George Takei Cast In New Tom Hanks Comedy + Gets In Star Trek Uniform To Promote Census

George Takei seems to be having a big week. Not only is he all over TV these days with a new Sharp TV commercial, but he has been cast in a new Tom Hanks comedy. Hanks revealed the cast of his upcoming film Larry Crowne using a mysterious Twitter picture showing the headshots of his cast. Plus we have more Takei news with a new video about the Census.


Takei in Hanks movie

Tom Hanks (who is a big Star Trek fan) is directing a new comedy called Larry Crowne, which is about a man (Hanks) "forced to reinvent himself and find a new career as he navigates the second act of his life." And over the weekend Hanks used Twitter to announce his cast, by posting a TwitPic of a wall of headshots (see below) and the tweet "The Larry Crowne Casting Wall (incomplete). Hanx." And right there in the top row was the clearly identifiable headshot of Star Trek’s George Takei. The wall also revealed well-known actors like Julia Roberts, Peter Scolari, Bryan Cranston and Cedric The Entertainer. Movie sites like FirstShowing and Slashfilm have come up with the full list of names. As of now there is no indication what role Takei (or any of the other actors) will have in the film.

Tom Hanks "Larry Crown" casting board revealed on Twitter (click to see full size)

Takei headshot seen on Tom Hanks casting board

Takei dons Trek uniform to promote Census for same sex couples

In other Takei news he is featured in a new video from Equal Roots, where he (in his Starfleet uniform) and his husband Brad Altman promote how for the first time the US Census will be counting same-sex couples. Watch it below.

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