll have to work around the fact that according to last weeks’ episode, Mr. Nimoy has a restraining order against Sheldon.

Hey. I hope Nimoy does the Ep. But not just a cameo. A full fledged special gust staring role. That would be so Wicked.

That would be hilarious to see Sheldon turn into a puddle of goo when facing his hero!

Make it so!


Sorry, Anthony. I missed the mention of the restraining order. Wasn’t intended as a criticism of the article, just something they’d have to work around.

And I only mentioned the Toronto thing because I was positive that was the MTCC logo.

Wouldn’t that be a hoot? Actually BBT ought to go for broke and try to get both Spocks on the same show. Quinto & Nimoy ganging up on Sheldon- I would pay to see that!

Wow, I was recently thinking about how cool it would be if he was on the show.

I just recently got the 3rd season of Becker and Nimoy plays an old professor of Ted Danson’s character John Becker, who doesn’t remember him! Nimoy is quite dry and funny and not unlike Spock…great episode!

Restraining orders are made to be broken. Maybe Stan Lee gets Nimoy to testify at the hearing to get his own restraining order. Then you get a two-fer cameo, Nimoy and Lee.

they should cast Shatner and Nimoy both would be cool and up for it i think.

Would love to see Nimoy on Big Bang!

This has to happen. Anyone else who says otherwise is wrong and should be forced to watch Biodome until their heads explode.

Was anyone else at the taping last Tuesday for “The Wheaton Reccurence” ?

PS: with all the Klingon references, when are they going to have Marc Okrand on?

I would love to see Leonard Nimoy on the show!

Great nitpick on the nitpick!

I love this show!

I’ve not watched the show more than once or twice but boy, I’d watch it for that! This would be the best, greatest, most memorable and meaningful cameo of all Trekdom!!!!

#12: That would be cool. They should get them both, and have them argue over who was “the greatest” character in Star Trek. The Big Bang Theory cast have to be referees and get them to be friends again. That’d be cute!

Its always cool to see Leonard Nimoy and I love this show! Please make an appearance Mr. Nimoy!

They should have Nimoy and Wil Wheaton in the same episode.

When Evil Wil starts bullying Sheldon again, Nimoy swoops in to the rescue with a well-placed “Shut up, Wesley!”.

By the way, there should be an option in the poll for, “would love to play STO, but am broke as a mofo right now”. ;)

16. ProtoVulcan – March 8, 2010

PS: with all the Klingon references, when are they going to have Marc Okrand on?

no doubt! have the 4 get into an argument with Okrand about proper Klingon syntax (without realizing it’s him).

If anyone here hasn’t watched BBT, it is one of the most creative and genuinely funny shows on TV right now. It is an affectionate parody of genre fans without being condescending, and that’s no small trick.

A Nimoy appearance would be absolutely perfect. I hope they offer, and I hope he agrees to do it. It would be fantastic.

Can you imagine Sheldon going on a rant about the alternate timeline??

@24: I mean EXACTLY like that. :D

22. “Shut up, Wesley?” C’mon, how about a Vulcan nerve pinch? ; )


I’d love to see Marc Okrand on BBT!!

I was also at the taping last week for the Wheaton episode, although all Wil’s scenes were apparently done the day before because of the set they used. I saw Wil signing a few autographs after the taping down at the front rail of the audience.

Also saw David Gerrold enter the Warner lot as I was waiting to get let in.

I have a birthday party coming up that I would be interested in having Leonard Nimoy make a cameo appearance, if he’s looking for cameos. I think Krusty the Clown charges $500 just to show up and say “Hey Hey”.

@28: It’s the traditional response to Wil Wheaton acting a fool, but there’s no reason we can’t do both!

I would be great if he does it, but I hope he gets to be nice on the show. Stan Lee was mean and so was Wil Wheaton.

You never see Sheldon’s Dad. I think it would be PERFECT casting to have Sheldon’s dad be Brent Spiner.

I mean “played by” Brent Spiner.

Brent is from Texas. Maybe he IS Sheldon’s father!

Sheldon’s father is deceased. Spiner could play Leonard’s father.

It would be great to have Leonard on the Big Bang Theory!!

Maybe there could be time travel involved and Leonard could be Nimoy’s father!