Simon Pegg Wants Sex Scene For Scotty in Star Trek Sequel

In the 2009 Star Trek movie both Kirk and Spock had love interests (or at least bed interest for Kirk). And it appears that Simon Pegg is a bit jealous. In a red carpet interview at the Empire Awards the actor revealed that he wants Scotty to get some action in the next Star Trek movie.


Pegg wants to go green

Zoe Saldana has lobbied (and apparently got the agreement from JJ Abrams) to have Uhura get a fight scene in the next Star Trek movie. Now it appear that Simon Pegg wants a different kind of action for Scotty. On the red carpet for the Empire Awards (see previous report) Pegg told Digital Spy what he wants for the Star Trek sequel:

I’d like to have sex with a green woman! Not me, but Scotty, sorry. See I say things, then I regret them immediately.

Pegg also talked about sci-fi films getting respect in Hollywood. Watch the video interview at

Simon Pegg in "Star Trek" – hey where is my green girl?

Scotty the lover?

Although Pegg seems to be joking, it is not out of the question. Even though he is mostly known for his skill as an engineer, Montgomery Scott did have some romance on the original Star Trek, most notably with Lt. Mira Romaine in the episode

"The Lights of Zetar." There was also a hint of a relationship between Uhura and Scotty in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

Scotty (James Doohan) and Mira Romaine (Jan Shutan) in "The Lights of Zetar"

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Scotty… he’s just a love machine!

TOMORROW! damn ive got the dentist!

Scotty/Gaila! Their love is so engineering track.

TOS episodes with Scotty loving a woman always go against his character. He’s always “lost in the love” of the girl, and not his engines (no pun intended).

He also seemed to have a thing for Carolyn Palamas in “Who Mours for Adonais?” And then there’s his brief but deadly flings on Argellius II in “Wolf in the Fold”. Although none of those women faired well. Argellius…ah, I’m going to go there some day. Or name a restaurant or production company after it like Ben Stiller.

I only saw Scotty have an appropriate romance in an old Star Trek comic, where he has a date with a girl and completely forgets about her when he sees her vehicle.

I would love to see Scotty and Mira Romaine have a love affair in Star Trek XII. Perhaps they actually meet at Starfleet Academy in the new timeline. I think they would make an awesome couple. They both are brilliant and a bit quirky. The 1988 TOS novel “Memory Prime” had them rekindling their romance that started in “The Lights of Zetar”. It is one of my favorite TOS era novelizations.

Yay for Pegg and Zoe, I hope they both get what they want.
Be neat to see Zoe kick some butt.


With Keenser?

Oh that’s strange…. I can see a scene between S/U before I can see Scotty in one.

Maybe K/S?

I see K/S blatant togetherness hints happening before Scotty/any female sex scene. Because Scotty’s main lady is the Enterprise, anybody else would only be second in his heart.

Captin – I dunnno think she can take it much longer! Captin – I ‘m givin her all she’s got! C’mon lass hold together!

Can;t you just hear those lines in ST2

God no. And I hope we see less of *this* Scotty next time.

As long as they don’t use Scotty for only comic relief and we get the Scotty we know and love next time.

Simon would do a funny sex scene

Good grief. It’s only the second production and already the actors are giving wish lists to the producers. Maybe in twenty years, but for now they should just be happy to be a part of it all.

“Get in your box, and dance.”
~John Stewart, on artists who try to influence politics and everyone else

Whoah whoah whoah, what is this? Zoe gets a kicking ass scene and now every other actor starts making scene demands? This isn’t “me-too” day at the funnel cakes stand, ladies and gentlemen of Hollywood.

Just kidding. I just hope the love interest is a giant gelatinous alien creature with fourteen arms and two rows of boobs who wants Scotty to be her love pet.

Oh please… This comedic actor will only further cheapen the beloved role by uttering lines such as, “I can only give ya impulse power!” Or, “Push her too far and she’s going to blow!” durning any such sex scenes.

I thought his true love was the Enterprise.
Like to get his hands on her “ample nacelles”
or something to that effect, LOL.

I hope the writers remember what made the character of Scotty great. His weakness for scotch, a slight obsession for the Enterprise and light-hearted humor. He was a character meant to provide some lighter moments, but also was serious when it came to doing his job. And let’s have him be seen as the “miracle worker” and come up with some ingenius solutions like he did during TOS.

And I have to agree with a few others and say that Scotty’s true love is always the Enterprise. But having a humanoid girlfriend in the next film can’t hurt even if it can’t last.

I think Simon’s coloring would clash with Orion slave girl green. Good luck, though.

I’m hoping we catch a drunken Scotty having sex with Tribbles… lots and lots of them!

I’d like to see Scotty get more screen-time in the sequel versus how much time uhura,kirk and spock got.

But yes, I’d like to see Scotty have a love interest in the sequel. Perhaps nurse chappel ? lol

so we will get a movie where Uhura kicks ass and Scotty gets some ass

I’m giving it all I got ;)

Never mind sex scenes. Let’s see Scotty in a more dramatic light, compared to the “comic relief” crap of the last film!

Yeah I might be the only one to think this, but I did not like Simon Pegg as Scotty. I like Simon Pegg, I think he’s funny, but I remember Scotty as more of a quiet and confident person, not hyper, running all over the place yelling. I think he was cast more for publicity for the movie rather than being the best choice for the roll. Just my opinion, though, and seems like I’m in the minority with it.


I agree. A little bit of romance wouldn’t hurt, but let’s leave out the sex. We want to keep it family friendly. And intelligent. Not that I have a problem with sex, its just that most of the time it is a crutch for lazy storytelling and shock value. Sometimes its better to leave something to the imagination.

While Simon Pegg’s Scotty kind of grew on me (I thought he was played too broadly at first until I rewatched some old TOS episodes), I too, would like to see him broaden his ‘dramatic chops’ a bit in the sequel as well.

I’ve little doubt that Simon Pegg is up to it; your best actors are often ones with comedic timing. Anyone who’s ever tried to make an audience laugh will understand.

As for a love scene? Bring back Carolyn Palamas! And give him a real shot at it this time; no demi-gods to muck things up for ‘im! ; )

I just hope he gets more screen time in the sequel… with a more confident bearing. That stoic stance was always what I loved about Scotty.


“That stoic stance was always what I loved about Scotty.”

Agreed. Scotty took himself more seriously than this man. That’s what made him so fun.

I want to see him swing a blood stained cricket bat again!

How about stealing an idea from Roddenberry’s OTHER show: Andromeda.

Give the Enterprise a female avatar that Scotty has an emotional relationship with.

Ha! And maybe the avatar takes a liking to Captain Kirk, which makes Scotty jealous, and causes some comedic friction between Scotty and Kirk, with Kirk not really interested, but Scotty not believing him.

I think Scotty and Uhura should be in the same scene. He could have sex with her and then she could kick his butt. (They were something of an item in STV.)

We have to get Uhura away from Spock since he’s supposed to be with Kirk.

*Crossing my fingers for a male love interest for Sulu in ST:XII…*

LOL at the people here taking what Pegg says in this interview seriously.

37. Okay, not only is that hilarious but it should TOTALLY happen!
And I can’t wait to see how the relationship between Spock and Kirk develops, even if it is just friendship stages for now ;)

I think Zoe Saldana needs to put on at the most another 50 pounds if she wants to be credible in a fight scene.

well in the original real star trek films uhura and scotty looked like they would get it on. so scotty and uhura can get together and then have a lovers quarrel … 2 birds with one stone


Isn’t stealing the name of the game from Team Abrams?

but I do have hopes for an original story next time and a Scotty that I recognise as the Scotty I know and love.

I loved Pegg’s performance but he was not playing my Scotty.

@39: “LOL at the people here taking what Pegg says in this interview seriously.”

I’d rather read/watch/hear an interview where he actually talks about the next film in a serious manner. If the actors don’t take the franchise seriously, why should I expect any differently from the guys behind the scenes?

He’s always got those ample nacelles to keep him happy.

I don’t think anyone should be taking Mr. Pegg’s remark too seriously. He’s got quite the sense of humor, likes doing comedy, and often has his tongue planted firmly in cheek. On the other hand, I’m sure he takes his work very seriously, when it comes to delivering a performance. If there’s a romantic interest for Scotty in the next film, I’m sure it won’t be a lark.

The only lady that Scotty is in love with is the Enterprise..keep it at that!
Give Chekov a little girl friend..even Sulu…maybe Demora’s future mother…not Scotty…he’d be to busy with his technical journals!!
I agree….he is the comic relief..not the serious lady’s man…
male love interest for SULU!?…if so…maybe Peter Kirk huh?

Saldana wants Uhura to have a fight scene, Pegg wants Scotty to have a sex scene. Way to go. That’s the spirit of Star Trek right there.

Kirk should have a ripped tunic scene, mccoy a few i’m a doctor, not a… scenes and chekov needs some dumb russian origin scene!

I have to agree with some that Pegg is not quite my Scotty but then I should probably blame some of the later Trek films for that as Doohan became more and more the comic relief. Thus, Pegg is following in the later footsteps of Scotty.

While Scotty still provided humor in TOS I think it was more a natural part of the scenes rather than with any idea that of “oh, time for comic relief so let’s write Scotty into this scene.” As observed, TOS Scotty seemed more “sober” in his role than the later Scotty in the films–in fact, Pegg almost borders on a caricature or parody of Scotty in the new film. Maybe my opinion will change after the next film if they do settle him down more as a character rather than writing him as an older companion piece to Chekhov’s hyper-intelligent child prodigy.