Post Oscar Report: Makeup Team Talk Trek + Stiller Video + Saldana & Pine Party Photos & Video + Apple Ad

OK one more wrap-up report on the 82nd Academy Awards. We have backstage report of the Star Trek makeup winners. Plus video and photos of Zoe Saldana and Chris Pine at the Oscar Parties, plus the new Apple iPad ad featuring the Star Trek movie. UPDATE: added video of Ben Stiller talking Star Trek and presenting Makeup award.


Star Trek  Makeup Winners Note Franchise First

As we reported last night, makeup artists Barney Burman, Mindy Hall and Joel Harlow won an Oscar for their work on Star Trek, the first Academy Awards win in the franchise. Backstage the team acknowledged this milestone, here are a couple of excerpts from the backstage press corps:

From THR

The winning "Star Trek" makeup team of Barney Burman, Mindy Hall and Joel Harlow was asked who worked on Chris Pine. Hale related that "CP," as she calls him, "is amazing, wonderful actor, wonderful human being." She then saluted the entire cast, adding that "we painted much broader, fiercer stokes, when the actor trusted us the way they did." This is the first Oscar for the "Star Trek" franchise. To that point, Hall said: "We have a whole new generation of fans. That is what we wanted — to appeal to current fans and appeal to new fans."

From E!

"We adjusted their brows."
—Joel Harlow, from Star Trek’s Best Makeup team, on how they made the heretofore underappreciated Romulans stand out.

• Geek-Factoid Alert: The makeup Oscar is the first Oscar of any kind for any Star Trek movie—ever. (A reporter said it; I double-checked with the Academy librarian, and whaddya know, it’s true!) Reacts Mindy Hall, another member of the award-winning Trek team: "It’s fantastic. It’s fantastic for the whole franchise."

Joel Harlow, Mindy Hall, and Barney Burman, show off their Oscars

Video: Ben Stiller Presents Makeup + accept speech and Thank You Cam
Here is Ben Stiller made up as an Avatar Na’vi, talking Star Trek and presenting the makeup award

And if you missed the update on the last article, here are two videos from the Star Trek Makeup team: their acceptance speech and their ThankYouCam video.

Acceptance Speech
& Thank You Cam

Video: Zoe excited about Star Trek at Oscars – meets Oprah
Here is E! video of Zoe Saldana from the Governors Ball, where she talks about how excited she was every time she heard the name Star Trek and Avatar during the show…and how she was shy meeting Oprah.

Photos: Pine and Saldana at the Oscars Parties

Star Trek presenters Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana were spotted at some of the Oscar after parties, Zoe even went through a wardrobe change.

Chris Pine arrives at Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Chris Pine arrives at Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Zoe Saldana at the Governors Ball

Zoe Saldana at the Governors Ball

Zoe Saldana arrives at the Fox Searchlight party

Zoe Saldana at "Avatar" VFX Oscar-winner Joe Letteri, producer/director James Cameron and producer Jon Landau at the Fox Searchlight party

Zoe Red Carpet Video – talks dress

Video: Star Trek in iPad ad

Finally, last night Apple debuted their first commercial for their new iPad. The ad ran multiple times during the show and featured the Star Trek movie, check it out.

More Oscars:

Star Trek wins Oscar for Best Makeu-up + Pine & Saldana Present

Star Trek Stars On The Oscar Red Carpet


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congrats star trek this is a great accompishment!

As I said previously great job on makeup. Great job Trek. Here is to a historic 1st. Finaly

Anthony the IPad competitor is also coming out. I think the HP Slate is going to be better because it will come with Windows 7 and Adobe Flash built in.

It is also cool Star Trek won an Oscar for best makeup. I wish it had won best SFX, Sound Editing and Mixing. Also Micheal Giachano should have won for best music with Star Trek and not UP. His new Star Trek theme is awesome!

Remarkable dress.

#3, ” think the HP Slate is going to be better”

Better for what?

#5, agreed … but did you see those heels? I LMAO at her comment, so true they had the most challenging entrance even in flats, much less in those outfits. I’m really surprised they made it. Zoe should have been able to make her entrance looking the audience in the eye, instead they both had too look down the whole way and hold their dresses unflatteringly just to keep from breaking their necks!

#6 For web browsing because like I said it has Adobe Flash, that means the full web.

I think the HP Slate will be quickly forgotten. PC’s are always trying to do new things but it seems like all that ever goes over well are just normal desktops and laptops. When Apple does something, they go big, and give a lot better support to their products I think. Plus if you’re using a tablet like that, running a standard OS doesn’t seem like it would be that good of an idea. The iPad’s OS is designed for touch screen and looks pretty fluid. And oh yeah, it’s not going to get bogged down by virus after virus. Just seems like a tablet is something that most people are going to want to fill in for a normal desktop or laptop but for more basic functions. Of course I’m a loyal Apple user since last September and would never go back to PC’s.

anthony the link to the acceptance speech is missing the h off the http…

Stiller was hilarious with that, usually he’s a bit hit and miss for me but that was genius.

Not getting the Zoe Saldana appeal. Maybe I’m old and out of touch, but she’s not that remarkable. Pleasant, but not spectacular. And Uhura was a second tier character for a reason. We read a lot about Urban’s McCoy getting short shrift. Well, there are only so many minutes in a movie. More Uhura=less McCoy.

NIce job with the make-up win.

Oh, and it was a great touch to use the Bana “Welcome back, Spock”, at the close of the Trek clip. Welcome back, indeed.

#10: “More Uhura=less McCoy. ”

Which, I suspect, was not only the inevitable consequence but also the plan. I mean, I’m used to seeing McCoy marginalized in the films so it’s not like it’s a slight this crew invented (that would require them to, you know, be able to invent something) … but they even telegraphed it in the marketing (Burger King glasses, for example: Villain, Spock, Kirk, Uhura).

Ben Stiller was awesome! I had no idea he was a trekkie!

congrats on the win Star Trek! :D

@ 3. Craig – “I think the HP Slate is going to be better because it will come with Windows 7 and Adobe Flash built in.”

Not. Flash is like so 1999.

#10, I agree. I understand why, though, at least I think. These are different times than the 60’s and to not have a woman as one of the main characters is considered socially unexceptable. So I guess they just kinda knocked McCoy down, threw Uhura in the mix, made some romance (which I hated) up, and so we have Star Trek 09. I really would like to see more McCoy, both for the reason than he was a key player and part of the Trek Trinity in TOS and I thought Karl Urban did an awesome job with the roll. As for Zoe as an actress, yeah I don’t get the appeal either, and I’m 24. She’s pretty, wouldnt go as far as to say hot, seems nice, but she’s not overly talented as some claim. If anything I thought she did a far better job in Avatar than Trek. I just hope if we get the “More McCoy” chant going on here the writers will take notice in time.

@10, 12, 16: As much as I love Zoe as Uhura, I fourth the motion for more McCoy in the next film. Dammit Jim, he’s a doctor, not an extra!

“17. CarlG – March 8, 2010

@10, 12, 16: As much as I love Zoe as Uhura, I fourth the motion for more McCoy in the next film. Dammit Jim, he’s a doctor, not an extra!”

It’s a movement! Gonna click my heels and jump for joy, I got three votes for more Dr. McCoy!

All the Trek stars — everyone related in any way to Trek — are the very definition of class. In fact, Trek classes up the Oscars. :-)

Trek, I always knew you could do it. And now you have.

And, I trust, there is much, much more to come!

Zoe – Eat something, I’m begging you. You look like a swizzle stick!

Bones is my favorite character, so I’m onboard: MORE MCCOY!

Chris Pine would rock as James Bond or the next Ethan Hunt, just look at him in that tux!

BTW Hurt Locker did not deserve to win Best Picture, they gave it to them because of the political backslash of Avatar for being anti military whereas Hurt Locker was pro military.

Zoe is so humble, pretty and thankful of her success, love her!

Craig- I don’t think that the fact that the HP Slate will be running Windows & is a good thing. All of the past tablet PCs have tried to use desktop versions of Windows with a touch input and they failed miserably. I’m not in any way saying that the iPad is the be-all, end-all of tablets, but for the purpose of touch input, no traditional desktop OS will be able to match the touch-friendliness of the iPhone OS. Unless it gets a serious overhaul, that is.

Anything starting with Windows, even Windows 7 which is the first copy of windows I’ve actually bought since Windows 95, is going to already be bogged down compared to the iPhone OS, which is what the iPad essentially runs on.

Windows is designed to be able to run on too much different hardware, because of that I don’t believe it will be streamlined enough to compete effectively against the apple product but at least there is “some” competition for Apple.

^^ I love the Apple OS. My iPhone is amazing.

Palm Pre and Pixi run Palm’s proprietary webOS (yes, it’s spelled that way), which is supposed to be great. However, Palm’s prospects are somewhat dim. It may be a takeover target. There’s talk that a company like HP might gobble up Palm to get its hands on webOS.

#20, really? Not this again. She’s fine. Next you’ll be asking her to get breast implants.

#22, yeah lets re-boot James Bond as an American. And that’s just the beginning of where your post goes wrong.

#7, that’s what I thought. You presume that’s what the iPad is targeted for, when I’ve seen nothing of the kind. It’s being positioned as an e-Book reader which offers internet access as a perk, in much the same way the iPhone is a phone first and foremost. The iPhone is used for so many other things now than surfing the web, it’s an obvious model for what the iPad will become. I’ve spoken to literally dozens of people about the iPad and none of them have said they would use it primarily to surf the internet, and are much more excited about the e-book aspects of it and ability to do e-mail. Business are very excited about what it can do for them. Besides anybody who seriously surfs the web is already going to have a laptop or desktop with much higher resolution which is preferable for the internet. With the HP Slate expected to come in under $800, and bogged down with Windows 7 (which MS has said will not be enhanced to support touchscreens), duplicating everything your other computer already does, the under $500 iPad is going to quickly find a niche and establish the market just like the iPhone did. Otherwise, the numerous Windows-based tablet computers already available for years would have already dominated the market.


That’s the beauty of actors, talented actors have the ability to give flawless accents and performances and make us forget they are American.

My only concern with laptops and ipads is their ability to give off heat and electrical signatures, not good for crown jewels, I would imagine it is the equivalent of going to the hot tub on a daily basis.

Do Canadians say you can’t cast that guy because he’s American, how can he act and pretend to be Canadian when he’s American lol they are actors they are trained to be other people…

I would just prefer it if someone came out with nice contact lenses or glasses that have blu tooth and wi fi capability and you can look up information or do anything online without holding something in your hand or your lap.

Introducing the iScreen or eyeScreen whatever floats your boat.

27. Red Skirt

Really. Yes, this again. And no, I won’t be.

well i just put the ipad thing in because it had start trek, i am not saying it will be the best thing ever or anything

I love my iphone, but i did hope for more for the iPad, perhaps the 2.0 version will be more capable. It seems to me that the Kindle is a better ereader, and the Slate will be a beter web browser (due to flash support). Not sure what iPad will do best yet, but it will sure have a killer app, and all those apps for iphone may be it (although i hope they get sized up for ipad)

RE: windows 7 and slate
read this article, it notes that slate deosnt really seem to have windows as the main interface

Karl Urban should have won Best Supporting Actor, for his role as Leonard H. McCoy. Seriously, best job done by any of the actors in the new Star Trek. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto both did awesome, but Urban nailed it.

So, yes. More of the doctor, because he is, in fact, the Real McCoy.

iPad looks like the book that captain Kirk record her personal captain’s log,
i thing that our future and our technologie become every day more closer to Star Trek utopia than Star Wars fantasy….sorry George Lucas

ops…I mean HIS PERSONAL CAPTAIN’S LOG, sorry about my terrible English!!!

Yes Ben Stiller is a trekkie isn’t that awesome

Congratulation to the make-up team. Not to disrespect previous Star Trek make-up artists, who had lower budgets to work with (smooth forehead Klingons) and were still awesome, but the 2009 team’s work rocked. Those were the best Vulcan ears ever. However, it was topped by Ben Stiller presenting. Only good things come when he presents, like his presenting in a green screen suit in a previous year’s Best Visual Effects. Speaking of which, Star Trek’s VFX were awesome, but there was not way in **** it was going to be Avatar. However, both of them and District 9 definitely deserved their nominations.

The iPhone is great. I’ve deferred buying one until recently. My 3GS has been flawless and I can do almost anything with it that I can do on my laptop, including reading

I may or may not buy the iPad.

#36. Jon B ,

That’s not the picture Barney Burman painted on the budget:

I seem to recall the number of makeup personnel numbered in the 40s. Does anyone know if that’s par for the course?

I think folks in school will benefit the most from the iPad, imagine not having to lug around 50+lbs of text books from class to class and how many trees can be saved.

The iPad could be great at work also, being able to take it from meeting to meeting on site or off.

I can also see the suave folks using the iPad at Starbucks drinking lattes and what not. The iPad will be a hit. I am sure pirates will be able to hack it and put anything they want on it also, be it pirated movies, games or music.

BTW when can North America get rid of tissue toilet paper? They should make it law to use remote controlled toilets that clean you via warm water and soap/blown dry by the high tech toilet. Using toilet paper and or baby wipes to clean your bum is expensive and wasteful.


A rough estimation from imdb credit listings is about 40 credited makeup personnel for NEMESIS and 70 for the 2009 movie.


What about the three seashells?

Oops – I meant @40 – typo…


seashell #1: Water
seashell#2: Soap
seashell#3: Blown Dry

Not sure why North Americans are so content with wiping ones bum with paper and or baby wipes when there is technology that can solve the problem of the unclean feeling and/or saving of resources.

I am willing to bet the toilet paper companies are preventing the masses in North America from adapting toilet paper free toilets.

Karl Urban should have won the best supporting actor award because he just was so good as Bones

somethoughts, I’m speechless. I just don’t know what to say. I think you just ruined my lunch.

#39, “I think folks in school will benefit the most from the iPad,”

On that we solidly agree. The school book publishers are a powerful group because there is so much money to be made there, however, I feel every student will find a way to buy the iPad, when it means that’s all they need to carry around for the day – and it will access the internet. Texting might actually take a back-seat to e-mail as Steve Jobs envisioned with the iPhone.

It will take a while though before the major school book publishers embrace it 100%, but it’s the professors who set the books, and the iPad will allow them to assemble a greater array of texts than ever before (including their own compilations), forcing a change in the way business is done.

On the other hand, e-books allow texts to be updated as opinion sways. In the US, that means one day your science book describes Charles Dawrin’s theory of evolution in detail, then the next day, instead it talks about how the world was created 5,000 years ago in 7 days.

But at least history books can be current to within the week, for a change, even if they present revisionist points of view.


LOL, opps my bad.


Nicely said.