ST09 CelebWatch: Saldana Wins Award + Pine Kissed By Rogen + Cho Talks Star Trek Muppet Replacement + more

And we’re back. It’s time to check in with the new stars of Star Trek. This last week almost all of the new crew were spotted, with Zoe Saldana winning an award, Chris Pine kissing for charity, Zachary Quinto getting more Gershwin buzz, Anton Yelchin performing with his band, John Cho talking Star Trek muppets, and Simon Pegg wrapping production his latest movie. Get all the details below


Zoe Wins Casandra Award + in April Vogue

On Wednesday Zoe Saldana (Star Trek’s new Uhura) was in the Dominican Republic (where she spent her teen years) attending the International Casandra Awards. The actress won the award for Most Outstanding Artist Abroad. Here is video (via ConCanada) and photo (via

Zoe at the Casandra Awards

As reported previously, Zoe Saldana is gracing the April covers of both Essence Magazine and Glamour Magazine, but she isn’t done yet, she also has a feature in April’s Vogue Magazine. One thing is for sure, Zoe Saldana is in fashion.

Zoe in April Vogue

Pine attends Night At Sardis – Gets Kissed By Seth Rogen

On Thursday Star Trek’s new Kirk, Chris Pine attended the 18th Annual Night at Sardi’s fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association. Here he is on the red carpet.

Chris Pine on the red carpet at Night at Sardis event

The host for the evening was Star Trek fan and actor Seth Rogen. And reports that he and Pine got a bit close at the event:

Seth Rogen has served as the host of the 18th Annual A Night at Sardi’s on Thursday night, March 18 when he drew laughter from the audience when recalling his experience kissing Chris Pine. "I just kissed Chris Pine,” he announced after introducing the “Star Trek” actor. He added, “It was awesome.”

The comedian who will be seen starring in “The Green Hornet” further boasted, “I kissed him hard and I kissed him strong.” He then revealed what he got from Pine afterward, admitting “He punched me pretty hard.” Though so, the 27-year-old confessed he has no regret for his action. “Do I regret it? Not one bit,” so he claimed.

Rogen and Pine arriving at Night at Sardis event – before the big ‘kiss’

More Gershwin Buzz for Zachary Quinto

In January Deadline Hollywood started a rumor that Zachary Quinto could be starring in a biopic about musician George Gershwin, to be directed Steven Spielberg. This rumor has now been partially confirmed by Michael Feinstein, the co-producer on the project who told Playbill the project is an "absolute go" and that "they have been talking to Zachary Quinto about playing George". However the report does note that "no casting, director or release date has been announced."

No word yet from Quinto himself on the Gershwin project. The actor (along with some other celebrities) was spotted in New York on Tuesday at a Rufus Wainwright show. In January Quinto had said that he would be in New York this Spring to shoot Margin Call a film he is producing and appearing in.   

Quinto spotted in New York this week

Cho’s FlashForward returns – jokes about muppet replacement for Star Trek sequel

Star Trek’s new Sulu John Cho is a regular on the ABC genre show FlashForward which returned from a long hiatus this last Thursday. Earlier in the month John Cho along with other cast and crew members attended a FlashForward panel discussion at the Paley Festival in Los Angeles. TV Guide talked to the actor on the red carpet and asked him about the Star Trek sequel, and Cho joked it will be "an all Muppet movie" and his services were not needed as he was replaced by a "baby Muppet". Catch the video (where Star Trek vet Brannon Braga can also be spotted during the panel).

Pegg wraps Burke & Hare + Reacts to Spaced delay rumor _ Spaced flashmob

This week Simon Pegg (Star Trek’s new Scotty) has given a couple of Twitter updates on his upcoming projects. On Friday he tweeted that he had wrapped production on Burke & Hare, saying "What fun it has been running around in period costume, murdering people for financial gain. Don’t you do it though." And earlier in the week he addressed rumors that his sci-fi film Paul was being delayed:

Simon Pegg: Noticed a few articles stating that Paul has been delayed. It hasn’t .The schedule is the same as it always has been. It’s just a long ‘un.

Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis in "Burke & Hare"
(Daily Mail)

On Saturday there was a re-enactment of the famous gunfight scene in Spaced.  The ‘flashmob’ event was held at Trafalgar Square in London at 1PM. Pegg promoted the event via his Twitter, but apologized for not being able to attend. Video from Saturday is below (the original Spaced scene is on YouTube).

Anton Yelchin’s Band Plays Viper Room

On March 18th Anton Yelchin (Star Trek’s new Chekov) performed with his band the Hammerheads at the Viper Room in Hollywood, CA. A recap and photos from the show are available at the band’s MySpace page.

Yelchin (right) performing at Viper Room March 18th

Karl Urban?

Nothing new to report on Star Trek’s new Dr. McCoy. Earlier this year the actor wrapped shooting on the vampire movie Priest, based on the comic-book of the same name, and he was last reported working in Toronto on Red, another film based on a comic book.

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I have to admit I like pigs in space, an all muppet crew may work. Though a felt enterprise may not be space worthy

Wouldn’t it just be easier to post things that Zoe Saldana hasn’t done, said or received? Seriously, every other post is about her winning some award or saying something about the new movie which is later denied by somebody who is involved with what she said was supposedly going on. I’m really starting to get sick of her, she only had 5 or 6 lines in the movie anyway! When did this site turn in to the Zoe Saldana fan club? I think I’m done with until we’re a little closer to the next movie.

#2 Relax a little. You are really overstating reality, bud.

“Earlier this year the actor wrapped shooing on the vampire movie Priest”

Karl Urban shooed away a vampire movie priest? That’s awesome! I’d pay $20 to see that.

Vampire movie priest? What’s the vampire movie? Who’s the priest?

@2: “When did this site turn in to the Zoe Saldana fan club?”

Well, it’s better to be a Zoé fan club than a new Battlestar Galactica club. Oh, how I’ll miss the days when we were told to shut up if we brought up our dislike of BSG dedicated news on a Star Trek site.

@2: Hey, I say, good for Zoe.

And anytime they want to post something about her, I’m happy to take a look….


@ 2 and 6,

The internets are quite large. If you don’t like what gets posted here, you could set your browsers to a different url and surf away.

Or if you guys think you can make a better Trek blog, knock yourselves out.

#2 and #6

If you don’t like a particular article, just don’t bother with it. I and a lot of other folks enjoy the majority of articles Anthony and his staff put up for us to read FOR FREE. Just because you two have a problem with this article doesn’t mean you have to ruin the fun for everyone else.

And Jeyl, is there anything you do LIKE? Almost everytime you post its
how much you hate the new movie and on this thread you say you hate Battlestar Galactica.
Battlestar Galactica has nothing to do with this thread. If you have NOTHING nice to say, just don’t say anything at all.
Your rhetoric is getting tiresome.

Good for Chris for decking the idiot. That was disrespectful!

I’ll have to assume that Seth Rogen kissing Chris Pine wasn’t staged.
If that is so, then good on Chris for punching him. Rogen’s actions were totally uncalled for and he did that to a woman he’d be charged with sexual assault or have his ass handed to him. In this case, Chris showed restraint.

I meant, “…and if he did that to a woman….”

In regards to the Rogen vs. Pine…

It was a joke people. I doubt he even actually kissed Pine and I doubt that Pine actually ‘decked’ him.

It is frustrating to see homophobia is still an issue, despite Star Trek being all about “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations”

#13 From the sound of it, it wasn’t a joke. I could be wrong, but it sounds like it was an involuntary kiss. It has nothing to do with homosexuality.

@9: “And Jeyl, is there anything you do LIKE?”

Ya. I like Zoé winning this award and hearing what the stars have been up to. I’m not dissing this news article, I’m just responding to #2’s ‘Zoé fan club” comment saying that I’d rather have that than a BSG one.

#13 Every article I have come across regarding the kiss, suggests to me it was simply a joke. Many of the online article’s go so far as to say the crowd gathered for a sober fundraiser for alzheimer’s research thought it was pretty funny.

I think the initial reaction on this board, “Good for Chris for decking the idiot” and “then good on Chris for punching him.” appeared to me as a quick-to-judge, knee-jerk reaction to a man kissing another man. Yes, if it was a woman kissing Pine and he punched her in ‘self defence’, that might also make the news. (tongue in cheek switch implied) I apologize for any inference of homophobia.

As I mentioned early, I don’t even think the kiss happened, it was just a joke on how manly/sexy Chris Pine is, given during his introduction. (No, I am not gay, but Pine is a dude I would love to look like) Rogen was emcee’ing the evening and it was his duty to introduce each of the guests. Was the joke funny, some on this board obvisously don’t think so. Perhap’s there are a few very strong opinions of Seth Rogen’s talent and celebrity.

Cheers and all the best…

I love seeing this kind of stuff, particularly about Zachary Quinto and Simon Pegg getting such plum roles. Pegg, of course, already had a film career going before Star Trek, but it’s heartening to see Star Trek becoming a springboard for the careers of all these actors. It’s nice because Shatner, Nimoy, and company didn’t really get that—it was back in the day when TV was still something of a badge of dishonor for actors (IF they had any ambition to get into films) and particularly being associated with “fluff” TV, such as sci-fi. Now of course the new Star Trek isn’t TV—it was a blockbuster film. But that just makes it doubly nicer for a TV actor like Quinto, who has gotten this great boost. For all I know the guy could be a total douche in real life, but giving him the benefit of the doubt, I’m happy for him, and for all the others. Plus, it means that these guys (and Zoe Saldana) will always look back fondly on Star Trek, for giving some of them their big break, and others for boosting their careers higher than they otherwise might have gone. Are they all great actors? Eh. That remains to be seen. But so far, so good. Certainly Pine is very good, as is Pegg, and Quinto and Urban seem to be as well. The odds are Zoe Saldana and Cho will be able to prove themselves more in future, as well. And it’s just nice to see people with ability making it in that business. It’s heartening in a way.

Wow. Zoe Saldana is getting so many awards and is getting in so many magazines…. or maybe it just seems like that because thats all we hear about her…. :)

I am horrificly confused about this kissing thing. Its just a joke right? This Rogen dude is just a freak right? You know, if this is some gay thing, it’s going to ruin Chris Pine for me……[no offense against the gay people]

@2 agreed… enough already, she isnt even that hot… she’s treated like she’s bloody Mother Theresa on this site.

@5,7,8,9,13 (all the others, but especially 8) – this is the problem with having next to no Trek on tv… We get bugger all news and the news we do get is the same regurgitated crap repeated over and over copied and pasted from some other site. Thing is this is a good site, its definitely not a blog (I’m looking at you 8, sarcasm is the lowest wit) but sadly sci-fi is taking a nose dive this past decade. Crap movies, crap games, crap books, crap comments on a Trek news site.

Much love goodnight…

anyone who cares:

If you don’t like whats posted on this site, go suck eggs, because some of us acually DO like reading these articles. If you hate what you are reading here so much why the hell do you read it?

If you spend your time commenting on what you detest with such passion, you really don’t have enough to do. Get a life.

New Trek is very lucky to have such an awesome cast. Zach, welcome to NY! Hell of a Gershwin town. Zoe, you’re gorgeous darling! Chris, if you’re gonna kiss a guy, let it be Zachary Quinto. Just sayin’.

About Rogen kissing CP it’s only joke just “funny thing”in the important event for charity.


The only “crap comments” I see are from haters like you. It seems to me that you’d be better off staying away from this site.

If you don’t want to read about something…DON’T OPEN IT!

Bitching has it place on this & every other public forum, but choose your battles people!

You don’t have to read about Zoe if you don’t want to, just don’t open articles with her picture & name in the preview pane.

Save your bitching for the stuff you can’t control like how ugly the new Enterprise is or how lame it is that the guys presently making Star Trek don’t understand the difference between Kirk’s phaser & Han Solo’s blaster.

Grow up!

I love how people here are cussing peoples perfectly reasonable opinions. As followers of this site aren’t we allowed to express them as well? Is that OK with you guys or should I go “grow up”? Or are you all happy to just salivate and follow the crowd, praise everything for the sake of praising it? Lemmings anyone?

Plus I never said I was a hater #19, just sick of seeing “Zoe gets another meaningless award” garbage. But there you go, in your view because I have a totally different opinion on the subject and chose to express myself I should go to a different site? I’m sorry who died and made you king of the internet? No one? Oh!

My point was, there is no decent Trek news and the sheer amount of these types of stories backs that view up.

its a beautiful world alright, when people argue about commenting opinions by commenting opinions.

@19- uh, dude, look at the format. This is a blog. And it is a damn fine blog.

Oh, and while I’m at it, I’ll correct you one another point. Sarcasm isn’t the lowest form of wit, juvenile toilet humor is.

So take that, you poopy-head!


God, this is ridiculous. I agree, we don’t need to know every time Zoe Saldana turns around, but if you don’t want to read about her, don’t. Just read the parts of the article you’re interested in. There’s no reason for it to affect you.

@21–Amen to that. In OR out of character, it doesn’t even matter. :)

Ok, I don’t miss the days of the BSG threads. But I still like this.

Don’t worry John Cho, I don’t think FlashFoward will cause any potential conflicts in your schedule for much longer.

I think the “ST09 Celebwatch” category should be a warning that we’ll be dished the latest dirt on the actors from the latest film.

I enjoy knowing they’re getting work, and staying in the public eye. All the better for Trek2012’s box office numbers.

You go, Zoe.


“My point was, there is no decent Trek news and the sheer amount of these types of stories backs that view up.”

Let’s get this straight: You say there is no decent Trek news. I say that might be true in regards to the sequel, but that is only logical because the new movie came out less than a year ago and Bob and Alex are only beginning to figure out what kind of story they want to write. But there is also other things being reported, like books, Star Trek Online, toys, birthdays, comics, etc. I’m actually surprised and marvel at the fact that despite nothing much going on right now in regards to live action Trek, Anthony and his staff are still able to fill time by bringing us news on other things Star Trek. And most of us DON’T share your opinion that there is no decent Trek news.

Once again, I have to ask if you don’t like what is being reported here, why do you keep bitching? Why even bother with this site if you don’t like the articles? Just because you have freedom of speech doesn’t mean you have to complain just because you feel cynicism and negativity is somehow needed to “balance” things out. Your statements demonstrate your arrogance. You feel that since you aren’t getting the articles YOU want to read, then somehow its “garbage”. Calling this thread “garbage” is an insult to Anthony and his staff who work hard FOR FREE to bring us news when they definitely don’t have to. Its also an insult to those who have enjoyed articles devoted to Zoe Saldana. You are entitled to your opinions, but you are totally wrong. And you have proven yourself to be a “hater”.

hahahaha I love stirring people up… look how angry you are… its fun!

#33 with all your above comments, I honestly thought that you were going to come up with something better than that. I guess when people have you proved that is the only thing left you can say……

Shot, I would kiss Chris Pine too! :-P

Good day! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog. Is it tough to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Thanks