Star Trek Wins Best Sci-Fi Film At Empire Awards + Saldana Wins Best Actress For Avatar [UPDATED w/ video]

Tonight the Jameson Empire Film Awards were held in London. Star Trek went in to the event nominated for three awards and walked away the winner of Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film. Simon Pegg, Star Trek’s new Scotty, was on hand to accept the award. Zoe Saldana also won Best Actress for Avatar and TNG’s Patrick Stewart was on hand to present an award. Details and photos below. [UPDATE: Video of Simon Pegg and Patrick Stewart added]


Star Trek Wins At Empire

Star Trek went into the Empire Awards with nominations for Best Picture, Best Director (JJ Abrams), and Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film. James Cameron’s Avatar took away Best Picture and Cameron also won for Best Director, but Trek beat out Avatar for Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy. The other films nominated for Best-Sci Fi/Fantasy were Moon, District 9 and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Star Trek’s Simon Pegg was on hand to pick up Star Trek’s award, saying:

Thank god the best looking member of the crew is here to pick this up. This is lovely and I’m hugely part of this story, but on behalf of JJ and the rest of the crew, thank you. I said I wasn’t going to cry but (Scottish accent) you cannae defy the laws of physics.

Simon Pegg back stage with Star Trek’s Empire Award

James Cameron’s Avatar went into the awards with five nominations and was the big winner for the night with three wins. In addition to being nominated for Best Picture, Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Best Director, both stars Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington were nominated for acting awards. In the end Zoe won and Sam lost (to Christoph Waltz for Inglourious Basterds). Saldana was not in attendance, so comedian Johnny Vegas accepted on her behalf (it is a running gag for Vegas to accept Empire actress awards for those not in attendance).

Sir Patrick Stewart, Star Trek The Next Generation’s Captain Picard, was at the Empire Awards to present the Icon Award to his friend (and X-Men adversary) Sir Ian McKellen. In describing McKellen Stewart revealed that Ian once gave him some bad advice about Star Trek, saying:

This man has been a source of inestimable advice. When I had only five days to decide whether to play Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation, EVERYBODY told me I should do it. Only one man told me I shouldn’t – but he can afford to be wrong once.

Patrick Stewart at the Empire Awards

A complete list of winners and live blog for the 2010 Empire Awards available at

UPDATE: Scotty & Picard

Simon Pegg sent out the following tweet on Sunday night:

Ducked outta Nick’s party to pick up best sci-fi fantasy for ST at the Empire Awards. Met Patrick Stewart & had a Scotty/Picard moment. Yay!

More Photos

Simon arrives at the Empire Awards

Pegg at the Empire Awards Drinks Reception

Patrick Stewart at the Empire Awards Drinks Reception


Simon Pegg accepted Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film for Star Trek

Sir Patrick Stewart presenting the Icon Award to Sir Ian McKellen

More videos at


Photos: Wire Image

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Mr Stewart is a Knighted Sir now…its Sir Patrick Stewart

So Avatar is the best film, but not the best ‘Sci-Fi’ film? I agree but I’m not sure how that works!?

Sir Patrick doesn’t look like he’s aged since the mid 90’s.

damn imagine swigging some beers with JEAN LUC PICARD standing next to you at the bar…(in civilian clothes – this is the early 21st century after all)

shame Picard..i mean Sir Patrick…didnt present the best Sci Fi gong to star trek – talk about passing the baton..

i wonder if Bob Orci reads Empire on a regular basis? damn fine magazine..

Finally a win.
Is there any YouTube video of Simon Pegg giving the speech?

Avatar wasn’t best anything, but based on its popularity I understand why they felt the need to award it. Just like the Oscars felt the need to award Titanic all those years ago, but this year they decided to go the political route and award The Hurt Locker.

I’m glad Zoe won for Avatar, though. Her performance was really the only one that stood out in that movie. And, of course, congrats to the Star Trek cast and crew on picking up Best Sci-Fi Film. :)

Congratulations to Star Trek XI for winning the Best Science Fiction Film! I am so thrilled. The Jameson Empire Awards are actually one of my favourite award shows.

Simon Pegg is one of my favourite actors. I am glad he was there to accept the award for Star Trek XI. It was nice to see Sir Patrick Stewart there as well.

Congratulations to Zoe Saldana for winning the Best Actress Award for Avatar. Well deserved!

#3 Yes, he, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in particular have aged extrordinarily well. Can’t forget about Nichelle Nicholls.

I’m confused as to how “Avatar” wins “Best Film” but “Star Trek” wins “Best Sci-fi/Fantasy”. Oh well! Maybe there were split votes. Either way, congratulations to J.J, Bob, cast and crew!

Yet another award for Zoe Saldana. Congratulations! In a few years, she’ll need an entire room for all her trophies and statuettes. :-)


Star Trek, without question, was a much better film than Avatar.

My God, Patrick Stewart must have a portrait rotting away somewhere in a closet back in his home. He looks great and seems to have hardly aged at all since first taking the role of Jean Luc all those years ago.

I miss the NG crew… but I think that ship has sailed.

Congrats to ST 09 for best movie!

Finally an award night that knows what the pest Si Fi movies is!

#9 – I can’t describe enough how much I agree with you there. The only thing I think Avatar has Star Trek beat in would be visual effects and it’s hard to make the comparison because Star Trek didn’t really need to have entire computer-generated worlds on the scale that Avatar called for.

My wife and friends and I all thought it was a shame that the Academy didn’t have a “Most Fun/Re-Watchable” movie of the year! Star Trek 2009 would’ve aced it.

Can’t even begin to guess how many times I’ve watched it since buying the dvd. Avatar was a great experience, and I enjoyed it very much, but in truth? Star Trek goes down a lot easier, and was just a lot more FUN! ; )




OK, that photo of Sir Patrick above reminds me completely of his American Dad character, whom he could play if they ever went with a live action version. (W/CGI Roger, natch)


#10 in fairness Patrick looked older than he really was when he first took the role. Wasn’t he something like 45 or 46? He looked a good ten years older than that. I guess thats the hair thing. Hair loss does prematurely age a fellow. Anyway, he does look good for a man of his age now. ;-)

And well done on the awards.


Sir Patrick started going bald at 17. I learned that from watching an episode of “Biography” when it was on A&E.

Even with that much lens flares, Star Trek made it!

I can’t help thinking how young Stewart looks when watching old eps of TNG. But he’s aging well, considering. He doesn’t look much older than my 50 year old father.

I wish they would figure out a way to put Sir Patrick in TREK 12…I do miss his charm and charisma!…could you imagine the look on Shat’s face if they chose Pat over Shat?!…

Stewart could be Picard again! He looks good!

maybe be nothing but The Hobbit has been delayed – originally shedualled for xmas 2011 – lets hope it dosnt get moved to summer 2012!

#9 fully agreed!!!

#13 I totally agree. Avatar was good but it is not the kind of movie that you want to watch over and over!

23. Jane

I had a different experience. I loved Star Trek at first but after viewing it a number of times I found more things about it that just didn’t sit right. Now Now I merely like it.

Saw Avatar a few times too and it held up much better. Even knowing how it would turn out didn’t lessen the experience quite as much. I thought it had a richer and more cohesive vision.

Looks like Sir Patrick is ready for a TNG “Mirror Universe” movie! :-)

talking of the Hobbit – ive a feeling we’ll see Patrick turn up in those (he was considered for a role in LOTR after all)

#25 that should have been ST IX – Geordis wormhole at the end of FC taking them into the mirror universe….

20 – there is a way to have a Picard cameo in Trek XII WITHOUT the use of timetravel…

-grandpop Picard (with a beard)

-a flashfoward to the alternate universe future or this universes future (abit contrived – dunno how theyd work that in)

-the nexus (yeah right)


Agreed…It would be cool to have Patrick Stewart in the new film

In the video, Ian McKellen looks like Fidel Castro with the beard.

As for Patrick Stewart appearing in the next movie, I’m mixed on that. As with William Shatner, it would have to be done in such a way that it makes sense and doesn’t pull people out of the moment. And like Shatner, it would have to be cameo with perhaps just a couple of scenes as to not distract from the new cast. But I would prefer to see Scott Bakula because it makes more sense and could work logically without some sort of “device”.

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