Conventional Wisdom: Creation Star Trek Vegas & Dragon*Con Trek Track Shaping Up

The two big cons this Summer are already shaping up to be chock full of Star Trek stars. Both the Creation and Dragon*Con have announced their initial confirmed guests lists and big stars from all five Trek series will be appearing. More info below.


70 Guests for Official Star Trek Con in Vegas

The biggest Trek convention of the year is the official Creation Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. Held again at the Las Vegas Hilton this year August 5th-8th, Creation is promising 70 Star Trek celebrities, including big stars from all five Trek TV-series:

  • William Shatner

  • Leonard Nimoy

  • Brent Spiner

  • Jeri Ryan

  • Avery Brooks

  • Jonathan Frakes

  • Connor Trinneer

  • Dominic Keating

  • George Takei

  • Armin Shimerman

  • Rene Auberjonois

…and many more (with more to be added).

More information and ticketing info available at

Dragon*Con Announces Trek Track Guests- Garret Wang new director

Held Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA, Dragon*Con is one of the biggest conventions in the world, including its popular ‘Trek Track’ of Star Trek programming. Dragon*Con has just announced that Star Trek Voyager’s Garrett Wang has accepted the position of director of Trek Track. Dragon*Con has also announced initial confirmed Star Trek guests for the con, with a focus on TNG and DS9:

  • Avery Brooks 

  • Rene Auberjonois

  • Armin Shimerman 

  • Jonathan Frakes 

  • Marina Sirtis 

  • John DeLancie

More Star Trek guests will be announced on the Dragon*Con website as appearances are confirmed. Trek Track will be based in the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel. Programming announcements for the Trek Track are available at in the near future. Ticketing and other convention information can be found at


More Conventional Wisdom Coming

Look for an update  soon here at, on all the upcoming Trek-related Spring and Summer conventions around the world.


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Avery Brooks

Best Trek Captain ever!

It will be a great thing to visit these conventions now that Trek has been reinvigorated. One hopes to see a new sense of energy and new fans from all over the world.

At the same time, perhaps there could be outreach efforts geared toward newcomers to Trek.

Let it be! :-)

Message to all “Fans of Fanboys”. In Vegas someone needs to ask The Shat if he can still “Score Jeri Ryan’s panties”.

Dragon con time is back already. Can’t hardly wait. Atlanta is my hometown. As well as Dr. McCoy’s. And to think in 1974 we started it all in a room as our 1st trek con. I wonder who will be crowned Miss Klingon Empire this year? Can’t wait for the fun to start

Hoping this will be my first convention! Vegas, here I come!

#1 – Sisko rules.

Wish i would live in the States.
Avery is THE man, second favorite Star Trek Captain after Sir Patrick!!!

@4 – JJ Abrams says in his movie commentary that McCoy is a Kentucky doctor. Is that just in the alternate timeline?

#1 and #6 – amen to that.

P.S.You guys forgot to put NANA VISITOR on the list!!!!!!!
Looooooooove her

Did anyone else seem to take it that Kentucky was retconned at McCoy’s home state in ST ’09? Cause Kentucky ain’t the South in my book.

Kentucky is south of me at least here in Illinois. As for him being from Georgia by Mccoy I think he meant DeForrest was from there. I never really thought about where he was from before. I read that his original “secret ingredient” for his old family recipe was Kentucky bourbon… Maybe it came from something like that.

im glad avery brooks is coming to atlanta

McCoy is from Ga. However he lived and worked in various other states. I believe he met and married his wife inKentucky. Down here we share a solidarity in southern states and moonshine reciepts and food and other goodies. He did go to school at “Ole Miss” borders are a touch fluid in Good Ole Southern culture

The Las Vegas Hilton should be boycotted.

Ps I forgot he made mention in “shoreleave” of a ga style Mintjulip drink and in cannon lit books he made mention of his family that lives in Macon GA. His mention of his birth in Atlanta. He just travelled and was all around the south.
I just hope there ain’t no Hatfields around here or in the galaxy. LOL!

Well, for what it’s worth, Kentucky Fried Chicken (now known as “KFC”) serves Southern-style chicken.

I’ve always kind of thought of Kentucky as part of the South, for some reason.

Can’t wait to see more of McCoy in the next movie. He’s a great character.

Well, I’m happy to claim Bones as a Kentucky brother, even if only in the JJ-verse. DeForest Kelly did do a movie filmed in my hometown, I think in the 1950s with Liz Taylor & Montgomery Cliff.

We need some Trek love back in the Midwest!

Conspicuous in their absence is the NuTrek cast.

I’m spending this thurs-sun in Vegas, anything Trek I should go see?

I love Avery Brooks! The line-up looks wonderful. I wish I still lived in the United States. I would love to go to Dragon Con.

Awwwww, I wish I could go.

Hmmm, anyone else find it….strange that both Shatner AND Takei are going to be at the Vegas con?

I’m having Vegas envy. Still… nice to see Trek so up and vibrant in 2010!

@23: Hmmmmm… Shat & Tak… this convention could be one for the history books!

Man, I wish I could go to these conventions. I would love a chance to meet “The Sisko”, the Shat and all the others.

ill be n vegas still miss the st experience i dont think the hilton has done anything with the spot yet

How much do they earn to go to these conventions?

Woohooo! Scored my Vegas tix!

Bought my dragon con tickets :) thanks for the heads up

ICON at Stony Brook is at the end of the month; Ron Moore, Tony Todd, and others.

I can remember when attending a Star Trek convention meant you could get a free autograph and get your picture taken with your own camera of which ever personalities were atteding. Now it looks like you need to take out a personal loan to get enough money to get anything a-la-carte.

No classic Trek guests at Dragon*Con. :(

I guess I don’t have to go now.

@VorlonKosh I was telling some friends that. Too expensive and regulated while in the past, they were smaller and much more relaxed. You could go up to a table and just chat with celebs for free.

I have been to DCon, now going to try VegasCon.

NuTrek peeps must be busy working. Zach’s announcement declining to attend was heartbreaking for his fans at ZQC and SArmy.

#27…. No, the area is still boarded off. It still looks like it did just after the Experience closed. Some are still putting post-its up on the wall to complain about the closing of The Experience.

The Space Casino has not changed ether. I figured that the Hilton would changed that area right after The Experience closed. But last year at the convention, there was a Tweet Up on Wednesday night and a Meet Up of The Experience Staff. The bartenders said that on Wednesday night, the revenues were the best single night that the bar had ever seen in the entire time they had been open. Followed by the Sunday night numbers.

I guess that the Hilton saw that the Space Casino and Bar was worth keeping for a while.

Any inside info on why Creation Entertainment hasn’t announced anyone scheduled for Sunday in Vegas? Hoping it’s the new cast!!

The Vegas con is going to be great, I cannot wait

Can I ask if anyone is wanting to meet up at the con?

#4. Losira, it won’t be Miss Klingon Empire any longer but Miss Star Trek Universe so any woman can enter now, Andorian, Borg, Orion, Klingon, Kalandan, you name it…

I’ll be at the Las Vegas con (as usual).

Nimoy says he’ll be at Comic Con