LeVar Burton Writing Dark Horse Comic + Pic of Burton and Nichelle Nichols At MegaCon

Star Trek The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton continues to grow in his new found online stardom. The latest is the announcement of a new web comic for Dark Horse, that is yet another project spawned from his popular Twitter account. Details below, plus a photo of Burton from MegaCon with Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols.


Burton’s new Comic

Burton’s new comic was announced at Emerald City Comic Con over the weekend. According to comicsalliance.com Burton will be doing a one-off short story "about physics, family, and consequences" for the June issue of Dark Horse’s MySpace Presents web series, with the possibility of more to follow. Dark Horse’s Marketing Coordinator Aaron Colter says that the collaboration came after interaction with Burton and Dark Horse via Twitter. He notes "Twitter made this story possible."

Burton and Nichols

Speaking of Twitter, yesterday LeVar Burton Tweeted a picture of himself and Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols from MegaCon in Orlando, FL. Burton tweeted of Nichols:

A genuine legend and a classy dame… http://twitpic.com/18mjek Ms Nichelle Nichols. Doesn’t she look great?

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It would be nice to see TNG crew in action on more time even if it’s Direct to DVD. Maybe a Titan story?

Less and less likely to happen now, I’m afraid.

She”ll end up having a cameo as Saldana’s mother

Nichelle is still a beautiful woman.

#1 – I agree totally. ‘would have thought
that by now that Frakes, Burton, Spiner,
or Wheaton would have had it going.
What a shame…

@1: Maybe an audio drama, like Big Finish does with Doctor Who and Stargate SG-1?

@4: Seconded. Wow.

Kunta Kinte and Uhura, icons of television that challenged us to imagine humanity at its worst and at its best.

That;s the thing that a long of non-trekkies don’t see. The original series did along of things that went against society at the time, yet were the right things to do. It said, “hey woman can be smart and technically savy” “blacks are people, and should be respected” Not only is it interesting to watch Uhura, one of the first major black women on regular television, but it was also cool to see that Richard Dastrum, a black man, was given such a prominate, very well respected type of position as a leading scientist (even though his invention did go ary) I don’t think this accomplishment gets enough press.

Anyways. as a young guy in the 21st century, where there is very little worry about racism, it is interesting to me, to see that a little show like Star Trek with one African American regular on the entire show, was such a big deal when it aired for the first time.


There was also an African American who outranked James T. Kirk himself. Commodore Stone in “Court Martial.” That episode aired in 1967. The real U.S. Navy did not have a black flag officer until 1971.

Though I think it is a little premature to declare victory and go home with regards to racism.

We still have a long way to go.

Just goes to prove what a missed oppourtuinty Star Trek Generations was.

wow, both LeVar and Nichelle look GREAT!!!

It would be awesome to see her as Uhura’s mother on screen… Love to see Levar in there somewhere…maybe Uhura’s older brother…or maybe Richard Daystrom…something….as a actor, he was my favorite person on the show..he and Jonathan Frakes’ performances always seemed real…not so theatrical like some…..and who didn’t love Reading Rainbow!!!

These cameos would be possible in a TV series. I’m afraid the constraints of telling a story during a two hour movie will make it impossible to include those kind of Easter Eggs.

God I miss reading rainbow

@1,2,5 —

I too would love to see the TNG crew in action one more time. Nemesis wasn’t a proper send off… it was such a somber and dark affair, with little hopefulness or a “riding-off-into-the-sunset” quality that TUC gave for the TOS crew.

Data was dead, we didn’t even get to see Riker command his new ship, and the Enterprise crew fought a small conflict against a madman with no real agenda.

Contrast that against TUC: Sulu was seen in command of his new ship, as an equal and ally of Capt. Kirk. All members of the Enterprise crew had their own chance to shine and do something important during the plot. The conflict was against a conspiracy spreading through both the Federation and the Klingon Empire, and against fear, bigotry, and distrust.

Kirk and crew rose above their own prejudices to try and ensure peace for the galaxy, and as they sailed off to that second star on the right, they left the galaxy a better place.

Nemesis wasn’t really fitting for a grand final adventure… sigh.

In any case, as much as I hope for some new TNG, I don’t think it’ll happen. Us fans who really clamor for one are probably in the minority, and TNG has been out of pop culture for so long, not to mention supplanted by J.J. Trek, that there isn’t much hope for wide appeal.

Maybe some industrious Cawley-esque fan can build some sets and get the actors in the spacesuits one last time though? :)

And agreed with everyone here, LeVar and Nichelle look amazing.

It would be interesting to see a “rebooted” TNG. IMO. All of the actors involved have the chops to break out of the stilted old Starfleet mode of movies.

And, I would think there is a place for any of the ST actors in the new movies (just not as their original characters).

All could rise to the challenge and energy of the a more modern up-to-date take on our beloved ST universe.

I was there and I saw Nichelle, Brent & DeLancie. LeVar was not around when I was. I was pretty busy at our booth promoting our stuff.


WoW Having Nichelle come back as Zoes Mom would be an AWSOME cameo!!!!!!!!