Kevin Pollak and Maurice LaMarche Hold a “Shat Off” To Celebrate 2nd Talk Like William Shatner Day

March 22nd is William Shatner’s 79th Birthday, which means it is the 2nd annual "Talk Like William Shatner Day." This new holiday was declared last year by Shatner impressionist (and veteran voice actor) Maurice LaMarche. This year he has teamed up with comedian and fellow Shatner impressionist Kevin Pollak to celebrate with a "Shat Off" of dueling impersonations. Watch their video below.


LaMarche and Pollak ‘Shat Off’ for Talk Like William Shatner Day

International Talk Like William Shatner Day is the brain-child of renowned voice actor Maurice LaMarche (Pinky and the Brain, Harvey Birdman, Futurama, etc). He introduced the idea last year, and to get ready for the big day this year, the self-proclaimed ‘2nd best’ William Shatner impressionist teamed up with the greatest Shatner impressionist Kevin Pollok for a "Shat Off", where they read from the tweets of ShitMyDadSays, a preview of Shatner’s performance in the pilot of Sh*t My Dad Says.

[WARNING: Video contains adult language]

Last year’s celebration
And if you missed it, here is LaMarche’s introduction to the first Talk Like William Shatner Day, where he provides helpful Shatner-speak instructions.

Classic Pollak
Comedian Kevin Pollak has been doing Star Trek and Shatner jokes for decades. Here is a routine he did (around 1988?) joking about the upcoming Star Trek V.

How Will You Celebrate Talk Like William Shatner Day?

So are you ready for International Talk Like William Shatner Day? TrekMovie encourages you to post your Shatner birthday tributes to YouTube, and send us a link to tips[at]trekmovie[dot]com. We will feature the best ones on the site.

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I want a talk like Scotty Day!!

haha scotty! that would be funny

Where can I get the shirt Pollak is wearing?

Er… the one in the first video, that is.

Those are some retro impersonations. Dudley Moore as Arthur? Yikes.

First time poster here. Kevin Pollack & Maurice LaMarche are the best! Gotta enjoy their impersonations of Kirk & Egon…I mean Orson…I mean Slimer…oh you know…

Gotta start work on my Kirk impression!

Too bad there’s no “Talk like Tolian Soran” day.

I can do a pretty good Malcom McDowell when I’m in the mood.

Can anyone pinpoint Who he had playing spock in that routine? Rodney Dangerfield, Christopher Lloyd or Robin Williams maybe?

His birthday is actually Blast From the Past Day at my school, so I’m going to dress up as the Shat (well, Ct.Kirk) and talk like him! :D

Finally… one day… outtathewholeyearwhen… I… don’thave… to explain why… Italkthisway.

Kevin – I think Spock might have been Dan Hedaya-

Spock was Christopher Lloyd’s charactor from Taxi (The Reverend) Jim “Iggy” Ignatowski

I’ll be in Chicago over Shatner’s Birthday! xD On a band trip of all things, LOL.

Maybe I’ll see some mobsters and I can tell ’em the Federation’s takin’ over. ;3 Guess I’ll have to bring my ‘Trek t-shirt~

Here is my entry!



– W –
* Anyone see the priceline ad where they made fun of that ? *

Spock was Christopher Loyd as the ‘Reverend Jim’ character he used to do on “Taxi”. Surely some of you know these. I’m not that old.

I Have Had Enough of You. Love that line in Trek 3. Seeing Kruge fall to the Lava below. So cool.

Wow LaMarche really looks a lot like Gene Roddenberry.

I want a “Talk Like Sulu Day”.



Oh, yes! I will try the talk with all of my colleagues. :)

Obviously we WILL alsobecelebrating…type……likeWilliamShatnerDay.


the Kevin Pollak parody was better than the film!

thanks for posting this, I never seen it before .

For shame, Anthony… you forgot to include the single, greatest Shatner impersonation clip of all time. (Yes, it’s Kevin Pollack again, but different than the one above.)

If you haven’t seen it before, you will be amazed and you will pee your pants:

(P.S. – Okay, the content is similar, but it’s still better, IMHO!)

Oh My’stalklikeWilliam Shatnerday. I can’twait.

The open mouthed gape of hesitation Pollack makes (twice) in the first video is laugh out loud funny. Effin genius.

Who’s impersonation was it that Kevin did of for Scotty?

I got Spock (Chris Lloyd) and Bones (Clint Eastwood), but I have no idea who was doing Chekov and Scotty.

“Put this cream ………………….on your pecker. ”


@26 … Dudley Moore.

@27 … Not Clint, Jack Nicholson. There was no Chekov. …Was there?

@27 – Chekov was Robin Williams…I’m still confused as to who was Scotty….someone from The Rolling Stones perhaps? Keith Richards?

Scotty was Dudley Moore. And Chekov was of course Robin Williams….for some stupid reason I thought he was Sulu. :)

I think a talk like scotty day would be more fun

Excellent! Especially Kevin Pollack with his multiple impersonations. Priceless… :D

Its funny to me that Kevin Pollak was doing Jim from Taxi since I learned how to do a Jim impersonation from Maurice LaMarche. Years ago on a Young Comedian Special, he did did a “Kruge as Reverend Jim” bit that was hilarious!

Here it is:

He starts the ‘Jim’ bit around 1:30.


In a longer version of Pollack’s skit, Sulu is played by his dead on impersonation of Woody Allen. He has a great line:

Sulu (Woody Allen): Captain I know you’re a busy man, so I won’t bother you with my personal problems, but the real problem is… well the transporter is beaming down everything within range. It’s a mess down here. I have rocks, trees, tribbles, my Uncle Hashi… it’s crazy down here!

Kirk: My transporter’s being run by a Jew.

Great stuff!

All these Shat-ner Impressions came from Jim Balushi [sp] on SNL doing Kirk, he was the first to to it after all ;-)

No, that was the late John Belushi doing Kirk on SNL.

Where’s Seth McFarlane?

sorry, MacFarlane.

…-Happy Birthday to James T. KIRK the 1-st. … :D

Cool! Hope there is a ‘Talk Like Sir Patrick Stewart Day’.