Watch Takei’s New Sharp TV Commercial + Shatner’s Evil Twin For Priceline

It isn’t just the new Star Trek cast that is having all the fun these days. Members of the original Star Trek crew can be seen on TV selling TVs and discounted hotel rooms. Check out the new commercials featuring George Takei and William Shatner below.


Takei for Sharp – Oh My

George Takei is the new pitchman for Sharp’s Quattron TVs, and of course he uses his signature line…oh my. Check it out.

Shatner’s evil twin

Another commercial airing over the last month is Shatner’s latest ‘Negotiator’ ad for And this one features the Negotiator’s evil twin who looks like he came right from the Mirror Universe.


Thanks to Kurt for the tip


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Hahaha, Shatner is hilarious!

shatner thats is so cool

Is it just me or does Evil Shat look an awful lot like Jonathan Frakes?

George looks like he’s having fun.

Hope I’m still that active when I’m 120.

Shatner is the best! ( and, oh, God! How he remains handsome!)

Both those commercials are awesome.

Gotta love George & the Shat!

Both were great, but the world needs more Evil Shatner!

@CmdrR oh, I ever wondered Shatner has something that resembles to Frakes, ! and not only as Evil Shat in that one =D

the Takei commercial is commiting some BAD SCIENCE.

How can you add a fourth color ? There can only be RGB (red green blue). You can’t just add yellow.

At least captain kirk doesn’t mis-lead the customers !

Isn’t Green already Blue + Yellow?

Shatner’s was OK but I like Takei’s better.

The Shat commercial gives me hope that he could once again be on-screen as James T Kirk. Looks like he’s lost some weight, and looking good!

Shat is awesome! I’m going to be looking forward for more of Takei’s commercials! Love Priceline! When is Shit My Dad Says gonna get picked up!!! lol

Oh My! :O

Looks like Priceline’s take on Mirror, Mirror.

Good to see Bill going strong, even when he turns 79 tomorrow!

#9 The three primary colours are red, yellow and blue.

I really liked these ads. Especially the “mirror” Priceline ad.

Its ironic how the “Oh, my!” line which was spoken by William Shatner during Captain Kirk’s death scene in “Generations” is now attributed to George Takei, who is now making money off of it. I wonder if this is the source of their feud…..?

Without trying to vouch for the Takei commercial, those saying “red, yellow blue” don’t understand color. Color made by combining emitted light is called Additive Color.

In additive color, all colors added together make White. In TVs since the beginning, and computer monitors, the color pixels are Red, Green, and Blue. Ever heard of RGB?

Subtractive color is what most people hear are thinking, but even that more acurately uses Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. Think about your printer inks. In subtractive color, all the colors blended together make Black, not White.

Takei’s commercial was funny the first time, but is quickly becoming annoying.

Shatner is great…evil/mirror Priceline with a goatee!!


I bid 400 quatloos on the Sharp Quattron!

I didn’t even notice Shat’s evil pinky ring the first time around….awesome, I must get one of those..

10 and 15.

We’ve gotta cut jas _montreal some slack. He’s Canadian, after all. : D

Love both commercials! I’ve seen Shatner do that evil bit in another priceline ad.

Shatner does indeed looke like Frakes! In fact, when I first saw that commercial on TV last week, I thought that it was Frakes himself doing the commerical with Shatner, and for a second or two I thought how cool it was getting these two Trek icons together for the ad. Then I realized it was Shatner, but, dang, they look alike!

That fourth color is a bit strange. Were people straining the red and green phosphors too much to make yellow on their old TVs?

Has anyone else noticed the Coke Zero “Time-Machine” ad that has been airing lately. The FX used for the guy going back in time are almost identical to the new transporter FX from ST09. Wonder if it’s a coincidence or homage?


You’re all wrong in one form or another.

The three primary colors of light TO THE HUMAN EYE are red, green and blue. Those are nearest to the peak response colors of the three types of cones in the eye (respectively L/rho, M/gamma and S/beta). However, some (about 10% of women) have a polymorphic OPN1LW gene, so they might have a fourth cone that would essentially see yellow best. I suspect that’s why they chose to go with adding a yellow phosphor.

Some of you are confused by what art teachers teach, which should be called the three primary colors of PIGMENT (the secondary colors of light), properly known as cyan, yellow and magenta (just like a color printer), but where art teachers tweak the colors just a tad making cyan closer to blue, and magenta more of a red. Red light thus appears a bit more orange than red pigment.

#24, I agree with you. If they really wanted to be revolutionary, they’d add a VIOLET phosphor, because, that’s the one color range of the spectrum that can’t be stimulated in our eyes by RGB televisions, or this new RYGB model. Of course, violet laser pointers (as those who’ve got them know) are unsettling in that our eyes have trouble focusing violet! It’s one of the more fun parts of my travelling physics show to do an “eye test” with red, orange, yellow and green HeNe lasers and a blue and violet solid state laser.

Immmm Caaaaptaaain Kiiirrrrk!

@3 You’re not the only one, I too thought it was Frakes even after reading it was William Shatner!

It’s Shatner’s birthday today. Hail the Shat. 79.

reminds me o f Shatner’s character(s) in “The Enemy Within”.


I bid 800 quatloos on the Sharp Quattron, but only if sold by the evil twin newcomer…


IMO, Shatner generally looks like Jonathan Frakes nowadays!

I get more of a Rip Torn vibe from EvilShatner…


Surprised that hasn’t been reported either. Guess it’ll get to it.

@33 I’m with you… that’s Don Geiss! :)

#15…nope…reportedly, the Shatner/Takei feud goes back to the 60s whn it was reported that Takei was pissed that Shatner was hogging all the glory and being an asshat about it on-set…that and Takei had a crush on Shatner and was rejected by the Shat and got pissy about it and BOOM a feud begins…

Hard to believe that Shat’s 79, isn’t it?

Hail to the Shat and happy Bday too one heck of a guy! Beloved in both universes! Too bad Palin dose not have a good twin or go T LOL. Shat is truely immortal. Here’s to your next 79 years! You will be around

Remember… Speak-like-Shatner Day is today! :)

Happy Birthday Mr Shatner!

both of thoseare brilliant.

The new Priceline is brilliant

That was awsome! Shat looks GREAT for 79… HAPPY BIRTHDAY William the big Bill Shatner!!!

“actor portrayal” LMAO!

Here’s to William Shatner….the youngest 79 year old on the planet!

God I wish I had his genes.

And don’t forget, Nimoy’s is the 26th…Both on the same year BTW. Happy Birthday to both gentlemen!

LOL, love it.

Almost as funny as the animated sequence of Spock & Uhura making out in the elevator in last night’s Simpson’s “Kiss Montage”.

The world won’t be complete until Shatner and Takei are in the same commercial as enemies.

And, I loved that Simpsons montage; especially for including Zira and Taylor, as well as the NuSpock and NuUhura smootch.

I love George’s little chuckle at the end of the Sharp ad – the “Oh, my!” seems a little forced, but his trademark chortle always sounds spontaneous (even if it may be planned).

Happy Birthday Mr. Shatner!

What gets me the Evil Twin dosn’t damage the house but the good Shat damages the guys wall what’s up with that Shat?

Shat from the Terran Empire. Now that is so Kool.!!!!!!