Worst Star Trek Parody Ever

There is a video that has gone viral in the last couple of days after being unearthed by EverthingIsTerrible.com, and it is by far the worst Star Trek Parody of all time. There is no attributed source, so not sure who to blame, but it seems to be some misguided attempt to use Star Trek to send some kind of Christian message, but it doesn’t even do that well. Check it out for yourself below.   


Jesus hates Klingons?

This video was posted by the humor blog everythingisterrible.com, but the original source was not indicated. It appears to come from some Christian broadcast.

UPDATE: Astute TrekMovie readers have identified the source of this video as the Christian Youth show Fire By Nite, which aired on the Trinity Broadcast Network in the 80’s and 90’s

Regardless, in the words of Leonard Pinth-Garnell, “Monumentally ill-advised!”


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Oh God.

I mean….I just….I really just don’t know where to start with this…

@ 1

If there only was one… Religion = Fail


Anyone who thought this was good needs to be airlocked

oh dear god, that is 3 minutes of my life i will never get back! Good guitar work by the Klingon though! Always knew those Klingons were rockers at heart haha

That stunk. Oh my goodness.

I recognize that guy singing from somewhere. Probably TBN.

Try out some good Star Trek Parodies.


Lol, wow! those who made could not have been serious at all! That was actually pretty funny. The guitar solo was random, but the kids’ song was hilarious.

Religion is largely a failure whether or not a God exists.

I saw this last week, and was horrified.

This has to be one of the most inept, misguided web videos I have ever seen. I had posted this on my Facebook page a few days ago and the comments on it were all in agreement.

What an embarrASSment!

uh… wow.

Ummm… why does it sound like he said, “The Starship Pedophile” and why is the captain named, “Captain Retard.” I really don’t get it… This is one thing that should have been deleted long ago.

Please tell me this isn’t canon.

I mean seriously, these guys obviously weren’t trying for a legit parody. Which is why it’s so terrible. It’s probably a parody of parodies, if you will.

Wow. Amazingly awful.



And to any who think religion is a failure, riddle me this?


Best insult ever.

I don’t know what to say about this video, I did like this other Star Trek parody on youtube (see links below)



My eyes just bled on my keyboard. Completely and utterly terrible. What a friggin disaster. Apparently sitting on phasers is okay, but being uncircumcised is a problem. That’s the message I got, anyway. Unfortunately, according to their rules, I guess I’m goin straight to hell, anyway!

I lasted for about 1:19 and stopped.. *shudder*

He mispronounced PHILISTINE !

TWICE no less !

This so makes Star Trek 5 : In Search Of God a great film by a long shot.

Okay where can I buy a tub of brain bleach after that mess ?

Uh, guys?

This is a subgenre all its own – not unique at all:


This has to be a parody of Christian parodies. The captain’s name is “Retard,” the Klingons call them “cookie cutter Christians” and nobody addresses it, they try and fail at making a David and Goliath parallel, and they fall all over themselves trying to say “philistine.”

If you want something to laugh at from Everything Is terrible, go on youtubve and seach “pokemon power”

It’s hilarious but I do have to say, being a religious person that this kind of thing shames me. This is the kind of thing that makes the world laugh at religion and especially Christianity and I would like to point out that not all religious people are this crazy or have this twisted of a mind set.

And I personally don’t appreciate the religion bashing. While you are all free to feel how you do, is Star Trek not about acceptance of all beings despite differences of race, gender, species and religious/spiritual beliefs?

Failures exist because human beings are fallible. And they made religion in their own image.

like the TMP shirt! I want one!

Wow that was embarrassing to watch

I accept the existence of religion. I tolerate it. I am increasingly suspicious of its truthiness. :-)

We can all agree on that, AP!

That was pretty stupid. And why does the ship look like a shark/plane? Epic Fail.

I believe I speak for everyone here when I say… “HUH?”

Wow that was so awful i think it would be a great torture device,lol.
And i thought Episode 1 and Jar Jar were awful but this tops all.

To the People who made this. You are sentenced to 25 years in the Terran Empires Rura Penthea. There you will get daily doses of the Agoniser booth to be administered 3 times a day at 1 hour times.


“My god….”
-Captain Robau upon seeing the behemoth Narada

That was awful beyond words. “Worse Star Trek Parody Ever” is an appropriate name, indeed….

It’s Dr. Spock’s fault. I said Dr. Spock, NOT Mr. Spock. Back in the 50’s he fought for the circuncision of all boys. It was a mistake, and by the end of his life he fought to stop it, because it may cause severe sexual traumas on boys! Until today Americans are circuncised at birth and lose some of their penial sensitivity! So, it’s actually GOOD if you were not circuncised!

#30: I co-sign that sentiment Anthony. Just look at my previous post, #27

Just goes to show you can find just about anything on the internet…I still can’t get the stench out of my nose from that…thanks Anthony for showing something we can’t unsee…lol

Well, who wants to take a stab that Star Trek V is their favorite movie?

“Now you can be relieved of your job as ‘Pretend Captain’ of this vessel and go back to your real job as tender of the sheets.”

Wrong character sir. NuKirk is in the alternate reality.

The sad part is that the TNG Klingons were spot on.

wow… That was…. Yeah. Wish I could have that time back…. What was that? Genocide? The song… Worst way to ruin a good song.

…I can’a find any context for this Captain. None, at ‘tall!


what is your damage dude? do you have to try and turn every thread into another one of your ad nauseam attacks on the new Star Trek movie? Why dont you get it over and just get a bullhorn and stand outside JJ Abrams house and heckle how he unloads his groceries

And you wonder why Gene Roddenberry disliked religion…. Hahahaha…

When I saw “worst star trek parody of all time,” I was skeptical.
I am no longer skeptical.

Whoever that God they’re worshiping, I doubt He’s enjoying this peace of fecal-mattered-inspired video, promoting the wrong message of Christianity, teaching intolerance to our Klingon allies, and the worst-usage-of-music-ever!

I’d like to see that white singer sing ‘Joy in my heart’ when a Klingon bat’leth is about to behead him!

This is probably from Fire By Nite – A christian teen show from the late 80s/90s. Dont ask me how I know, I just do… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_By_Nite

I could only watch for 37 sec and then I just had to stop the madness.