Vulcan Named Official Star Trek Capital of Canada

The small town of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada has been capitalizing on it’s Trek-ish name for the last couple of decades, and now they have made it official. Vulcan has now been deemed the ‘Official Star Trek Capital of Canada.’ The town is planning a number of events to celebrate, including a visit from Leonard Nimoy. All the details below.



Vulcans make it official + Nimoy to unveil ‘Spock’ bust

The town of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada got its name in 1910 by a Canadian Pacific Railway surveyor who had a special interest in roman mythology. However, ever since Star Trek came on the air in the 60s, people have looked at the town differently. Citizens of the small town on the Canadian prairie (current population: 1,792) noticed in the 70s and 80s that people would stop by and get their picture taken next to anything with the name "Vulcan" on it, flashing the famous Star Trek Vulcan salute. Soon local merchants began carrying Star Trek merchandise and by the early nineties the town began holding an annual Trek convention/town fair. Star Trek themed murals, a replica of the Enterprise and the "Trek Station" visitors building all followed. One Trekkie from nearby Calgary even had her final wish fulfilled by being buried in the Vulcan town cemetery, complete with a headstone shaped like the Starfleet logo. In short, the Vulcans embraced Trek in a big way.

Vulcan’s ‘Trek Station’

Some may remember last year the town of Vulcan made news for its quixotic campaign to host the world premiere of JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. Quite a goal for a town that doesn’t even have a movie theater! In the end Paramount stuck with their plan to start their Star Trek world tour at the famous Sydney Opera House, but due to intervention from Leonard Nimoy the residents of Vulcan did get a special advance screening of the film in nearby Calgary. JJ Abrams also sent a letter to the mayor of Vulcan thanking him and the town for their "encouragement, dedication and support of Star Trek."

Vulcan town leaders with framed copy of the Star Trek DVD and letter from JJ Abrams

And now the town has taken it to the next level by getting a license from CBS to be designated the official Star Trek capital of Canada.
“We are very excited about our new status as the Official Star Trek Capital of Canada, and look forward to working with CBS to incorporate even more elements of the Star Trek universe into our community’s public spaces,” said Dayna Dickens, Vulcan’s Tourism Coordinator.

Vulcan makes it official

To celebrate their new official status, the town of Vulcan has a number of activities in 2010, including:

  • a special visit from actor Leonard Nimoy, the original Vulcan Mr. Spock on April 23, courtesy of the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo
  • unveiling a bronze bust of Mr. Spock and Mr. Nimoy’s Live Long and Prosper handprint in downtown Vulcan
  • the launch of an inaugural line of Star Trek collectible souvenir merchandise in the Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station gift shop
  • and a guest appearance by actor Tim Russ (Star Trek Voyager’s Tuvok) at the Spock Days/Galaxyfest community-wide Star Trek convention June 11 and 12

For more on Vulcan and these events visit

More Star Trek towns?

Vulcan is the official Canadian Star Trek capital. So it is possible that other cities around the world may also want to jump in and get themselves named capitals as well. An obvious candidate for the American capital would be Riverside, IA, which Gene Roddenberry deemed to be the official birthplace of James T. Kirk. Each year Riverside hosts their own "TrekFest" town fair with a Star Trek theme. And in Scotland, Linlithgow and Aberdeen can battle it out to be the UK capital.



Here is Travel Alberta Tourism video about Vulcan

And here is a report from G4TV from last year’s Vulcan Star Trek convention



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Well duh! Vulcan is awesome. Good food too.

Oh, and I love the town council uniforms!

The town of Vulcan has a total population of 1,792?

Great! When Nimoy comes to town and they have a parade for him, there’ll be nobody left to watch it!

Well, while one can argue that the US Trek capital should be Riverside, Iowa, I’d prefer Bozeman, Montana for it is the where First Contact took place on April 5, 2063. That is the day and event that began the entirety of Trek lore.

wow trek lives!!!! nimoys the man !!!

About damn time! Vulcan kicks butt, and I want to go back there so bad, especially now that I’m turning into a fully reformed geek.

I love the Star Trek theme that l’il Vulcan has adopted. Even Star Trek aside, Vulcan is an awesome town. It’s nice, quiet…definitely a different pace from the big city. Once of my favorite towns to visit, without a doubt.

I’d say Iowa, it was where I was born, and hey what about San Fransico, it is where Starfleet HQ will be!

Live long and prosper in Iowa.
Riverside…you better get your butts in gear for that designation.

Vulcan is such a small town that when the mayor plugs in his electric razor the street lights dim!

Be nice to the Vulcans. It might be a small town. But it certainly has that optimistic Star Trek spirit. There’s even a replica of the Enterprise in the town square.

As for the U.S., I agree that the title should go to a town that actually needs advertising. Riverside is one possibility. Perhaps a town connected to the space program?

Believe me, I have been to San Francisco many times and like it. But it does not need another boost to its considerably large ego. The city is already a major tourist destination. And among its many sister cities is Paris. And I am not talking about the one in Texas.

Yup, that Paris.

Hopefully Vulcan, Alberta will live long and prosper unlike its counterpart in the new movie. I really would like to visit the town.


Vulcan is such a small town that when the mayor shaves his balls with an electric razor, the power goes out!

Last time I was in Vulcan, I tried to visit the town library, but it was closed. Somebody had checked the book out!

Last time I looked, Linlithgow had pretty much won the competition to be Scotty’s birthplace –

If that ain’t ‘official’ enough for ya, what is?

Since when did countries have official Star Trek states?

Not complaining, just curious. Where’s the UK official Star Trek state?

I live in Cochrane in Canada and theres not a trace of Star Trek there, except me!!!

While were at it Atlanta Georgia needs to be Dr. McCoy’s home town too!

I’ve never been so proud to live in Canada!!! [considering Canadians are only patriotic during beer comercials and hockey games]

I want to go there so bad!!! I’m the only Trekkie in MY small town so it would be so hilarious so say “I’ve been to Vulcan!” and have tons of people look at me like I’ve escaped the Funny Farm or something :)

kind of pathetic and sad, but hey, if there’s a town called Vulcan then there’s hope for anything:)

You know, you guys making fun of it really makes me laugh because to me, it looks huge to me. I mean, look at the high rise buildings…

so much compared to my pile-of-sticks village!

My town is so small pavement is like heaven :)

I Love Canada

That was awsome i never knew about the town. I want to plan a trip there now.

#3, 11, 14

Yah, we get it Harry…


“The mayor of Newark NJ is a big time Trekkie and they could use a tourism boost.”

Yeah, Anthony. Each tourist gets a red shirt upon entry.

#2 – I agree. It would be nice to see that canonized (maybe a variant of the late 2360s or 2370s uniforms) or at least homaged/duplicated in somebody’s STO account!

You can always come and visit the William Shatner building in Montreal, birthplace of same. Last time I checked, they serve beer there (Student Union Bldg)

Hahaha silly non-Canadians. Jealous that Canada beat you to the punch with an official Star Trek site?

Makes me prouder to be from Alberta, ladies! :D

Can’t wait to be in Vuclan next month. :)



YES! YES! YES!!!!!!

28. “Can’t wait to be in Vuclan next month”

I take it all back…….

You’re obviously stating your eager anticipation of your Russian mail-order-bride, Vuclan, arriving next month!

Just found my new vacation spot. :)

Live Long and Prosper