Michael Giacchino To Score ‘John Carter of Mars’

Star Trek composer (and now Oscar-winner for Up) Michael Giacchino is heading back into space. Giacchino, who is expected to return for the Star Trek, has added another 2012 to his schedule, Disney’s upcoming sci-fi film John Carter of Mars.


Giacchino goes to Mars

According to Movie Score Magazine Giacchino will score Disney’s John Carter of Mars which is currently shooting under the direction of Andrew Stanton (Wall-E). The film stars Taylor Kitsch as John Carter, with a cast that includes Willem Dafoe, Samantha Morton, and Thomas Haden Church. John Carter of Mars is based "Princess of Mars" first classic Edgar Rice Burroughs pulp-novel series featuring the character John Carter, a Civil War veteran who travels to Mars.

John Carter of Mars is slated to be released in 2012, the same year as the next Star Trek movie.

Pulp novel cover for "John Carter of Mars"

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Well done Michael!

Looking forward to this film a lot.

Great news!!!

Okay, I can dig that. Big John Carter fan. High hopes for this all.

I am constantly amazed how much good material he can produce.

A couple of weeks ago I watched Fringe, Star Trek and an older episode of Lost all in the same night and only realized when his name popped up on Lost “Wait… I just watched 3 projects he worked on.”

His range is amazing. By the way, do they still use his score at Space Mountain, Dineyland LA?

Gotta go see that movie now… well in 2012.

JOHN CARTER WILL DESTROY ALL! This better be a faithful violent adaption of the books. I’m expecting Gladiator on Mars. Time to slice up some Tharks ya know?

I would prefer John Wiliams or Howard Shore, but since Disney is comfortable with Michael G. i will have to wait and see.

I just hope it is not another Burroughs property Disney ruins.

I was so glad when their Starblazers abomination never got off the ground, the Yamato/argo as the Amazon,lol.

Still could not be as bad as the last time disney had the rights to princess and wanted Tom Cruise as JOHN CARTER.

Congrats again!
(Michael G as in Goldsmith… the new!)


No one will ever replace Goldsmith! He is and shall forever be the greatest film composer. Period.

Well i will certainly agree he was a colleague of both Alexander Courage and John Williams, i would not say the best ever. That is subjective according to a person’s personal taste and bias. I will hands down defend that he was the best Trek composer ever though.

Here’s hoping it’s a good’un :)

@10: It usually is, with him! :D

Quite correct, #9. Goldsmith was and will remain in legacy — the master.

Goldsmith was great, but I got tired of him recycling his same theme. Giacchino’s stuff was great and I can’t wait to see how he opens things up for Trek’s sequel!

It’s actually very interesting, there’s a certain news talk show I listen to in the afternoon and they use Giacchino’s “Enterprising Young Men” as the musical theame to go into the commercial break. Makes me smile every time. :-)

@9, 13: Then let’s call Giacchino one hell of a worthy student.

This was a no brainer. Giacchino and his Oscar win, of course!