Star Trek Online New Content Update Trailer

On Thursday March 18th Cryptic and Atari will release their first major content update for Star Trek Online with "Season One: Common Ground." Today they released their second trailer showing off the new features, check it out below.


Star Trek Online Expanding Universe Trailer #2

MORE: Trailer part 1 and more details



Star Trek Online is still available at a discount at (Purchase includes one month of online gameplay).



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Want to get this…. Guess I’ll have to save

I love the continued development of this game. I WISH Cryptic would allow various ship classes to continued to be used throughout the game, with more slots and powers added (like the more advanced ships) so we could continue to play with them.

Less is more in Star Trek, Cryptic. Less is more.

I’d get the game as it looks pretty fun, but I can’t get myself to keep paying monthly fees for a game that I already own (or spend $200+ for the game w/ lifetime membership). Oh well, maybe someday down the road.

What, no teen vampires? Forget it.

I can tell you I am a lifetime member and I am getting benifets from it and I am loving every minute of it!

Brian (and others who dont get monthly fees)

well you dont have to keep paying. You can buy the game for 30 bucks and play for a month or pay extra 15 and get two months of gameplay for 45 bucks. You will get more hours of play out of that than you would if you buy any stand alone game.

but the MMO experience is more like a subscription to Netflix, there is new content all the time, as the above trailer shows. You are not paying the monthly fee to play the game that comes in the box, you are paying for the new stuff and for the ability to interact with thousands of other trek gamers.

Wii version please!!!!

Yeah I agree, I think that these game’s fees are too expensive, but I understand them. You’re paying for content, servers, etc. But considering I pay less than $8 a month for Xbox Live and can play any game I want on there, but the whole $15 a month for a MMO seems a bit much to me. I did it for WoW, but no longer. STO needs to do a free trial like WoW does because it honestly doesn’t look that good to me from a Trekkie point of view but I’d still like to see how the game play holds up. Of course having a Mac version would be nice, I don’t want to waste system power running it on windows. Or even better, a 360 version. Khan, I very much doubt we’ll ever see a Wii version. Wii is just too weak of a system and isn’t meant for graphically demanding games. PS3 and 360, though, I think that wouldn’t be unreasonable.

An idea for future expansive trek game. Eventualy place gaming in all 3 eras of trek. Ent,TOS,TNG, and the already establised timeline. The sky is the limit. But we realy need more exploratin role playing option. My grown kids threw around these ideas.

I think we need a sandbox type of Star Trek game. One where you can choose which era (ENT, TOS, TOS movie, and TNG) and also switch between the normal and Mirror universes. One would progress through the game, unlocking starships as you go. Kind of like STO, but more like a third person game like “Grand Theft Auto”. Exploration would play a big part of this game. And there could be the equivelant of hidden packages which could be artifacts from extinct cultures. In the Mirror Universe, players could progress by assassination and conquest of alien worlds.
Hidden packages could be weapons from extinct cultures. It might be too big a concept for consoles though.

Well, I’ve been playing a month now, and unfortunately the game is getting a little old for me. There’s no sense of community, let alone roleplaying going on. The ship combat, while exciting at first, has gotten pretty old pretty fast.

I may revisit the game in a couple of months to see if Cryptic has worked out some of the kinks.


#10 – You never played Star Trek: Legacy then?

I loev the game, subscription fees dont bother me, honestly, compared to other MMO’s – this game is dirt cheap.

its updated all the time, I love flying my ‘tought little ship’ round sector space exploring planets and doing the episodes when I unlock them. The community is now HUUUUGE, every tiem I enter a system now there are other people involved and in turn my friend list has grown. Something I never expected to happen – adding other fans as friends – 90% of the gamers are good guys and a joy to play with.

Stop paying your ripoff xbox live as I am, and give in the Trek Online

Best Trek game in 7 years. Keep it going! A very entertaining game worth every cent!

I wanted this, but I cannot afford to be sucked into ANOTHER game like this! I spent last year redoing my second year at Uni because I ignored it and played on WoW.
Bring on more console based games!

Still no ship interiors? FAIL. I want to feel the sense of a real living world… this does not.

#5 who needs teen vampires when you have Vulcans.

Will this run on my Commodore 64?

Vic 20, please. Commodore Vic 20.

Yes, and if the AI is NOT self aware with the next update (along with real world physics), I will cancel my subscription.

//sarcasm off

Very fun game. I’m only level 18 so it will be awhile before I need more content.

18 & 19, Dudes you gotta upgrade to the Amiga man, the graphics are sick! ;)

just to clarify, the trailer posted here is NOT, I repeat: NOT for new content. Everything shown in “trailer 2” is already included in the game.

“just to clarify, the trailer posted here is NOT, I repeat: NOT for new content. Everything shown in “trailer 2″ is already included in the game.”

Um…no that is not correct. There is no fleet action ds9 map yet

Heh. I own the game, but don’t have a computer able to play it yet. I am almost glad that I can’t play it yet because when I do the game might actually be finished!

it’s a bit frustrating that “Klingon PvE content” is all stuff that the federation already has, so it’s not new. Most players, if they’re also playing a Fed character have already done these things.

What is the Dominion doing back?

@spark, are you saying that 5 seconds of that entire video is the ‘new’ stuff?

Due to the fact that I have two children, I’ve become a big fan of the Lego games. I kind of wish they could come out with a Lego Star Trek game, so that my kids could enjoy it. And me too.