Watch Star Trek Moment From Last Night’s Simpsons

Last night’s episode ("Stealing First Base") of Fox’s long-running animated comedy The Simpsons contained a brief reference to the new Star Trek movie. Watch the video below, plus another poignant classic Simpsons/Trek moment.   


Star Trek Kiss in Simpsons

"Stealing First Base" was all about Bart dealing with matters of the heart with a new girl at school. This culminated in a fateful kiss, which launched a montage of famous movie kisses, including one from Star Trek, watch it.  (via Hulu, sorry USA only)

While not as common as the Trek gags on Family Guy, The Simpsons has its share of final frontier funnies over the years. With all the talk about Klingons in the 2012 Star Trek sequel (the 12th Trek film), this classic gag from the fourth season episode "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie" in 1992 seems prescient. (again via Hulu)

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Thanks for the videos I cant watch.

That was hilarious! I’ve never seen it.

videos we can’t watch..
Happy Birthday Capt Kirk… William Shatner… you are still our Captain!
Early Happy Birthday Mr Spock in 4 days…Leonard Nimoy…fascinating!!!

Nice to know Trek is in the same league as GWTW.

Wow that was so damn funny…

is what I would’ve said if I could’ve watched them

Hilarious. A good laugh, 2nd clip sounds like original actors too….

The gag from the Itchy and Scratchy Movie episode is great, especially as we now wait for Star Trek XII. Actually, I think imdb currently has this episode in the references section for the upcoming film.

BEAUTY & THE BEAST is not forgotten!!

LOL, wow. I’ve heard of that clip, but that was the first time I’ve actually seen it. Considering when it was made, it makes perfect sense. The Simpsons did it again.

Those are awesome! Thanks!

I was soooo excited when I saw they included ST in that montage, hilarious and awesome!

No one will ever top the fun that Futurama had with Trek and Trek fandom.

May I please ask for another link because these “hulu” videos do not work in the UK=(

Enough wit the bloody Hulu already. :(

Quit bitching people if it bothers you that much move out of your crappy country to America, its an american show to for gods sake. Go watch your own tv shows

They don’t function in all of Europe.
Something like a American only Club.
So Hulu must be Racist….

My God, but that first video was hysterical! And I appreciated their use of the “Love Theme” from CINEMA PARADISO as the music for all of the ‘great kisses of cinema!’ HA!

15. Smoke dont be an a**hole!
For anyone outside the USA kindly just search youtube you will find the clips on youtube.

Hulu sucks! I’m in the US and it never works!

Smoke warning for trolling, gourlay warning for flaming

Everyone else
it is pointless to post about Hulu. We have no control over Hulu, just like we have no control over clips from CTV in Canada or BBC in the UK which are also country-specific. That is just how the Internet works.

So… the Spock/Uhura kiss is more famous than the Han/Leia kiss from “The Empire Strikes Back?”

Nevermind. Don’t want to get a rush of Star Wars hatred flowing through here now.

Star Trek and WALL-E in the same montage? Sweet

Try uploading to youtube.
It’s a great site. You may have heard of it

“Again! With the Klingons!”


DAMN YOU HULUUUUU… argh, how I hate localized online videos…

They were some funny clips, The Simpsons always come up with some clever bits.

If Trek ever returns to TV, it should take a lesson from ‘The Simpsons’ – after decades on air, the last two episodes were as good as anything they’ve ever done. If I ever get married again, that montage is showing at my wedding.

Ok thats it, it’s not the fact the vids don’t work, it’s attitudes like the one of the person that is 15. Smoke – March 22, 2010, that is making me avoid this site. That is a blatant and prejudice attack on anyone outside the US and it only warrants a warning!

Star Trek XII: So Very Tired

That was an impressive montage of romantic moments, especially liked the detail in the Star Trek and WALL-E moments

I’m sorry, but I was much happier to see WALL-E and EVE’s kiss included (marks the little guy’s second appearance on the show)

I’d like to see both Shatner and Nimoy together on an episode of “The Simpsons”. Nimoy has done two already, and both are two of the greatest episodes in “Simpsons” history.


Happy Birthday Mr. Shatner!

15. Yeah, there is the spirit of Star Trek for you!
Hey, Chekov, glad you joined the USS Enterprise and got out of that sh**hole of a country you live in.
You too, Uhura, man, Kenya, what a cesspool.
Scotch, you kidding me Scotty? Its like drinking p*ss. Here have a Bud! American brew whooooooo! hah! (Big product placement by JJ of Kirk and McCoy tinking their cans together in a toast as Uhura, Rand, and Chapel sashay by in Trek-themed swimsuits.

BTW, some of us are Americans living and working outside of the U.S. for one reason or another. Um, so tell some soldier to get out of his crappy assignment, er, Iraq and go back to America so he can watch TV online.

(I’m not in this situation, but I can see. However I do live and work in China for now).

Although, those of outside of the U.S. should know that this ain’t Anthony’s fault. It is bloody Hulu and their ilk who block non-U.S. traffic. So don’t phaser the messenger.

I agree that Futurama was way better than the Simpsons, but that didn’t keep me from watching the Simpsons all these years.

That montage of kissing scenes was hilarious and I got every reference. My kids got about half of them and if not for me showing them things they should see, they would have got less than 10%.

And Futurama is coming back, soon on Comedy Central.


Ok, once again… the reason Hulu doesn’t work in other countries has to do with the various copyright situations across the globe. Hulu doesn’t do this to be spiteful or because they hate foreigners. They’d LOVE to be able to let people watch it no matter where! More viewers = more ad revenue!

it would seem we really appreciate being spoon fed… even though a couple of words into youtube or the likes would produce similar results.. i may even give it a try! [cynical? Nah!] :)
keep up the stirling work Mr Pascale & co…

Sammy Davis Jr. kissing Archie Bunker.

Man, I guess that makes me old that I recognized that.

I’m so very tired off all the discussions…
For all of us foreign trekmovie-readers a chance to revisit one of the funniest simpsons-trek-moments ever:

” 16. qwerty – March 22, 2010

They don’t function in all of Europe.
Something like a American only Club.
So Hulu must be Racist….

Europe is a race?

I can’t believe no one has mentioned the alien/Ripley kiss. Hilarious!

Got every reference. I am old. Nice touch with Vincent and Catherine. The funny thing about The Simpsons, Family Guy and even South Park is how many of the references are there for middle-agers and fly right over the kids’ heads.

HAHAHAHA that was awsome!!!

Hulu is about to be taken by omcast the worst to follow for all the world is going to. Be come like pay per view so I say its the feringie. Have to fear not forieginers

Incidentally, that girl who gave Bart mouth-to-mouth was voiced by Sarah Silverman, who played Rain Robinson in Star Trek: Voyager’s “Future’s End” episodes.

Screw HULU


انا حوب ستار ترك

They didn’t have the Titanic kiss. D:

Only “USA” ???,,,,hate “hulu” site,,,please upolad youtube.

People OUTSIDE the U.S., there is a way to bypass the geographical block.

If you download ultrasurf dot com or hotshield. com (both free), they’ll hide your IP address and bypass the geographical restrictions.