Happy Birthday, Anton Yelchin

Time for another Trek birthday. Star Trek’s new Pavel Chekov, Anton Viktorovich Yelchin was born in Saint Petersburg Russia on March 11, 1989. That makes him 21 years-old today, so we would like to wish young Anton a happy birthday and have a drink on us (now that you are old enough to drink). See below to check in on the latest, including where you can see Yelchin rock out .  


Happy 21, Anton

The Russian-born Yelchin came to Star Trek with in a somewhat more active role for Chekov, now a bit of a boy genius, but the actor, who speaks fluent Russian, decided to stick with the cold-war era style of speech for the character. Now if only they can figure out a way for him to say Nuclear Wessels in the sequel.

Yelchin as Chekov in "Star Trek"

And it seems Anton is keeping in touch with Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams. Anton was spotted with Abrams at last week’s US-Ireland Alliance pre-Oscar party.

Abrams and Yelchin at last week’s US-Ireland bash

Anton is turning Japanese

Yelchin will next be seen in the Japanese romance film Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. Here is the trailer.

Anton – Rock Star

Did you know that Anton is in a band? Well he is the lead singer in a band called the Hammerheads. They regularly play gigs in the LA area. Their next one is at the Viper Room on May 18th. More info at http://www.myspace.com/THEHAMMERHEADSHOLLYWOOD

Here is video from a show in Venice last year.

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The person I expected to like the least in ST09 – and boy was I WRONG. Happy Birthday!

Happy 21st Anton! When I knew you back at Sherman Oaks Elementary I had a feeling you’d go far!

Happy B-day!

Happy Birthday!

He’s 21 today! 21 today! Happy Birthday, Anton!

Happy Birthday, Anton!

I somehow doubt he is reading this thread, but I just wanted to say it anyway.

I thought he was pretty good in “Star Trek”, although I hope he makes the accent a little less over the top next time. I also enjoyed seeing him play Kyle Reese in “Terminator Salvation”.

He does not speak “fluent” Russian, but “native” Russian, as he is actually Russian, i.e. from Russia.

S dnyom rozhdeniya, Anton!

Happy Birthday Anton!

1989? I think I have a couple of t-shirts from 1989. Gads…I’m old….

Happy b-day bro!!

Not only was he awesome in star trek and captured the charm of what Keonig did he was also brilliant as Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation. This lad is great! :D

PS Sorry dont think we need the Nuclear Wessels gag, we got that with Wulcan :P

Happy Birthday! ^_^ *hugs*

Happy Birthday

Oh, thank goodness. He’s 21.

Werry Heppy Birthday, Anton.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday and the very best wishes!

21? From those pictures, it looks like he’s 12! :)

Either way, Happy Birthday!

Wow, he’s younger than I am! I can’t say that about many celbrities.

16. I can certainly relate to him. People I meet think I’m still in highscool…

Oh wait, I forgot to say happy birthday.

Happy Birthday!

Watch ‘Charlie Bartlett’ sometime. Anton is an amazing actor. Check out his movies at Netflix sometime, he’s only 21 and has already had a great career including three super-big sci-fi movies. But his ‘non blockbuster’ roles really shine.

Have a wonderful and blessed B-day and many more to come

Thought he was the best part of the movie. Happy B-Day.

To see Anton at his best, check out the massively underrated Fierce People…that movie made my wife and I Anton Yelchin fans FOR LIFE! And he’s terrific in New York, I Love You as well…best segment of the movie! Happy belated BDAY Anton!

Happy birthday, Yelchin. I wonder what the drinking age is in Russia? It feels weird that I’m (within a few weeks) the same age as Chekov. I’m beginning to feel old (though I know that’s just silly).

I didn’t really grasp how great of an actor Yelchin was in Star Trek but seeing Terminator Salvation (an otherwise mediocre film) I was astonished by how well he inhabited the role of Kyle Reese. It’s a very different role from Chekov and he pulls it off really, really well. Here’s to hoping he gets some great gigs in the future.

A great young actor. Happy Birthday, Anton.

After I saw “Charlie Bartlett” I knew he’d hit Chekov outta the park!

Happy Bday!