Star Trek Sequel To Start Shooting In 2010? – Probably Not

Paramount has already announced that their next Star Trek movie will be released June 29, 2012, which is exactly 27 months away. So when will the film begin shooting? Simon Pegg says it could be as soon as late 2010, but according to sources, that may be a bit of an early estimate. Details below. Plus more on Simon Pegg’s meeting with Patrick Stewart.


Pegg ready to get back to Scotty

At the Empire Awards in London yesterday, Simon Pegg gave a brief interview to EmpireOnline where he provided updates on his latest film Burke and Hare and his next collaboration with Edgar Wright. When asked for an update on the sequel to Star Trek, Simon Pegg told Empire:

I bug J.J. on a regular basis and he just fobs me off," he laughed. "But I saw Zoe Saldana recently and she reckons that it’s going to be soon. I would imagine it’ll be toward the end of the year, but I can’t guarantee it.

Some other sites have picked this up and are asking "Star Trek 2 to shoot in 2010?" TrekMovie checked around and according to sources the Star Trek sequel is not expected to start shooting until next year, probably in early Summer or late Spring. This would be in line with most big movies and with the recent Star Trek film, which began shooting in November of 2007 (13 months before its original planned release date of Christmas 2008). However, it is possible that the Star Trek sequel would go into pre-production this year.

Scripting on the next Star Trek film is still underway, and although JJ Abrams will be producing the film, he still has not announced if he will be directing or bringing in a new director. Abrams is more focused now on producing the Summer 2011 movie Mission Impossible IV which should begin shooting in the Summer of this year. According to a report in last week’s Hollywood Reporter, Abrams and fellow producer Tom Cruise are currently looking for a director for MI4.

Simon Pegg on set of "Star Trek" with Leonard Nimoy (background) and director JJ Abrams — Pegg anxious to get back to the Enterprise

Pegg Tweets about Scotty and Picard meeting

As reported yesterday, both Simon Pegg and Patrick Stewart attended the Empire Awards in London. Although there are no pictures of the event, Pegg revealed on Twitter that the two met. Pegg sent out two tweets about the meeting of the generations.

Ducked outta Nick’s party to pick up best sci-fi fantasy for ST at the Empire Awards. Met Patrick Stewart & had a Scotty/Picard moment. Yay!

Have to say Patrick Stewart is a lovely man. Felt a little statstruck in his presence. Just got in. Empire Award looks good on the mantle.

Simon Pegg and Patrick Stewart at 2010 Empire Awards


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Patrick Stewart looks great for his age, I think he can easily do a couple more movies. I want Picard back :(

2010, 2011 … sometimes it can be tough to Pegg a filming date.


Both great actors. Proud to be British :)


Simon says…….nah, too easy!

It would be nice to see Patrick Stewart back in uniform again. While Mr. Nimoy was acting they could have done a prequel to the Trek09 movie, the story in the comic was pretty good.

Bob, is there any secrets you’d like to spill? 2012 is two long years to wait!

Will more Red Shirts get killed?

Will lens flares be in 3-d?

Khan or Klingons? Or both?

A new engineering?

A drunken Scotty who is making out with the Enterprise? Heh!

A sequel that is the equivalent of “The Dark Knight”?

McCoy saying, “He’s dead, Jim”?

More Oscars? Best film, screenplay, visual effects,director etc?

Of course I could go on. But I’m hyped up for the sequel. Ah, the rumour mill is getting back into full swing.

Wow they’re taking their sweet time with this one, and not in a good way. For a sequel that was green-lit before the first was even out they sure haven’t done much. Just seems like if Paramount was that eager to get the next movie out there would be something to report on by now, oh well though.

#7 – What’s the opposite of Franchise Fatigue? I think we are now experiencing that…

i wabt picard back to i don’t want to see anymore prequals tng need to be done again

3 years between movies isn’t unreasonable. That was the span between “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”. Not to mention that the “Star Wars” prequels came out in three year intervals. “Spider Man 3” came out three years after the second one did.

I’d rather they take the time to craft a great sequel rather than rush out a half-assed movie just to satisfy impatient folks.

Sir Patrick just looks great! Love to see him as Ambassador Picard back on the big screen, pleeeeaaase!

@10 – Yes – but Trek was, for decades, a weekly fix.

Some of us miss that.

” the recent Star Trek film, which began shooting in November of 2008 (13 months before its original planned release date of Christmas 2009).”

I think that’s incorrect. Should be November 2007 and Christmas 2008.

Nothin big…just sayin…

I’m willing to wait longer for the sequel as long as they fix that ugly looking bridge and engineering.

# 13 is correct.

I’m guessing that most of the key players
[Abrams, Saldana, Pines, etc…]
committed to shooting schedules on other
projects before they knew Trek ’09 would
be such a success. It’s going to take a
while to get them back in the same place

Bridge didn’t bug me as much as others. But engineering… a brewery? Really??

… and the corridors, and the Enterprise’s alien-ish look, and the starbase’s alien-ish look, and the cheesy, toy’r us looking phasers, etc, etc, etc :-P

…. there was an engineering? Heck I thought that was a budweiser plant :-P

MI 4 should do any Indy and go Sci Fi

i dont mean aliens but something crazy…crazier than the rabbits foot (whatever it was supposed to be)

I hope they don’t rush it. I missed the first one in theater, and hopefully they won’t use engineering as if it were a brewery. They could have done the bridge differently.

Scripting for the sequel is now underway? I must have missed a story. Since when?

So the choice is start in May of 2011, or sometime at the end of 2010?

Considering there is a high degree of likelihood there could be another big writer’s and actor’s strike as early as July 2011, It would be smart to get principle photography finished by June 30, 2011. Otherwise, another 4-5 month strike including actors this time too, would leave entirely too little time to make the June 2012 date. How long did principle photography take on Star Trek?

I would like, if the next movie would be like Star Trek: TMP or The Voyage Home … with no big enemy … just a riddle to solve.

Just watched a brilliant clip on YouTube about the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-J with a great background music. It takes you back to the old days … when we were all explorers …

Stewart looks great. I still miss the TNG crew. :(

I wish they would get on with pre production for Trek XII how much longer do we have to wait

The script is not even started yet.

Geesh… we know when the movie comes out. I understand that you want to cover this, but this is definitely the case of people who have no idea speculating.

I was hoping TrekMovie could rise above the “but, but, Zoe said!” way of covering this. Just because everyone else does it, doesn’t mean TrekMovie has to sink to their levels. :)

I personally hope that JJ directs the next film. He did a great job in ST09. I think that the director spot is the most important in making the difference of a good move and a great movie.

*sigh* I think anybody who enjoyed Star Trek 2009 [even the slightest little bit] is dying for the next one to come out. duh, Eistein.

But, of course,rushing it will probably make it cheap and crappy, so take your time.

I think they want it to be brilliant that’s why they are taking their time on it

#9 The sad truth is the only charactors who would still look like themselves are Picard & Wesley. Brent can’t do Data anymore, Riker is looking his age, and the women…….ouch have unfortunately aged. It has been 16 years since the show ended and 8 years since their last movie.

#28, I think you are right. JJ is trying to decide if he wants to direct a 3D movie or not. They are probably waiting to see if 3D is going to stick, or if they can opt out. Considering the box office grosses and records being broken by 3D films, I seriously doubt Paramount can be talked out of it.

if the Budweiser Factory is unavailable, theres the local slaughter house and sewage filtration plant that could double for sets of the Big E!

Simon’s getting his news from Zoe. According to Zoe, the script was half-finished months ago. Talk about the blind leading the blind! : )

It’s Mirror Picard!

I posted this elsewhere but what is needed and wanted right now is some sort of “inbetween” until the sequel is released. Something like an animated series similar to Star Wars: The Clone Wars would do nicely. There is simply way to much of a time gap between these movies. There needs to be something, anything that can keep interest and PR going in the mean time.

And I know that Phase Two (and other fanfic) is going which is fantastic, but Im meaning something based on Star Trek 09.

I started visiting this site only when all that information became available on the movie..i.e all the shots of the gray uniforms with the hats. To think ill have to wait almost a year to get some tid bits is going to drive me nuts.

I don’t just want Picard back, I want more movies that take place in the 25th century. With today’s technology I am surprised they did a reboot. I keep preaching how much trek story there is, hell we know nothing of the days when the Enterprise B and C were warping around. Enterprise J would look great on the big screen…but no we had to have a reboot. Oh well, I am still grateful.

With regards to 3D, that’s neither here nor there. If a movie comes out in 3D I will see it, if not no big deal, ill see movies in 3D for a rise but I don’t want a 3D TV in my living room ever and have to wear glasses to enjoy a movie. 3D movies are not even that sharp in the theaters, even though they are beyond HD (due to the size of the screen) it never looks as good as blu-ray on a 50″ plasma TV. I saw Avatar in 3D, Alice in Wonderland, I will probably see Tron in imax 3D but its not a must. But I will probably see Star Trek in 3D if they come out with it. I doubt I will ever buy a blu-ray 3D movie.

I think its going to take a while. Star Trek is not a priority for Parmount.

Star Trek (2009) is still making money for Paramount, as long as it is, Paramount isn’t in any rush to do number two.

DVD sales are still pretty good, along with blu-ray and I’m sure there’s a deal in the works for the film to be shown on TeeVee.

The TeeVeee deal involves Les Moonves eatting crow for 2 hours while the film is shown on his prestigious TeeVee network.

Why is it going to be a while

maybe the next one can be about the 5 year mission that happened in between movies.. :P

We need a Kelvin-based prequel tv series in the meantime!

What they going to film without a script?

Everytime there is an update its “Still working on the script”


Have you ever tried writing a script? I sure haven’t. But I do know something, coming up with an idea is the easy part. Writing a script around it is the hard part. There is still two years to go. Be patient.


I actually have written a script for my own personal projects. it can be very time consuming

Before you penalise me about this. An upbeat saying nothing new than last time is not really a scoop.

I sit waiting for a stronger script and no Khan.

why is writing a script time consuming

#47. Lauren.

Well, if it’s done old school, it can be., but if done on a PC with the Final Draft software, I think your question is legitimate.

I’m not certain (More experienced hands would know.) but I seem to recall reading somewhere that some studios have standardized on some software for their scripts that may indeed be the aforementioned software?

#47, #48 : Software makes a difference to editing and formatting – it really doesn’t help with the dialogue or the story, and that’s genuinely the part that takes the time. Writing a script isn’t the same as typing a script…

I have a friend who has written three or four scripts, and he’s done each in a week — but they were very, very bad scripts, and remain thoroughly unproduced.

As for the ST 2009, I’ve watched it at least thirty times. Now, very few movies can survive that, and the plot holes do loom larger each time I watch it. It’s still my favourite movie, though. The only part about the design that bugs me is engineering, although — ha ha — it does give a good excuse for the Magical Emergency Steam.

There were a few other bits that grate on repeated viewing – particularly what seem to be ADR’d infodumps for inattentive audiences – Pike’s “You do know what the Federation is…etc”, but on the other hand the “Your father was captain of a starship for twelve minutes…” speech stills sends shivers down my spine, even on the thirtieth viewing.

It’s lines like that that take writing time.

One question for anyone who might want to take a guess : Nero (twice) insists that Starfleet captains fly shuttles into his giant ship. At what point did the idea that the shuttle could be (a) remotely controlled and (b) filled with nukes, get discarded?